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2WELCOMETOURINDEX to our Spring 2019 brochure outlining the forthcoming tours for the next 12 months. Once again, we are oering many of the tried and tested favourite destinations as well as adding some new ones for you to consider such as Israel and Tanzania, both oering a unique blend of agriculture and sightseeing, typical to their climate and countryside!We recently upgraded our website so this now links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, keeping you up to date with any changes as they happen.We are always pleased to receive all tour feedback, especially when it’s from travellers that have never considered joining a farming tour before and let you know that their experience exceeded all expectations and they can’t wait to travel with us again – so thank you Christine and Amanda, your feedback is always appreciated!We are expecting a busy summer and planning to be at many of the forthcoming events, including Beef Expo, Cereals Event, Royal Highland Show, Royal Welsh Show – hoping to see you at one or more!Safe Travels! CarolyneCAROLYNE CREE & THE TEAM3 AUTUMN GATHERING 6 - 10 OCT 2019 SHETLAND 8 - 12 OCT 2019 4 INDIA 7 - 20 OCT 2019 5 CHINA 29 OCT - 14 NOV 2019 6 ISRAEL 9 - 21 DEC 20197 CHILE & ARGENTINA 6 - 26 JAN 20208 NEW ZEALAND JAN/FEB 2020 9 COSTA RICA & PANAMA FEB 2020 10 TANZANIA 9 - 20 FEB 202011 MAURITIUS 17 FEB - 1 MAR 2020 12 UAE MAR 2020 PERU 23 MAR - 4 APR 202013 SPRING GATHERING 26 - 30 APR 2020 GREECE & ALBANIA APR/MAY 202014 TAILOR MADE TOURS TOURS UNDER CONSIDERATION HOW TO BOOK15 OVERSEAS EVENT PACKAGES16 UK EVENTS CONTACT US LAST

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3TOURINCL.ROBERT BURNS FARM4* COUNTRY HOUSE HOTELBEEF & SHEEP OPERATIONSGIN DISTILLERYSMOKE HOUSEFor our next Autumn Gathering we have chosen Dumfries and Galloway, home to Scotland’s most southerly point, The Mull of Galloway. This tour will include a welcome and farewell dinner with wine and a mix of farm and touristic visits including Galloway cattle, sheep, a tea garden, a dairy farm producing ice cream, a gin distillery tour, an award winning smoke-house processing smoked foods and the family farm built by Robert Burns in 1788. Here we will explore the farm and enjoy a Burns Supper themed dinner at Ellisland Farm.Visits are still being nalised however, we are oering a perfect short break for you to meet with ‘old and new’ friends, enjoy excellent farming, touristic highlights and the varied countryside.SHETLAND8 - 12 OCT 2019Despite Shetland’s remoteness from the mainland of Scotland, the islands have a vibrant economy which is led by the seafood industry. Closely followed by the oil industry and agriculture coming in third with livestock the most signicant sector. Excellent grazing provide for sheep, beef and dairy operations.Our tour includes technical visits to a range of beef, dairy and sheep farms, the livestock mart, Lerwick Fish Market, the Shetland wool industry and the Shetland pony that continues to thrive.In addition, we shall trace the history of farming through crofting and take in the sea bird population at the RSPB Reserve at Sumburgh Head.Flights are not included and are subject to availability so early booking is advised to avoid disappointmentTOURINCL.LIVESTOCK MARTSUMBURGH HEADMIXED LIVESTOCKLERWICK FISH MARKETESHANESS CLIFFSAUTUMN GATHERING6 - 10 OCT 2019LAST

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4TOURINCL.SONALIKA TRACTOR FACTORYMILK INDUSTRYVEGETABLE FARMSTAJ MAHALTIGER RESERVEINDIA7 - 20 OCT 2019India is a unique travel destination, a land of intense colour with bustling markets, brilliant saris and cricket-mad people.It is a rural country with agriculture the largest livelihood provider and farming is at the centre of this tour. We will visit agricultural co-operatives and dairy collection centres in Rajasthan and the Punjab to contrast traditional and modern methods of production.Marvel at the wealth of the Moghals at the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and the Red and Amber Forts and see where the royals of Jaipur used to hunt tigers in Ranthambore National Park.Enjoy the sights and sounds at Delhi’s aromatic wholesale spice market and see how fruits and vegetables are traded at the enormous wholesale fruit and vegetable market. A visual and culinary delight. The tour is taken in partnership with Australian farmers so enjoyable and diverse company is guaranteed.

