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The purpose of the

Federal Theatre Act

was to fund theaters

and other artistic

performances in the

U.S. during the Great


The Federal Theatre Act


 “reviewed and passed on many pictures for showings in [Civilian Conservation Corps] camps, and has gathered and presented to the camps historical, educational and scientific material in connection with the showing of certain of the pictures” 

The Federal Theatre


Act was a reform


and a recovery.

The Federal


Theatre Act was


passed on April


8th, 1935.


Seth Harper

The Federal Theatre


Act was passed to


make money to


support and help


theaters and artistic


programs. It helped


 people get jobs in


theaters that were


unemployed. It was


also sponsored by the


works progress


administration. It was


the first federal


project. About half of


the FTP were actors. 

The Federal


Theatre Act was


ended on June


30th, 1939. It was


the first federal


project to be ended.


The reason that the


FTP was ended is


because the


Congress cut the


funding to the FTP.


The FTP made all


types of films from


children movies to


adult movies. The


FTP started having




hearings before the


FTP ended.

 Unemployment rate-up

Government spending-up


Confidence spending-up

Role of government-up

-He was an only child

-He was related to Theodore Roosevelt

-He was related to his own wife

-He was home schooled until he was 14

-He was the editor for his own colleges news paper

-He was the assistant secretary for the navy during WW1

-In 1920 he ran for the vice president

-In 1921 he was paralyzed from the waste down because of polio

-Most doctors said that he suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome

-He tried to end polio by helping out the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis