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2 | sJoin us to travel - learn & enjoy!Welcome to your 2024 | 25 Brochure INDEX3 USA | MONTANA 7 - 19 SEPT 20244 JERSEY & GUERNSEY 14 - 20 SEPT 2024 ICELAND 22 - 28 SEPT 2024 5 CANADA & USA 23 SEPT - 8 OCT 2024 6 AUTUMN GATHERING | CUMBRIA 6 - 10 OCT 2024 SHETLAND 6 - 11 OCT 2024 7 SPAIN 6 - 13 OCT 20248 SOUTH AMERICA 31 OCT - 22 NOV 20249 MOROCCO 4 - 13 NOV 2024 10 TANZANIA | LUXURY TOUR 5 - 17 JAN 2025 MEXICO 11 - 25 JAN 202511 NEW ZEALAND 22 JAN - 4 FEB 2025 THAILAND 5 - 20 FEB 202512 SPRING GATHERING | TBC 27 APR - 1 MAY 2025 ALBANIA MAY 202513 SOUTH AFRICA MAY 2025 JAPAN MAY 2025 14 AUSTRALIA | QUEENSLAND MAY 2025 BOOK ONLINE TOURS UNDER CONSIDERATION15 OVERSEAS EVENT PACKAGES16 UK EVENTS CONTACT US

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| 3The State of Montana has become one of the must-see destinations in the USA, popular both with American and international visitors. The result is a growth in population and demand for land, driven by the state’s natural beauty and life tempo.Our tour will include both Yellowstone and Little Big Horn National Parks, as well as the spectacular ‘Badlands’ - once a natural hideout for outlaws dating back to the day of the cowboy. Agri visits will include Angus, Highland and Charolais ranches and the Fort Keogh research & Hereford livestock facility. Enjoy the generous hospitality of the people and the cowboy way of life in one of the most iconic landscapes the USA has to oer, often highlighted in a range of TV programmes.TOURINCL.BEEF FEEDLOT YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK LITTLE BIG HORN NATIONAL PARKFORT KEOGH CATTLE RESEARCH CTR| 3| 3 USA | MONTANA 7 - 19 Sept 2024

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4 | TOURLEADERFIONA SLOANIceland is located just south of the Arctic Circle and oers a unique landscape and culture to enjoy. Our tour will take you from the capital Reykjavik around the southern coast as far as Jokulsarion, which is considered the most fertile region in the country. Sights will include the geothermal power plant, impressive waterfalls, moss covered lava elds, the icecap of Vatnajokull, a glacier lagoon, a boat trip through the icebergs, geyser hot springs and hot pools. Agricultural visits will include dairy, lowland sheep, horses, greenhouse salad production, cereal crops, and the agricultural university as we explore the agri economy through its history and modernisation. ICELAND 222 - 28 Sept 2024With small, picturesque villages and wonderful rural backdrops, Channel Island life is slow and relaxing. The scenery is inspiring oering breath taking coastal views, attractive little harbours and golden beaches. Jersey has a thriving agri economy and we will see the production of the famous Jersey Royal potato, Jersey cattle and wine producers. Also enjoy a walk amongst the famous oyster and mussel beds in Royal Bay of Grouville before transferring to Guernsey. On Guernsey Island visit a Guernsey dairy farm, a Golden Guernsey goat breeder and the island’s only cider producer. Spend a day on Sark and take a step back in time to where there are no cars and exploration is by horse and carriage! JERSEY & GUERNSEY 14 - 20 Sept 2024TOURINCL.HALLGRIMSKIRKJA CHURCHDAIRY | SHEEP | CEREAL REYNISFJARA BLACK BEACHPERLAN OBSERVATORYNATIONAL PARKSTOURLEADERMIKE FORSHAWTOURINCL. GOLDEN GUERNSEY GOATS DAY ON SARK | WAR TUNNELSLIVESTOCK | POTATO PRODUCTION4 |

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| 5| 5Starting in Toronto, we will explore Ontario including Niagara Falls, before taking a magical rail journey to Montreal, with a brief visit to Quebec. Your journey by coach then takes you across the border into the USA following the St Lawrence River valley heading for New Jersey and New York, where the tour ends. Along the way enjoy a cruise on Champlain Lake and a dinner cruise to take in the Manhattan Skyline. Agri visits include beef, dairy, chicken, a farmers market, fruit and vegetables and of course experience the wonderful colours of the scenery through Ontario and Vermont. TOURINCL.VIBRANT COLOUR ONTARIO & VERMONTFIRST CLASS RAIL JOURNEY TO MONTREALNEW YORK TOUR | NIAGARA FALLSDINNER CRUISE AROUND MANHATTANAutumn Colours and Agriculture.Visit the forested border region of North America as we explore the stunning colours and landscapes produced as the season changes from summer to the autumn in this part of the world. CANADA & USA23 Sept - 8 Oct 2024