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5The tour includes some of the major agricultural developments in this vast country and you can marvel at the extraordinary feats of engineering and ingenuity that have dened this ancient culture.Begin in Beijing with visits to The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall, enjoy a stay in Hohhot, Chinas‘ milk capital’, see the ancient capital city of Xian with a visit to the Terracotta Warriors and meet the Mongolian herdsmen of Xilumaren Grasslands.The farm visits will include rice, cereals, OSR, maize, beef, sheep, dairy, fruits, vegetables and we will see food processing in some of the state of the art facilities constructed with international partners.In addition, enjoy a Yangtze River Cruise and explore the amazing city of Shanghai, see the Giant Panda, enjoy a Chinese Acrobat event and a traditional Mongolian show.CHINA29 OCT - 14 NOV 2019ANGUS COTTEY | TOUR LEADERHaving recently sold his farm and pedigree beef cattle, Angus is currently enjoying several new ventures including leading agricultural tours for Field Farm Tours Ltd.TOURINCL.ARABLE OPERATIONMACHINERY FACTORYTHE GREAT WALLSHEEP & CATTLE FARMSYANGTZE RIVER CRUISETERRACOTTA WARRIORS

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6ISRAEL9 - 21 DEC 2019This one-of-a-kind tour will take you to the fascinating Middle East where you can experience its breath-taking beauty and ancient history. At the same time, experience rst-hand the close cooperation between farmers, the agricultural industry and the technological research which has made Israel’s agricultural sector a world leader.Visits will include kibbutz, private family farms, the Israeli Cattle Breeders Association, agricultural technology companies, drip irrigation, harvest machinery solutions and desert farming systems. Visit Tel Aviv’s busiest marketplace, lled with colourful stalls and vendors and a visit to the Bahai Gardens in Haifa city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The tour is taken in partnership with Australian farmers so enjoyable and diverse company is guaranteed. TOURINCL.PLANT BREEDINGHAIFA CITYTHE DEAD SEADAIRY & CATTLE ENTERPRISESHORTICULTURE

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7CHILE & ARGENTINA6 - 26 JAN 2020ANGUS COTTEYTOUR LEADERBy visiting these two South American countries, you will have very dierent experiences of the agricultural riches.Our tour will start in Santiago, Chile and heads south with farm visits in the Temuco, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt regions. Along the way we will explore dairy, vegetables, beef, table and wine grapes, stone fruits, llamas and alpacas before crossing the Andes into Argentina for a 3 night stay in Bariloche.From there, take a ight to Buenos Aires to explore arable and cattle farms in the Tandil and Lobos regions, plus the famous Liniers Cattle Market and nally a traditional Tango Show dinner. TOURINCL.FRUIT PRODUCTIONANDES MOUNTAINSVINEYARDCATTLE RANCHARABLE FARM

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8NEW ZEALANDJAN/FEB 2020New Zealand is one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth. The country showcases stunning and diverse natural beauty and you will see some of the very best of New Zealand’s agriculture.This tour takes in both the north and south islands beginning with a visit to a dairy farm and lakeside Rotorua to experience the Maori culture before visiting Agrodome for a sheep-shearing and sheep-dog demonstration. Continue south to visit a deer farm, a sheep farm, a vineyard, and a high country station producing sheep, beef cattle and deer. On the way, take in beautiful sites including Lake Taupo, the capital city of Wellington and the ‘Garden City’ that is Christchurch.The tour is taken in partnership with Canadian, Australian and American farmers so enjoyable and diverse company is guaranteed. TOURINCL.DAIRY FARMSHEEP DEMONSTRATIONDEER FARMLAKE WAKATIPUMAORI VILLAGE

