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Slides from the information night held in Feilding: October 28th 2016

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Interior motifs
First impressions
Mow the lawn
Tidy the garden
Paint the fence and replace the letterbox if shabby.
If your house looks messy it will attract people that will treat it the
same way.
You want people that are going pay a premium price, and to treat your
property with respect and as if it is there own.
Paint and Colour
Paint is one of the least expensive and most effective transformations
you can make.
Don’t put too much of your taste into a rental
Neutral backgrounds allow tenants to create their own identity with
their belongings
Light & colour are linked. Dark colours on walls decrease light
reflection, making the room appear darker and smaller - Which is why
many smaller homes look much more spacious when painted lighter
Different paints for different areas
Use high gloss enamels on all doors & Trims
Good Condition walls - semi-gloss
imperfect walls low sheen. Still good cleaning properties
poor quality walls consider wallpaper washable and scrub-able
Use Anti mould paint on ceilings
1 or 2 wall colours throughout is going to make your life easier when
it comes maintenance and touching up.
Dulux snap shot for matching colour. Retails at $180
Exterior Paint
Considering painting the outside of your house to freshen it up and
modernise it
Replace Benchtops The most obvious visual surface in the kitchen
A new sink inserted and a new glass or tile splashback
Cabinetry If you have outdated cabinets replacing this will transform
your kitchen
Annie Sloan chalk paint is a great option for old wooden cabinets. A
very affordable transformation option
White paint fresh and clean.
New tapware
New Shower curtain
A large mirror creates an illusion of space and is great in small
Do obvious maintenance like fixing broken locks, handles and light
Update Vanity with new or refresh existing
Window Coverings
Replace with the same?
Study each window... Privacy… Single glazing…
Privacy, temperature control, functionality Mixing blinds/ drapes
Roller Blinds
minimalist look
Sunscreen Blinds look smart and are ideal for daytime privacy
They provide coolness in the daytime
maintaining a view out
can be used in conjunction with curtains.
Blockout roller blinds Provide night time privacy
A good option for bedrooms
Venetian Blinds
Venitian blinds modern, sleek
Great for wet areas
Avoid fabric drapes/ roman blinds in Kitchen
No Nasty nets!!
Practicalities… Double track? Suitable fabric?
Curtains have higher thermal qualities than blinds
Stick to neutral colours that will go with any décor
Thermal lined or block-out lined in bedrooms
Separate lining is best, coated latex will eventually wear off
Ready Made
Ready mades are quick
cheap option
good if you think they will be damaged
May not fit your windows perfectly
Thermal coated curtains are difficult to wash
Coating comes off
Custom Made
A little extra $$ will get you custom better quality, fitted to your
windows. Which will save on having to get them replaced
Option of double tracking
Will fit your windows perfectly and beauitifully
Separate lining
All the way to floor, visually better and better insulation
Flooring has a HUGE impact of the overall look and feel of your home
Worchester Street
Rental went from $200 per week before
To $300 per week after
That an extra $5200 per year.
There are many more middle aged professional renters out there
looking for clean updated properties.
They are willing to pay more for decent properties
These should be your target renters
Increase your rent
Increase the value of your property
Sean Duff
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