February 2021
A Waterlefe Monthly Newsletter
Jen Milne | General Manager / COO
Thank you to all involved with the MPOA’s Annual Meeting. So much work goes
on behind the scenes from presentation prep to communications. This year, we
saw a tremendous effort put forth to educate the community on the need to
amend how we count votes. A very special thank you to Dyana Young and all the
street captains that worked tirelessly to eliminate non-cast votes being counted
as “No” votes. While the amendment did not pass due to those non-cast no’s,
great awareness was brought to this important issue and we will bring it before
the community again next year.
With over 60 members in attendance and 346 participating by proxy or ballot,
we certainly appreciate the active engagement of our Waterlefe homeowners.
This very special community continues to flourish as more of you plugin and get
This month’s edition of Lefe Life contains some helpful community reminders,
some exciting changes happening at the River Club, news about the many Wa-
terlefe clubs and activities, and a beautiful virtual art show in the WAG article. We
hope you enjoy this edition.
If you would like to be part of next month’s Lefe Life newsletter, please reach out
to our Communications Coordinator, Hunter Dennis, at hdennis@waterlefefl.com.
Lefe Life | February 2021

Manager Letters
Dan Adkins | River Club Manager
I would like to start by thanking everyone who attended last month’s very suc-
cessful Tiki Tunes at Night event on January 16th with the always popular Kaptain
Kurt! Even though the weather was a bit colder than we would have liked, the
event was still a hit with the community. The next Tiki Tunes at Night event will be
held on February 27th and will feature the Sundown Duo. A month later, Kaptain
Kurt will return for the March 20th Tiki Tunes at Night event. If you were unable to
attend the first time, I definitely recommend catching him then!
The wine dinner we hosted on January 23rd
turned out to be a hit within the communi-
ty! Pictured here are Julie Pepi and George
Kehrt from Southern Glazer’s, the co-hosts
of the event. The dinner was such a suc-
cess, that we are already in the process of
putting together another wine dinner to be
held in April. Be on the lookout for more de-
tails in the coming weeks.
February brings one of our more romantic
events, the Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two!
This event will be held on February 13th in the River Club, but spots are filling up
fast. If you have not made your reservations yet, I recommend you do so quickly.
A new event that we are excited to offer starting February 20th is our new Bistro
Night! Spend your Saturday nights with us in the Bistro for a casual dining experi-
ence and a new menu that showcases a different feature each week.
I would like to express my continued gratitude to our membership for their ongo-
ing support of the River Club and its staff. We hope to be on the downslope of the
COVID-19 pandemic, and cannot wait to bring back some of the resident-favorite
events like Burger Nights and Sunday Brunch.
See you at the River Club!

