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with April Mckeever
Oce Manager of
Professional Reps
February Newsletter
2018 | Volume 2
AZ Test Kitchen Getting
MAJOR Renovations!
Scholarship Program
Ready to open
Mid-March 2018!
Picture represents old test kitchen layout.
Blueprint of re-design below.
The Professional
Reps test kitchen at
the Arizona office is
undergoing major
renovations! We’ve
decided we needed a better workflow
when hosting live demonstrations. We
are knocking down walls, rearranging
the floorplan, putting in new equipment,
adding additional seating, and more –
all to serve you better!
Hungry To Lead
Scholarship Program
available for
foodservice &
U.S. Citizens attending any post
secondary institution in the United States
Full time students in culinary arts or pursuing a
degree in foodservice or hospitality
Leadership characteristics and
carrying a minimum 2.5 GPA,
1300 SAT, or 18 ACT score
Apply online at
Scholarship Program
They don’t just make great high speed ovens –
they invented them.
Watch the history behind ACP, Inc.!
Amana® ovens have 4 cooking stages
Amana® ovens are designed to stack straight
out of the box. No added kits, tools, or
assembly required.
Amana® ovens feature automatic voltage
sensor for simple installation.
Amana®ovens are backed by the ACP, Inc.
ComServ Support Center, 24 hours a day,
- Program Flexibility
- Stackability
- Plug-and-Play
- Service
Amana microwave ovens are preferred more than
others in areas of performance, reliability, service,
construction, ease of use and safety.
-Refrigerated Buildings
-Northwind Blast Chillers
-Refrigeration Products
-Walk-in Coolers & Freezers
-Modular Structures
Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
Bally's pre-engineered, pre-fabricated Walk-In Coolers and Freezers oer the most
cost-eective solution to meet your needs. These structures are proven dependable in
many dierent applications, and are reliable investments in today's market.
Uniquely designed
to save you time
and money when
you build, and to
keep operating
costs down for
years to come.
Poly Cord Belt
An Excellent And Economical Choice”
Bi-line conveyors specialize in creating custom
innovative solutions in automated soiled ware
transportation for the foodservice industry.
The Poly Cord Belt is an excellent and economical choice
when only trays are being used. It can be used in high or low
volumes depending on the length of the run. Bi-line uses a
high strength rubber polyurethane cord with a reinforced
nylon cord in the core. The cord runs along high strength
UHMW plastic guides and is reinforced with a nylon cable.
Every system is designed, built and tested by the same
team, ensuring the highest of quality. The Bi-line Poly Cord
is perfect because the exposed cord makes clean-up very
easy and is economical to use.
It is important to note that the Poly Cord is for tray
application only.
Their equipment is built to the highest
quality and able to handle any situation!
Wash down duty drive motor
Poly Cord with UHMW guide blocks and wheels
Control panel with variable speed control
193 Series
Ice Cream
Mixer in the Upper
No-tool-required, snap out easy to clean mixer, the latest technology for any type of mix base with
a high level of solids or water. No more mix separation, foam and cross-contamination. Make your
store procedures easier and most of all keep consistency and the creamiest smoothest finish
product in the marketplace. Possible only with Carpigiani. The mixer is very easy to disassemble and
clean. It rotates when necessary to prevent the stress of the liquid mix in the hopper.
Heat Treatment
Allows for the daily automatic application of heat to areas that are in contact with the mix to extend
machine cleaning cycles to only once every 14 days saving both labor and mix product.
Hoper Mixer
A few benefits that make this feature unique: 1. No need to stir the mix. The automatic mixer assures
complete consistency in the finished product. 2. Allows for a 100% hygienic finished product. 3. No
foaming. 4. No mix separation.
One-Piece Beater
A few benefits that make this feature unique: 1. Faster cleaning time. 2. No assembling. 3. No risk of
losing components. 4. No need to train employees. 5. No replacement blade cost.
The Carpigiani 193 Series is a countertop model suited for high volume
production. This model is perfect for frozen yogurt, sorbet, custard, gelato,
ice cream and frozen desserts.
The Perfect Organizer
The Dispense Rite Model CTC-L-2X2SS is the perfect organizer for
lids, straws, condiments and cups. This model comes with (4)
ADJ-2F cup dispensers and built in lid/straw organizers. CTC-L
Series Countertop Cup & Lid Dispensing Cabinets feature
one-size-ts-all ADJ-2 stainless steel cup dispensers combined
with a quality stainless steel cabinet.
Cabinets dispense a variety of 8 oz. to 44 oz. paper, plastic or
foam cups with rim diameters ranging in size from 3" - 4 5/8".
Unique cabinet design incorporates a removable ABS plastic
top to provide storage for lids, straws, stir-sticks and condi-
ment packets.
The durable top removes quickly and easily for cleaning.
Quick-release mounting brackets allow simple and fast cup
dispenser removal for cleaning or adjustment.
Stainless ring bezels are standard. Optional powder coat ring
bezels are available in black ridge (matte texture) and black
(high gloss).