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6 | For our next Autumn Gathering, we have chosen Cumbria to explore, with a 4 night stay in a 4 star lake side hotel. The tour will include a welcome and farewell dinner with wine, a mix of farms and related enterprises, all located in and around the stunning Lake District National Park.Cumbria oers a broad and diverse agricultural sector that includes arable, livestock (dairy, beef & sheep) & lowland and upland farming. Visits are being nalised but will include the beef & sheep that predominantly graze this landscape, including the native Herdwick Sheep, as well as a dairy farm and an interesting farm diversication! AUTUMN GATHERINGCUMBRIA | 6 - 10 Oct 2024TOURLEADERFIONASLOANTOURINCL.ARABLETOURISTIC SIGHTSMIXED LIVESTOCKDespite Shetland’s remoteness from the mainland of Scotland, the islands have a vibrant economy which is led by the seafood industry. There is also a thriving agricultural economy led by the livestock sector. We will enjoy an introduction from a TV farming family.Our tour also includes technical visits to a range of beef, dairy and sheep farms as well as cereal crops grown on the south of the mainland. On arrival, we will visit the sh market, learn about the renaissance of the Shetland wool industry and see the Shetland Pony that continues to thrive. The Island is diversifying its energy production with the slow demise of the oil industry. They are setting up the largest wind farm in Europe that will be connected to both Norway and Aberdeen. TOURINCL. CEREAL | LIVESTOCKHILL FARM | CROFTING SHETLAND 6 - 11 Oct 20246 |

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| 7TOURINCL.PIGS | SHEEP | BEEF OLIVES | WINE | FLAMENCO ROYAL ALHAMBRA PALACE| 7The itinerary will include visits to the Alhambra Palace, a Cartujano and Andalusian Horse stud, the stunning medieval architecture of Seville including the Alcazar and Cathedral, and the magnicent Sierra Nevada Mountains. We will contrast the large cooperative farming operations, with food processing factories supplying direct to the market, with single farming businesses nding their own niche market. With pleasant autumn sunshine, attractive countryside and enjoyable cuisine, this tour oers the best of Spain.Flying into Malaga, the tour will explore the southern regions of this very productive and attractive country. Taking in Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Almeria, we will see corn-fed Iberian pigs, vegetables, fruit, dairy, beef, sheep, olives, cotton and wine. SPAIN 6 - 13 Oct 2024

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8 | TOURLEADERFIONASLOANGUARANTEED DEPARTURE TOURINCL.INCA TRIBESWINE | RANCH BBQs LAKE TITICACA | TANGO EVENING Visit bucket list locations such as Christ the Redeemer Statue, Sugar Loaf Mountain, the mighty Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu. See the diverse agriculture that these four countries contribute to world food production including the largest purebred grazing Angus foundation stock in Argentina, sh and farmers markets of Chile, fruit, vegetables, sheep, cereals, and the Mercado Agrogandero Livestock Market which replaced the famous Liniers Market in Buenos Aires and the salt ponds and textile producers of Peru. 8 | SOUTH AMERICA 31 Oct - 22 Nov 2024A unique opportunity to see the very best of South America.Taking in the classic sights and agriculture of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

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| 9TOURLEADERMIKE FORSHAWTOURINCL.MARRAKECH ARABLE | DAIRYLOCAL MARKET | FRUIT FARMMorocco has very fertile land growing a wide variety of crops including potato, wheat, barley, sugar beet and maize, together with salad crops and citrus fruits. The farms are highly mechanised and well managed. MOROCCO 4 - 13 Nov 2024| 9The Atlas Mountains oer a stunning backdrop to the city of Marrakech and will be explored to meet local Berber people and visit their farming enterprises.Between the farming visits there will be time to experience the daily life of the Moroccan people with a visit to a local market and a famous souk, where one can test your bartering skills to buy just about anything.