Official Reports
Lefe Life | February 2021
Jackie Hannan, LCAM | Property Manager
Due to an increasing number of resident complaints concerning improper parking
and safety concerns, I wanted to review parking regulations in Waterlefe…
- No parking on Waterlefe Boulevard will be permitted
- There is no parking permitted within 250 feet of either side of any entrance
gate to Waterlefe (including the Winding Stream, Mossy Branch, and front
entry gates)
- Parking is strictly prohibited within the circular portion of the roadways or
on cul-de-sacs
- All street parking shall be done in a manner so as not to block traffic on any
roadway, intersection, fire hydrant, driveway, or mailbox; and to leave
sufficient room for mail delivery and garbage/recycling collections
- Vehicles parked on the street must be moved at least once every 48 hours
or will become subject to tow
Parking on the street is permissible so long as the provisions mentioned above
are adhered to.
Boat Storage, RV Storage, Trailer Storage, Construction Storage, and Commer-
cial Vehicles are not permitted within Waterlefe property.
Violations of any of these parking regulations may result in the immediate towing
and/or removal of the vehicle or personal property. All costs associated with the
towing and storage of the vehicle or personal property shall be the responsibility
of the owner, lessee, or renter.
Thank you for your understanding as we work to make Waterlefe safe and
accessible for everyone!
Official Reports
Bob Davis | Comptroller/CFO
As we close 2020, we have ended the year with an actual budget surplus of $51,174
without depreciation. This is great news considering the effects of COVID-19 on
our River Club sales. Most of this surplus is due to our management staff keep-
ing tight controls on spending, specifically in the area of reserve spending. Our
reserves are strong going into 2021 and we have created a very conservative
budget going into the year without sacrificing or neglecting any needed improve-
ments to the River Club and its related assets. We don’t know what 2021 will hold
but we have created a budget that our managers can work with to keep Water-
lefe thriving.
Waterlefe Finance Committee has openings
The Waterlefe Finance Committee is responsible for providing the MPOA Board
of Directors with recommendations and advice on a variety of financial matters
relating to the operation of the Waterlefe MPOA and River Club. It is not a de-
cision-making committee. The committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every
month at 10 a.m. unless advised otherwise. Meetings will be conducted by video
conference through at least August 2021 and usually last about an hour or less.
Regular attendance and active participation are expected. A general understand-
ing of the internal workings of a business and the ability to review its financial
reports including balance sheets and P&L is an important prerequisite.
If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration, please contact
John Valletta at MPOATreasurer@waterlefefl.com
Lefe Life | February 2021

MPOA Updates
MPOA Updates
The MPOA Annual Meeting occurred on Monday, January 25, 2021, and included
an annual review of Association performance as well as presentations from the
Board of Directors about their areas of responsibility. This meeting also called for
the re-election of two Board seats, those held by Bob Griswold and John Valletta.
This year we only received two applications for the Board of Directors and are
pleased to announce that Bob Griswold and John Valletta have retained their po-
sitions on the 2021 Board of Directors.
Bob Griswold
Bob Griswold was elected to the Board in 2015. Bob and his wife Bobbie have
owned their home in Waterlefe since 2001. Bob was President of the GE Rolls
Royce Fighter Engine Team – GE Aircraft Engines and brings valuable leadership
and management experience to the Board. Bob and Bobbie share their home
with their two granddaughters Katie age 17 and Emily age 14.
John Valletta
John Valletta and his wife, Michaela have been residents of Waterlefe for 10
years. John’s experience and background have been exclusively in the hospitality
industry. Starting as a bellman as a teenager, and eventually progressing to the
presidency of several of the world’s largest hotel chains, John brings valuable
experience in hotel and restaurant operations. John and Michaela enjoy time with
their four young grandchildren when they visit during their school vacations and
enjoy boating and participating in auto rallies in the US and abroad.
The 2021 Board of Directors officers and appointed committee liaison-ships can
be seen below:
Lefe Life | February 2021
Name Position Area of Responsibility
Bob Griswold President Capital Projects Chair, Property Management Liaision
John Valletta VP/Treasurer Finance Chair, CEC Liaison, Compliance Liaison, Cable/TV
Dyana Young Secretary Covenant Team Chair, Sub Association Liaison
Jodi Carroll Director at Large Strategic Planning Chair, Communications & HR Liaison
Jeff Brand Director at Large River Club Committee Chair & Liaison
MPOA Updates
Another aspect of this year’s meeting was an important community vote to mod-
ify Amendment 18 of the covenants. All 617 homeowners were requested to par-
ticipate in this community decision as it required 67% affirmative YES votes to
pass and successfully change this amendment. The results can be seen below:
54% cast “YES” votes
2% cast “NO” votes
44% non-cast “NO” votes
As you can see above, affirmative votes were short by about 13% (76 votes). Al-
most half of our homeowners chose not to participate and ironically, if the pro-
posed language were in effect, the amendment would have passed.
We are extremely thankful to all the homeowners that participated in the Annu-
al Meeting in person and by proxy. A special thank you goes out to so many of
you that served as Street Captains and Volunteers in the effort to educate the
community about the importance of voting. The MPOA continues to emphasize
the importance of community involvement and participation in key decisions and
looks forward to bringing this vote back at the 2022 Annual Meeting to again re-
quest your support.
Amending governing documents is an important process that most community
associations of our size and age have already begun doing in order to remove
developer drafted language, remain consistent with the current laws, and remove
ambiguity. For more information, please read this insightful article by Jay Roberts
of the Florida Condo HOA Law Blog here.