Dispense Rite one-size-ts-all ADJ
series is easy to install.
Once you install one, you will nd
it easy to do an entire lineup!
Need video instructions on how to
install ADJ cup dispensers? See below!
DISH  February Newsletter 2018   Volume 2  Featuring    QA  with April Mckeever Office Manager of Professional Reps  CR  C...
Ever wonder why some
Chefs are just so happy?
High performance burners, angle iron frames, counter balanced doors,
  ǥ     ǯ   ϐ   
Range line. Only Montague Technostar
features this level of quality and
durability in its new Restaurant Range line.
Technostar delivers the control
, performance and the indispensable features
today’s chefs require to really shine in the kitchen.
Enhanced brewing enabling the preparation of coee beverages in perfect American and North European
style. Patented system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the overall running costs.
Motorized system that adapts to the height of the brewing spout
according to the beverage selected and the cup.
Patented system to prepare
full automatically creamy
cold milk based beverages.
The drink delivery area is
illuminated by multi-colored LED lights. As well as looking fantastic,
the colors are also associated with dierent functions: blue - the
machine is ready, white - dispensing drinks, red - the machine is not
ready, green - daily cleaning process.
FALL IN LOVE with Thunder Groups Selection!
Your Value Added
One Stop Supplier
Its a bit generous to call me a farm boy but I do cling to my family roots.
My grandfather, my uncles, and now my cousins are all sheepherders. Currently my family is
working the farms raising the fourth consecutive generation to follow in Grandpas footsteps. Its
an important job and my family does it well. Currently my cousins are posting daily videos and pics
of the new lambs being born. It is a tiring living and the work never stops. I love the age of the new
farmer that has access to social media to remind us where our food really comes from and how it
is raised. Its a powerful tool for me to use to teach my children the origins of their food and why
it is important to know where it comes from. I take great pride in sourcing ingredients, especially
meat. As chefs, we get to transition something raw into something marvelous. Typically the focal
point of our meal creation.
Lets talk steak. What happens when you cook steak? ere is a ton going on scientically when
you cook meat. Time and temperatures are critical. You are changing the meat through chemical
reaction. e Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars
that gives browned food its distinctive avor. A great steak is full of avor. To achieve this reaction,
we need heat. e machine for the job is Montague’s steakhouse broiler (Model C36, C45).
ere are a lot of suggestions on how to cook a steak properly. Sear or dont sear. Salt and when to
salt. Frozen vs. fresh vs. room temperature.
Searing: To me, this is really about adding color for visual appeal. In my opinion, juices can run
from seared meat just as easy as they can from meat that has not been seared.
Salting: Salt will pull moisture to the surface of meat. Some people think that this will increase the
Maillard reaction. Others thinks you should salt just before cooking to avoid drawing the moisture
to the surface. My opinion is once food loses moisture, you cant put it back. I personally salt just
before I cook it.
Meat source/temperature: If you are doing anything with frozen proteins, it is critical they were
frozen properly via blast chilling. We have all thawed out a piece of meat that is left standing in a
pool of blood/ juice. at pool is not frost. It is juices from the meat. It means it was frozen slowly
so the cells popped and like I mentioned above, once you lose moisture you cannot put it back in.
For food safety, thawing properly is critical. For purposes of a restaurant, I most often see meat
kept at safe temperatures until it is ready to be cooked.
Steak (your choice of cut)
Olive Oil
Cumin (optional)
Rub some oil onto both sides of the meat. Season to your liking.
Cooking. We like it hot. Like 1800 degrees hot. Montague’s steakhouse broiler is an overred
broiler that provides a perfect environment to cook proteins, specically steak.
Cook to an internal temperature using the following guide:
Rare: 125-130 degrees
Medium Rare:130-135 degrees
Medium: 135-145 degrees
Medium Well: 145-155 degrees
Well: 155 degrees and above.
Montague Steakhouse Broiler
(Model C36, C45)
When cooking in this intense
environment, you must remove your steak
from the heat source about 5-10 degrees
before your desired doneness to allow
resting/ nishing to occur. e thickness
of your steak should help you determine
this. Something thin will rise a lot more
in temperature than something thick.
We sat down with April Mckeever,
Oce Manager, to learn a little
more about her and her role at
Professional Reps.
Hello April! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Let’s see…I grew up in Texas, moved here when I was 15, and graduated from ASU with a bachelor in Life Science. I’ve been married to my wonderful Husband for almost
three years and have two little four pawed children who are the loves of my life. One is a Corgi mix named Deringer and the other is an Australian Cattle Dog mix named
How did you get started at Professional Reps? How long have you been here?
I’ve been with Professional Reps for about 11 years…thats over a decade!! Haha. I’ve been familiar with the restaurant industry all my life. Before she got her
college degree, my mother was a server. My rst job at 16 was working at a bowling alley slinging burgers and French fries. And when I turned 19, I followed in my Moms
footsteps and became a server. While in college I worked in several dierent settings ranging from ne dining to hole in the wall bars. In 2005 I started
working at a little establishment called Zipps Sports Grill. There I met Mr. Brian Bauer, owner of Professional Reps! Once I graduated college, he oered me a position, and
the rest is history.