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9Set between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. Costa Rica is known as the 'Switzerland of Central America' due to its comfortable life style, peaceful democracy (does not have an army) and natural beauty. Its progressive environmental policies have made Costa Rica the only country to meet all ve criteria of environmental sustainability and in 2009 it was ranked the 'greenest country in the world'. Almost 30% of the country is designated as national parks.The abundance of wildlife is astounding with crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, sloths and exotic birds. The mountain ranges, cloud forests, rivers, lakes and volcanoes are included in our tour. Farming visits include fruit, owers, salad crops, livestock, coee and sugar cane. Panama is much more than a canal, with a rich cultural tradition and welcoming people, the short stay will include a boat tour of the canal. COSTA RICA & PANAMAFEB 2020TOURINCL.TORTUGUERO NATIONAL PARKVEGETABLE & FRUIT FARMSORCHID FARMCLOUD FORESTSARENAL VOLCANOES

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10TANZANIA9 - 20 FEB 2020TOURINCL.AVOCADO | MAIZELUXURY SAFARI CAMPSSERENGETI NATIONAL PARKBIG 5 JEEP SAFARILIVESTOCKJust south of the Equator, Tanzania is huge and best known for its vast Serengeti plains with abundant wildlife and great wildebeest migrations.Agriculture is the main part of Tanzania’s economy and boasts over 44 million hectares of arable land but with only 33% of this in cultivation. Main production is maize, wheat, rice, beans, coee, potatoes and bananas.This tour will visit the north east areas of Tanzania and combine a number of productive farm visits, including arable and livestock, with the wildlife haven of the Ngorongoro Crater and big ve game viewing in the Serengeti NationalPark, including lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, girae, bualo, wildebeest and rhino.Enjoy fantastic 'sundowners' in your tented safari camp with stunning farm lodges, oering home grown produce, great hotels and amazing hospitality on this unique tour. FIONA SLOAN | TOUR LEADERFiona enjoys a variety of positions within the Sheep Industry and writes for the Scottish Farming Press as well as leading agricultural tours for Field Farm Tours Ltd, which she says, ‘Is the best job in the world!’

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11GORDON SMITH | TOUR LEADERGordon is a member of the Field Farm Tours oce team and has escorted many worldwide agricultural tours to destinations including China, Peru, Spain, Cyprus, Vietnam and more.TOURINCL.3 BEACH HOTELSFRUIT & VEGETABLESSUGAR CANERESEARCH CENTREGRAIN PROCESSORMAURITIUS17 FEB - 1 MAR 2020Join us on our 5th tour to the beautiful island of Mauritius which will surprise and delight visitors.Set in the Indian Ocean o the coast of Madagascar, where French and English are both widely spoken. There is a pleasant all year round climate with plenty of sunshine and occasional short showers. Stay in excellent beach hotels with a chance to relax, combined with the opportunity to explore this popular island. Our tour includes technical visits that cover sugar cane, citrus and soft fruits, a small livestock enterprise, owers for export and rice; a main part of the Mauritians diet. In addition, visit a our mill, a research centre, a protected island to see giant tortoises and fruit bats and take a quad bike or buggy through a nature reserve where you may be lucky enough to see the exotic birds and deer. There will also be the opportunity to sample the local food and spend time in the capital city, Port Louis!