Lefe Life | February 2021
The 2021 MPOA Committee plan builds upon the Board’s overall organizational vi-
sion of a governing Board of Directors setting policy for professional management
staff to implement and enforce, complemented by dynamic volunteer committees
effectively providing specific expertise, community feedback, and analysis.
To that end, the MPOA has dissolved three (3) committees:
- Amenities
- Property Management
- Villas Landscape
Two (2) new committees have been added:
- Capital Projects
- River Club
Three (3) committees have been deemed as “ad hoc” (ad hoc committees are
called to action for a specific task and/or time period):
- Cable TV
- Covenant Team
- Welcome
More information about the two new committees:
Capital Projects Committee
Chair: Bob Griswold
As we strive to maintain and enhance our aging infrastructure, key decisions
must be made. This committee will work with management to identify and
prioritize capital improvements/additions and present fully realized project
proposals to the MPOA Board and Community for consideration. Routine
repair and maintenance is not in the scope of this committee.
River Club Committee
Chair: Jeff Brand
Now more than ever before, River Club operations depend upon homeowner
participation. Along with management, this committee will study usage trends
and remain responsive in order to successfully address community expecta-
tions and maximize resources. Scope of recommendations to the Board will
include dining, fitness, recreation, and social membership programs.
MPOA Updates
Here’s some information regarding the application process that may be helpful to
homeowners making changes to their homes.
- The DRB meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
- Your Application for Residential Change must be received by the MPOA
office by the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This will ensure enough time is
given to each and every application prior to the DRB meeting the following
week, and to allow any questions property management may have about
your application to be answered.
- The Application for Residential Change must be filed before any exterior
work is done at your residence (The updated Application for Residential
Change may be found on the website). Filing the application prior to your
exterior work will ensure your project is compliant with our current Cove-
nants and Guidelines.
We encourage all residents, especially if they have submitted an application for
residential change, to attend our DRB meeting. Any questions you may have
about the DRB could be answered at our meeting and would help in the approval
If you have any questions at all regarding the application process, please contact
property management at (941) 747 - 6898 ext. 2.
Lefe Life | February 2021

MPOA Updates
The upgrades to the Pointe and the playground have continued with some new
equipment installations. With a brand new picnic table, trash can, and swing, the
Pointe is becoming an enjoyable spot for children and adults alike. Irrigation re-
pairs continue and Florida friendly landscaping is planned.
Lefe Life | February 2021
As the needs of our community evolve, the Board of Directors has a responsibil-
ity to assess the committee structure and make adjustments as necessary. The
MPOA would like to recognize the following group of homeowners who have
contributed significantly to the continued growth of Waterlefe through their time
served on committees.
Amenities Committee
Janice Ritchie (Chairperson)
Bobbie Griswold
Kris Mott
Jill Pokorn
Stephanie O’Donnell
Deborah Young
Property Management Committee
Bill Shopovick (Chairperson)
Bill Stasiuk
Carol Alexander
John Stevens
Fran Paikoff
Lisa Hantverk
Villas Landscape Committee
Barb Lee (Chairperson)
Carol Alexander
Roberta Burish
Tom Fletcher
Terry Lee
Debbie Murphy
CDD & Golf Club
CDD & Golf Updates
The CDD continues to work closely with the Sheriff’s Office regarding non-resi-
dent fishing. Please review the below guidelines for who to contact if you witness
someone you believe to be a non-resident fishing in Waterlefe.
If someone is on your property:
- If an emergency call 911, otherwise use the non-emergency line of
(941) 747-3011
- Do not engage with the individual(s) or attempt to confront them
- As the homeowner you have the ability to trespass the individual(s)
without the assistance of the CDD
If you suspect a non-resident is on CDD common grounds or the Golf Course
During the hours of 7 am to 6 pm
- Report individual(s) to the Golf Shop at (941) 744-9771
During the hours of 6 pm to 7 am
- If an emergency call 911, otherwise use the non-emergency line of
(941) 747-3011
- Report the individual(s) to the Gate House at (941) 708-6866 so that
the CDD has record of the incident
Please remember that residents are only allowed to fish from their own property,
from a boat in the chain of canals, or from community common grounds.
To read the most recent edition of Golfer’s Glance, Click Here
Lefe Life | February 2021

