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Keep Calm and Get Your Home Loan Today!

The Purpose of The FHA was to provide mortgages and loans to homeowners and families across the United States. Examples would be included manufactured homes and hospitals.

 Federal Housing Admin. (FHA)

Keep Calm and get your Mortgage Today!

The FHA was founded in 1934 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The FHA is still active as of today

The FHA is a recovery since it was created to help homeowners and the building industry by providing small loans to home construction.   

Hunter Willmitch

The FHA was made in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The purpose of the FHA is to provide mortgages and loans to homeowners and to the building industry. The FHA as provided loans for places like houses and hospitals. The FHA has provided over 35 million and 47,205 multifamily project mortgages since 1934. The FHA is still active as of today and they still do the same stuff as they did back in 1934. One of the people running the FHA is Ed Golding who is the President Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing.  

What is The FHA and What Do They Do?

 Unemployment Rate- No Change 

  Government Spending- Increase  


   Confidence Building- Increase 

Role of Government- Increase   





   * Had polio

     * Only president to serve more than 2                terms

       * Served 4 terms

        * Related to Teddy Roosevelt

        * Won All of his elections in landslides

         * Was related to his wife

           * Married to Eleanor Roosevelt

         * Died in his 4th term

            * Did not see the end of WWII

              * Had 6 children

 FD Facts