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The federal writing project was a program, it was established in the US in 1935, by the Works Progress Administration. It was part of the New Deal struggle against the Great Depression. It Provided Jobs to the unemployed writers, editors and research workers.

Federal writing project





WPA was part of Recovery 


started in the year 1935 and ended in 1943

Chloe Warburton

WPA was direct by Henry G. Alsberg. It was part of the New Deal program during the Great Depression. It provided jobs to the unemployed writers, research workers, and editors. It operated in all states, it at one time employed 6,600 men and women. In each state, a Writers projects non- relief staff of editors was formed along with a much larger group of field workers drawn from local unemployment rolls. Many of these never completed high school but most formally held white collar jobs of some sorts. Most of the writer's projects employees were relatively young in age and many came from working classes.

At the end, congress eneded federal sponsor ship of the project in 1939 but allowed it to continue under state sponsorship untill 1943

1. served 4 terms

2. Ran unsuccessfully for vice president in 1920

3. first democratic in his family

4.first president to speak on television

5. one of only 8 presidents to die while in office

6.first president whose mother could vote for him

7. Died while having his portrait taken

8.had a mistress

9.first president to fly by plane

10. homeschooled until age 14

About FDR

unemployment rate- decrease

government spending- increase

GDP- increase

confidence building- an increase

the role of government- Increase

Effects on Economy