Around the
CDD & Golf Updates
Jim Kinder was born and raised just south of Chicago, meaning he is a mid-west-
erner like many other homeowners in Waterlefe. Jim’s family retired to Bradenton
when he was 18 years old, and he has worked hard ever since. Starting as a fork-
lift driver at a local packing house to pay his way through college, Jim eventually
went on to own his own tomato distribution company, JBK Distributors.
Relaxing one night after work, Jim met his wife
Bev at a club in downtown Bradenton. Bev is
rare because she was actually raised right here
in Bradenton! They recently celebrated their
30th anniversary. Before joining Jim as a book-
keeper for his company, Bev worked in the
banking business, first as a teller, then later as
the Assistant Manager, Officer, and Statewide
Training Officer. Bev is also currently a Certified
Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
at the Lakewood Ranch YMCA.
Bev worked until the birth of their first daugh-
ter Alexa, who is now a Physician Assistant who
happens to be getting married this month. Jim
and Bev have another daughter, Ashley, who
has a degree in Hospitality Management. But
the two smallest members of their family are
their cute Maltese, Lucky and Cosmo.
Each year, the tomato season in Florida runs from
November through May, and their Distribution busi-
ness has expanded to handle over 1 million 25-pound
boxes per year! During Florida’s off-season, Jim and
Bev broker tomatoes from South Carolina, California,
Alabama and Virginia. They run their business out of
their house right here in The Shores, which they just
Lefe Life | February 2021
finished a wonderful job of renovating after purchasing the home two years ago.
They are not new to Waterlefe though, as they’ve been Waterlefe members since
2002 as owners of rental properties.
When they’re not distributing tomatoes, they both enjoy boating, traveling (espe-
cially cruising), working out, dining out, sports, playing poker in Jim’s man cave,
and more recently, taking trips in their new RV.
Bev and Jim have spent “many a good time” at the River Club thanks to its friendly
staff, great bar, friendly residents, and fun Tiki Bar. You can tell from their smiles,
they love Waterlefe.
Jim, also known as Tomato Man, Memorable, and Big Jim, surely makes quite a
presence when he enters a room. Thank you Bev and Jim for being such fun com-
pany to be around, especially while COVID-19 tries to impact our bubble.
Around the Neighborhood
Your recycling containers, trash, and yard waste may be put out the evening be-
fore pick-up and put away by the evening of pick-up. Trash containers may not
be stored in the driveway or walkways, and should be stored out of view. If you
are away, perhaps you can make arrangements with a neighbor to put your trash
containers out of view.
Yard waste must be put out the evening before pick-up (presently, Wednesday is
pick-up day) and must be tied up or cut into smaller pieces if needed. If you have
extremely large mountains of yard waste and it is not properly tied, waste collec-
tors will most likely refuse the pick-up.
Manatee County waste pick-up sched-
ules may change during the holidays,
so you can check on the official Mana-
tee County website for updated holiday
schedules. Typically an email blast will
be sent to the community regarding the
schedule changes.
The DRB and MPOA office are here to
help all Waterlefe residents with any con-
cerns you may have. Call the MPOA of-
fice at (941) 747-6898 with any questions
regarding pick-up.
Lefe Life | February 2021
As pet ownership increases in Waterlefe, the MPOA wants to ensure that resi-
dents stay cognizant and in compliance with all the responsibilities that come with
pet ownership.
One of the most important responsibilities of a pet owner is to keep animals on
a leash when not inside the unit (including the yard outside the home). Physical
fences allow residents to let their pets roam free in their yard, but the attractive
features of invisible fences are making them more popular among homeowners.
Invisible fences have many benefits to pet owners such as increasing compliant
off-leash areas and preserving the beautiful landscape of Waterlefe.
The MPOA has implemented new signage for pet owners that choose to use an
invisible fence in their yard. This signage helps to clear up confusion with fellow
neighbors and ensure that animals are properly contained in the unit as required.
Simply register your invisible fence with Property Management to receive compli-
mentary yard markers and expand your compliant pet space instantly.
For more information about pet ownership in Waterlefe and to read the rest of
the article, click here.
Around the Neighborhood

