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Federal Works Agency


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Home For defense Workers. 

There mission  was to construct public works






Started in 1939

The purpose is relif for the unemployed to get employed.

Brian Ferguson

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The federal works agency was an independent agency of the federal goverment of the united states which addminastrated a number of public construction , building maintence and public works relif functions and laws from 1939 to 1949. 

On June 30, 1949 congress passed the federal property and adminasrative servises act which abolished the FWA. 

. was a only child 

. Was Theador Rosselvelt 5th cousin

.Was related to his own life

.Had a hard time at school

.Was a average student in school

.Had  a brief law career 

. He also ran in 1920

.  In 1928 was new york governor 

. People aren't convived he had polio

.He  wrongly diagonesd with polio

Unemployment: Increased

Goverment spending: Increased 

Gdp: Increased by 9 percent 

Confindece: Increased 

Groups Affected: Minorities