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12Peru in western South America, extends for 1,500 miles along the Pacic Ocean and is bordered by Ecuador in the north, Bolivia and Brazil in the east and Chile in the south.Our tour will explore the farming economy with visits to fruits, cereals, coee, wine, cocoa, vegetables and livestock. In addition, we will see the wonders of the Inca Empire, see Machu Picchu and enjoy a spectacular journey across the Andes to reach Lake Titicaca. UAEMAR 2020TOURINCL.FALCON HOSPITALAQUAPONICSHYDROPONICSARABIAN HORSE STUD4* - 5* HOTELSPERU23 MAR - 4 APR 2020TOURINCL.MACHU PICCHUCEREALSLIVESTOCKLAKE TITICACAFRUIT & VEGETABLESThe United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, the most well-known of which are Abu Dhabi and Dubai, established in 1971.Arrive into Dubai, the city with the highest building in the world and enjoy a visit to the worlds biggest ower garden. Continue to an oasis in the desert where we will see traditional farming techniques with hydroponics and watering.In addition, visit a camel market, an Arabian horse stud farm, a sh market and a national dairy farm with 600 Holstein-Freisian and 1000 goats. With such a variety of visits, the UAE promises to be a very dierent and interesting trip.

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13TOURINCL.4* HOTELARABLELIVESTOCKFRIENDS (OLD & NEW!)SPRING GATHERING26 - 30 APR 2020This annual event has become a ‘must’ in many diaries! Whilst the venue is to be conrmed, this popular tour will include a four night stay in a four star hotel, a welcome and farewell dinner with wine, mixed farm visits and touristic highlights.Visits are still being nalised however we are oering a perfect short break for you to meet with ‘old and new’ friends, enjoy excellent farming and the varied countryside.GREECE & ALBANIAAPR/MAY 2020TOURINCL.HISTORICAL SITESLIVESTOCKWOOL PRODUCTIONOLIVE FARMWINE & OUZO PRODUCTIONStarting in Athens, the Greece element of the tour begins exploring the historical sites of Athens before moving north toward the border with Albania. The northern plains of Greece oer rich fertile land where cereal crops, tobacco, cotton and pulses are grown on large farming operations. It also produces wines and the famous Ouzo drink. The region contrasts sharply with most of Greece, which is mountainous with pasture, scrub and forest, making farming a challenge and keeping farms small. Crossing into Albania we will explore the mountains of the border country where dairy cheese, olives and wine are grown. Continuing north to Tirana, the capital, we will see the Adriatic coast, explore the historical sites of the bronze age and enjoy a traditional dance show. Albanian agriculture visits will also include sheep, goats and wool production.

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14TAILOR MADE TOURSSMALLER GROUP BOOKINGSIf you are a farming discussion group, company or possibly just a group of friends who want to travel together, we can tailor-make an itinerary to suit your needs. We can provide a full package to include ights, hotels, technical or sightseeing visits, etc. based on the requirements and interests of your group to most worldwide destinations. If this would be of interest to you, please contact us for a customised itinerary at a competitive price. HOW TO BOOKYOUR TOUR01636 616 2020DAVID RICHARDSONTBCLATVIA & LITHUANIAMAY/JUN 2020JAPANMAY/JUN 2020CANADAPlaces are limited and tours often ll up quickly, so please book early to avoid disappointment.The Booking Form can be found on our web site or you can contact the oce.Field Farm Tours Ltd are fully ATOL Bonded and members of ABTA - assurance that you are in safe hands when travelling with us.

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15OVERSEAS EVENTPACKAGESField Farm Tours Ltd are delighted to oer travel packages for events taking place overseas including:AGRITECHNICA | GERMANY | 10 - 16 NOV 2019The worlds leading trade and machinery fair for agricultural technology, where all the leading companies in the industry present new products. The show features almost 3000 exhibitors and expects over 450,000 visitors. A coach tour from the UK may be considered subject to demand. Please register your interest.Accommodation is already very limited so early booking is advised.Packages to overseas events and congresses can include ideally located accommodation, ights, rail, entry tickets, farm tours, special sightseeing packages and more depending on individual requirements. DAVID RICHARDSON01636 616 an individual quote please contact us with your requirements.PREVIEW DAYS: 10 - 11 NOV 2019AGRITECHNICA: 10 - 16 NOV 201910 - 16 NOV 2019AGRITECHNICA

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