Many homes in Waterlefe use Hunter as the brand of Irrigation Controller to op-
erate their watering systems. If yours is this type, please read on for important
During the summer months, we experience several power outages. If you have
a back-up battery installed, losing power will not lose your settings (zone, the
timing of watering, etc.). When power is restored after a power-off state lasting
more than a few minutes the display goes to a “flashing state” and the watering
schedule is suspended until a button, any button, is pressed on the Controller
The implications of this decision by Hunter in this design are significant. In a nut-
shell, it means you have to babysit the system and after a power outage check it
to make sure it’s not in a “paused” setting waiting for the input of a button press.
This is the opposite of what most people would want from an irrigation system
set-and-forget setup.
If you have an outside vendor servicing your Irri-
gation system, they will remove the “paused” set-
ting the next time they service your system (usually
done monthly). If you are not at home to check this
yourself, it may mean that your system goes with-
out running for a few weeks before this type of sit-
uation is remedied. If you have someone monitoring
your house during your absence, ask them to check
on this when they come by your house each visit.
Lefe Life | February 2021
Remember, this is only in the instance where power is interrupted to the Control-
ler for more than a few minutes; this should be an infrequent issue but something
to pay attention to during summer months.
If you have a Hunter X-Core Controller, be aware of this issue and:
- Check your Controller after any known power outages.
- Check it anyway every week or two during the hottest months (only talking
about a 10-second visual check of the display; if it’s flashing, press any
button to return it to normal functioning).
- Keep an eye on your lawn/plants and notice whether they are getting
watered or not. Perhaps pick a spot where it is easy to see signs of
watering or evidence of a lack of water. Is the soil wet or not? If it isn’t, then
you need to check further.
Around the Neighborhood
Lefe Life | February 2021
Hello neighbors. The Artists Guild is pleased to share another Virtual Art Exhibit.
We hope you have been enjoying these monthly exhibits and are learning more
about our Waterlefe artists. This month, we are pleased to present Roxanne
Skinner’s watercolors. Featured below is one of her Sedona plain air paintings.
To view the February Art Exhibit, CLICK HERE.
Did you know Lefe Life newsletters are archived on the main page of Waterlefe
Member Central? If you have missed any of our prior exhibits, you can click on
any of these links below to view them.
To view the January Art Exhibit, CLICK HERE
To view the December Art Exhibit, CLICK HERE
To view the November Art Exhibit, CLICK HERE
Feel free to contact the artists and let them know you’ve seen their art. For more
information, contact Patsy Hall at patsy@dhall.com.