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10 | TOURLEADERMIKE FORSHAWStaying in exclusive private lodges and a 5* tented camp, you will then explore 2 of the most exciting safari destinations in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park, home to the great migration. These two wonderful locations oer access to the ‘Big 5’ and more. Luxury Tour of TANZANIA5 - 17 Jan 2025TOURLEADERFIONASLOANTOURINCL.MASAI VILLAGE | COFFEEAVOCADO & FRUITBIG 5 JEEP SAFARISecondly, subsistence farming; with families working small parcels of land to supply their families and create a small surplus for sale locally. We will visit both types and in addition, take in the great city of Mexico with its historic buildings and plaza’s. We will also explore the Aztec and Mayan history, visiting some of the most iconic sites in and around Mexico City. TOURINCL. GOATS | SHEEP | DAIRY MEXICO CITY | AZTEC MONUMENTS MEXICO 11 - 25 Jan 2025OPTION TO EXTEND BEACH STAY10 |Mexico is well known for its white sand beaches, tasty cuisine and ancient temples, including one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The agriculture is divided into 2 types, the large plantation operations growing wheat, fruits, vegetables, cotton and coee.We will see a 7,000 acre cereal operation, visit an avocado grower, and a coee plantation growing owers and rearing livestock for the plates of their guests.Led by a local expert guide, you will go o the beaten track and see the wildlife in its most natural state. See lions, cheetahs and leopards and their natural prey: wildebeest, impala, eland, zebra and gazelle. Enjoy the sight of elephant and girae moving across the magnicent landscape, then relax over drinks and discuss the day around the campre.

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| 11OPTION TO EXTEND YOUR TOUR TO INCLUDE A 3 NIGHT STOP OVER IN DUBAI OR SINGAPORE TOURLEADERFIONASLOANTOURINCL.LAKE WAKATIPUNORTH & SOUTH ISLANDSDAIRY | SHEEP | BEEF FARMS NEW ZEALAND 22 Jan - 4 Feb 2025The tour includes the best of New Zealand’s agriculture, including dairy, fruit, sheep, beef, deer, wine, cereals, livestock and salmon farming. See both small and large farming operations, some with stock levels of over 1,000 head, and explore the varied and wonderous landscapes that the country has to oer.Tour the spectacular Southern Alps and visit the picturesque towns and cities on both the North and South islands. TOURINCL.FRUIT & VEGETABLE FARMS BANGKOK CITY TOUR | BEEFCEREAL | 3 NIGHT BEACH STAY THAILAND5 - 20 Feb 2025Thailand is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world and a popular place for those looking for exotic people, incredible beaches, and naturally beautiful landscapes. On arrival, enjoy 3 nights in Bangkok to see the culture, temples, markets and architecture including the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. We will visit tapioca, sugar cane and cattle farms, as well as the historical sites including the Bridge over the River Kwai. Moving north to Chiang Mai we will see banana and rice operations.There is an overnight rail journey to return to Bangkok and on to Pattaya to enjoy 3 nights in one of the beach resort hotels for relaxation before returning to the UK. | 11New Zealand oers the visitor a land of stunning and diverse natural beauty with landscapes including snow covered mountain peaks, glaciers, natural lakes, fjords and vast grassland plains.

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12 | TOURLEADERMIKE FORSHAW12 |For our 2025 Spring Gathering, our destination is yet to be conrmed.As usual, the popular tour will include a four night stay in a luxury hotel, a welcome and farewell dinner with wine, mixed farms and touristic highlights. Whilst the destination is still being nalised, you can count on it being a perfect short break for you to meet with ‘old and new’ friends, enjoy excellent farming and the varied countryside.You can nd our complete brochure on our website or contact us for more information once the itinerary is nalised. SPRING GATHERINGTBC | 27 Apr - 1 May 2025TOURLEADERANGUSCOTTEYTOURINCL.ARABLETOURISTIC SIGHTSMIXED LIVESTOCKAlbania has alpine mountain landscapes, warm turquoise Mediterranean seas and clean relaxing beaches. The farming is linked to European markets with favourable status, meaning we can see modern farming operations producing cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy produce. There are also the more traditional farms with mountain sheep and shepherds to watch over ocks. We will y into Tirana, stay in Durres on the Mediterranean coast, see the historical town of Berat and enjoy a 2 night break in the wonderful holiday resort of Saranda. ‘Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday, Amanda and I have had a really lovely break with lovely, pleasant and amusing people!!! And so much enjoyed seeing how the Albanian people farm and sh. Some really wonderful food & farmers!’ Amanda & Phillida, Norfolk | May 2023 tourTOURINCL. PICTURESQUE SCENERY BUDGET FRIENDLY | BEACH STAYMIXED FARMING | HISTORICAL SITES ALBANIA May 202512 |