What hats do you wear as the Oce Manager?
Over the last decade, our company has changed so much and we’ve grown in ways I never would have imagined. Over the years I’ve been the quoting guru, order processing
guru, warehouse guru, inventory guru, you name it, I’ve done it! We have an awesome team now with members having specialized roles, which helps stream line
customer service and response times. These days I’m a project specialist and consider myself the “Go-To” Guru. I can assist any of our team members with questions they
might have, whether that might be warehouse receiving questions, quoting questions, product knowledge questions, etc. And if I don’t have the answer, I can point them
in the direction of someone who does.
A lot has changed in the last 10 years – new innovations, dierent competitors, changing rep expectations. How have you stayed current and
in-the-know all this time?
I feel communication is key to success in any industry, no matter if it’s health care, education, foodservice…there are always new products, new techniques, new standards,
etc. Our customers expect the best and they deserve the best, so as a rep rm we have to adapt to the demands and take advantage of any opportunity we can. One
thing I have found helpful is weekly meetings. As a company we are in constant contact with each other, discussing needs and changes in the territory. Another great tool is
newsletters. These are not junk mail! There is so much information factories convey in newsletters, not just about their products, but about trends in the industry and
information on competitors. Even our own newsletter has valuable information about new technologies our factories are oering. Another great source of information, and it
goes without saying, is participating in industry shows. Theres a lot you can learn from walking the oor of shows like NAFEM and NRA. New products are constantly
rolling out and shows like these are a hot spot for innovative rollouts.
What is your favorite way to help customers in this industry?
I love how we can introduce customers to new ways to cook their product.
A lot of people are unaware of all the great innovated equipment that is out
there. It’s amazing when we are able to reduce someone’s cook times, expand
their menu oering, or even reduce their labor costs with new equipment!
What passions do you have outside of work?
Outside of work I suppose you can say I’m a jack of many trades, master of
none…hahaha! I dabble in a lot of dierent things. I love to cook! How
convenient it is that the quote referenced in this month’s Professional Reps
calendar is the one from WC Field, “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it
in my food. That’s one of my favorite quotes! I’m not a chef by any means,
but I love scouring Pinterest for new recipes and trying new things. I’m also
passionate about music. I help out the worship team in the childrens ministry
at my church, love to dance and I’ve been known to hit up a Karaoke spot or
two. I’m in a softball league once a week and play in a dart league as well. I love the outdoors!!
For me there’s nothing better than getting away for a couple days up north for some camping, hiking, and campre action.
If you could give someone newly entering this industry a piece of advice, what would you say?
I would say to always stay positive and keep truckin”. I think this industry can be a little overwhelming at rst. There’s so much information you need to know and be
an expert on. From the specication phase, to the quoting phase, to the order phase, to the install phase, and beyond, there’s a lot to know. So just be realistic with yourself
and understand youre not going to get it overnight. You’ll have several A-ha” moments throughout your
career. I still have them myself! But keep doing what you do, know how to take constructive criticism, and
know you always have a team of experts at your disposal, whether that be co-workers, dealers, reps, factory
personnel…someone will have the answers you seek!
Lastly… A lot of people consider Phoenix a foodie destination spot. What’s your
recommendation on local fare? What and where is your favorite dish?
I am a HUGE fan of food!! And Phoenix is a great place to satisfy all kinds of craving. Whether its Sushi or
Italian, Phoenix has some awesome spots. But of all the food Arizona has to oer, I must say the Mexican
food here is outstanding!! I’ll be the rst to admit that I do not have a “rened pallet per se. If food is served
to me, I’ll more than likely enjoy it haha!! That being said, I do have a couple of spots I frequent on a regular
basis that I feel have amazing Mexican food. The rst is Valle Luna. They have a couple of locations but the
one I go to the most is on Cave Creek and Greenway. All I need is an enchilada, taco, tostada combo, and then
I’m out for the count….its nap time! Another great place is Via Delosantos o of Central and Dunlap. They
serve these huge pitchers of Margarita’s and I’m a big fan of their chips n salsa. And lastly, I would be remiss
if I did not mention one other place…and that would be Zipps/Goldies. It is not Mexican, but they have,
hands down, the best wings in the Valley. And their Pepper Jack Focaccia is out of this world!
Thanks for talking with me, April! I hope everyone got to know you that much better!
Dakota, Australian Cattle Dog - Left
Deringer, Corgi Mix - Right
Training at Electrolux August 2017
Ef fective - February 2018
750 East Covey Lane #110, Phoenix, AZ 85024
2703 Subio Rd . SE, Rio R ancho, NM 87124
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Joe Dobson
PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT | (480) 278-9582 | (877) 995-8922
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Chef Richard’s Recipe Corner
Richard Larsen, UT Territory Manager
April Mckeever, President Professional Reps
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February Newsletter
2018 | Volume 2
February Newsletter
2018 | Volume 2
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