Cars & Coffee
Cars & Coffee is a talk group for residents to connect with one another over their
mutual enthusiasm for cars of all kinds and the car industry in general. Meetings
are held one morning every month and the future schedule will be announced.
Contact: John Valletta | john@johnvalletta.com
Community Emergency Response Team
CERT is the Community Emergency Response Team that is funded and trained
by the county to step in and assist the community in case of an emergency that
first responders are unavailable for. No specific skills are needed to become a
Contact: Jeff Brand | jeffreybrand@gmail.com
Tom Kalousek | tkalousek1000@gmail.com
Hangar Talk
Hangar Talk welcomes aviation enthusiasts of all kinds. Casual monthly lunch
gathering, outings, and sharing of aviation experiences and opportunities, both
past and current.
Contact: Terry Lee | terrancejlee48@gmail.com
Boating Community Group
The Waterlefe Boating Community Group is a social group for Waterlefe resi-
dents to promote water recreation, share valued information, and grow friend-
ships among boaters, anglers, kayakers, and paddlers.
Contact: Jim Manning | jpmanning880@gmail.com
Artists Guild
The Waterlefe Artists Guild (WAG) is composed of full and part-time residents
who create original art in various media. Artists explore new mediums through
member-led classes, present their work to the community virtually and in annual
shows. WAG strives to “Keep Art Alive” by supporting our local schools’ creative
arts programs.
Contact: Patsy Hall | patsy@dhall.com
Organizations may not currently be active due to COVID-19.
Lefe Life | February 2021

Ladies Out-to-Lunch Bunch
The Ladies Out-to-Lunch Bunch is a group for women to enjoy each other’s com-
pany over lunch at some of the best restaurants Bradenton has to offer. With
get-togethers held 2-3 times a month, there are plenty of opportunities to join
this bunch!
Contact: Roz Warner | rozwarner619@gmail.com
Literary Society of Waterlefe
The Literary Society of Waterlefe is an organization for members looking to en-
gage in thoughtful conversations about a wide range of pre-selected books from
month to month. These gatherings are in a casual setting which allows residents
to connect and converse about important and exciting pieces of literature.
Contact: Rosalynn Kiefer | rkiefer2@gmail.com
Watering Hole
Watering Hole is a social group for people, especially newcomers to Waterlefe,
to meet their neighbors and feel involved in their community. Whether you are
new to the community or have been here for years, we welcome you enjoy a fun
evening with your neighbors at one of these “no fuss” events.
Contact: Miriam Martin | mmartin952@comcast.net
Barbie Brand | barbiegbrand@gmail.com
Please check with organization contacts for more information.
Sensational Singles
Sensational Singles is a social group for single Waterlefe members (widowed, di-
vorced, and everyone else) to participate in various outings to connect with one
another and create meaningful friendships through casual get-togethers.
Contact: Roz Warner | rozwarner619@gmail.com

Fitness Center Classes / Programs
Contact: Jana Dunson-Martin | jana@janafit.com
Kristine Reis | wholebodyfitness@hotmail.com
Kayaking / Canoeing
Contact: Jackie Hannan | jhannan@waterlefefl.com
Ladies Bunco
Contact: Peggy Slocum | spslocum@msn.com
Ladies Hand & Foot Cards
Contact: Audrey Bilotti | audalb1@me.com
Ladies Mah Jongg
Contact: Sue McCarty | sue@herbandsue.com
Ladies Shanghai Rummy
Contact: Audrey Bilotti | audalb1@me.com
Activities may not currently be active due to COVID-19.
Lefe Life | February 2021

Men’s Golf Association
Contact: Tom Tosi | tomtosi@aol.com
Mixed Bridge
Contact: Judy Werner | allwern@aol.com
Mixed Euchre Card Group
Contact: Sue Bryant | sbee287@aol.com
Purls & Chains
Contact: Lisa Hantverk | lisah826@hotmail.com
Women’s Golf Association
Contact: Donna Johnston | djohnston4911@tampabay.rr.com
Women’s Niners (9-Hole Golf)
Contact: Mary Lou Kovac | MLFlorida45@outlook.com
Debbie Murphy | debdenmurphy@me.com
Please check with activity contacts for more information.

Barb Lee
Jack Ritchie
Michaela Valletta