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| 13TOURINCL.BONSMARA BULL STUDGAME RESERVE | WINELANDSGARDEN ROUTE | CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA May 2025There’s game viewing at Kapama Game Reserve, home to the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and bualo), the scenic Garden Route with the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, the Cape of Good Hope and lastly Cape Town, nestled below the imposing Table Mountain. ‘Incredible scenery. Highlight: Table Mountain. The animals are spectacular, not just the game drives but also the ones you can spot driving about. I enjoyed my day at NAMPO and some of the farm visits, especially the ostrich farm. Plenty of variety on oer. Our SA guide is rst class’. Graham, Shropshire | May 2023 TourThis fantastic tour is a great introduction to South Africa, showcasing the best of the country’s agriculture and wildlife. Meet with local farmers and enjoy their generous hospitality, see some of the country’s best livestock and horticultural enterprises and visit the winelands of the Western Cape. TOURINCL.LAKE ASHI CRUISE TOKYO’S WHOLESALE MARKETKOBE BEEF FARM | RICE PRODUCTION Japan is a country of spectacular natural beauty with gentle rural landscapes contrasting with modern, vibrant cities. Japan’s agriculture is steeped in tradition but has adapted to modern production and management techniques. JAPANMay 2025Join us for this exciting tour to see a fascinating range of agricultural and horticultural enterprises. Visit the country’s famous historic cities and soak up the centuries old traditions for which Japan is best known, with the addition of alpine mountain ranges and river valleys. Experience a night in a Japanese Ryokan (traditional Inn) with onsen (natural hot spring baths) and enjoy the thrill of travelling between cities via Shinkansen - Japan’s famous bullet trains. | 13

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14 | CHINATOURS | UNDER CONSIDERATION 2025 BOOK | ONLINE NOW!Field Farm Tours now oers the facility to make bookings and manage them online. Please visit our websitefor more BULGARIAPOLAND14 |TOURINCL.CARNARVON GORGE LARGE SCALE CATTLE PROPERTIES ‘SUNSHINE STATE’ OF QUEENSLAND SLOVENIA & SLOVAKIASWEDEN & DENMARKThis tour provides a unique opportunity to travel and stay in remote areas of The Outback of Queensland and the world of the Aussie cowboy. Farm visits will include a range of crops including avocado, cotton and sugarcane, also visit a large outback beef cattle station boasting from 15 to 20,000 head. Visit tropical city of Cairns and the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef. Queensland is a tropical paradise located in the north east corner of Australia and boasts tropical rain forests, warm sunshine, long sandy beaches, fruit production, cattle country and some of the best sunsets in the world. AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND | May 2025

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| 15POLANDOVERSEAS EVENTSPACKAGESField Farm Tours Ltd are delighted to oer travel packages for events taking place overseas including: EUROTIER GERMANY | 12 - 15 NOV 2024EuroTier is the leading international trade fair for livestock farming and management. A range of animal husbandry exhibitors oer the latest innovations in the elds of cattle, pig, poultry, sheep and goat husbandry, aquaculture and alternative protein sources. EIMA ITALY | 6 - 10 Nov 2024EIMA is the International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening.The event is held in the Bologna Trade Fair quarters on an exhibition area of 375,000 m², (140,000 m² net) hosting some 1,950 companies from fty countries, exhibiting more than 50,000 models of machinery and equipment for all types of agricultural operations or green work for every model of enterprise.Packages to overseas events and congresses can include ideally located accommodation, flights, rail, entry tickets, farm tours, special sightseeing packages and more depending on individual requirements.For an individual quote please contact us with your requirements:| 1501636 616

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16 | Field Farm Tours Ltd3 Stephenson Court | Stephenson Way | Newark | Nottinghamshire | NG24 2TQField Farm Tours Ltd can provide a one-stop shop for all your events travel needs. We can organise ights, rail, car hire, meetings and conference rooms to assist withyour stay. For the above events, we negotiate specially discounted rates at several hotels in the event area to oer to organisers, visitors, exhibitors and judges.We are also able to organise group travel & specialist tours (including technical visits, sightseeing, etc). Please contact us with your request. UK EventsWORLDWIDE AGRICULTURALTOURS2024 | 2501636 616 DAYS UKBURGHLEY HORSE TRIALSLAMMADAIRY TECHCEREALS EVENTROYAL HIGHLAND SHOWGREAT YORKSHIRE SHOWROYAL WELSH SHOW4 - 5 SEPT 20245 - 8 SEPT 202415 - 16 JAN 20255 FEB 2025JUN 202519 - 22 JUN 2025JUL 2025JUL 2025LincolnStamfordNEC BirminghamStoneleighTBCEdinburghHarrogateBuilth Wells