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February 2018 Parent Newsletter

Where are you from?
Henderson, Louisiana. (Originally from
New Orleans, but Henderson mainly)
Why did you chose UL?
I chose UL due to the simple fact that it feels like
home! With so many friends who attend here, I
find it interesting that I can still go to school with
them and keep those relationships. Orientation
was really exciting, and showed me that UL was
the university I wanted to choose and stay with.
What has been your greatest memory so far this year?
The greatest memory I've had so far this year would probably be the snow days! I remember
coming back from Orientation Staff retreat and within the next few days it snowing! Me and my
girlfriend walked around campus to see everything covered in white, it was an astonishing
moment to see everything look so different but still majestic.
What have you become involved in since arriving at UL?
Since arriving at UL, I've gotten involved in several UPC meetings, SGA meetings recently, and
joined Orientation Staff! Also last semester, tutoring those who needed help in math 103/104 and
105 when I had free time.
How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as spontaneous, energetic, ecstatic, helping, and outgoing. I'm very open,
and love to establish new friendships!
What is your major and what type of career are you looking to have?
My major is Electrical Engineering, and I seek to have a career within the electrical field or
possibly becoming a professor at the university with a PhD!
Tell us a funny story that has happened this year.
The funniest thing that has happened this year was homecoming week! I will never forget this
moment, ever. Chris Jones came to showcase his special talent of hypnotism and it was really
cool! Somehow he hypnotized a good deal of students, and had them playing the roles of zombies
and as a president, secretary, and even a cheerleader. The highlight of it for me was the one guy
who claimed he didn't believe in it, and was so set on it being fake, became hypnotized, and even
acted like Michelle Obama. It was hilarious.
What would you tell a senior looking to attend UL for Fall 2018?
Don't look back, and go with the decision to attend UL. It's beyond worth it, and the atmosphere,
energy, and students is like nowhere else; trust me I've made countless memories since I've ar-
rived, and they just keep growing. As you embark on your adventure to UL, it's the best experi-
ence you'll ever have.
What else would you like me to know about you?
I've moved over 20 times, and been to 13 different schools! Out of all the areas, schools, and
places I've been, Lafayette is my favorite by far! Alongside my favorite city, my favorite
University being UL! Geaux Cajuns! :-)
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