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Let's Eat Food!

Food, drug and Cosmetic Act


The purpose of the FDC was to regulate standards for food. There were hardly any standards, and the standards that existed were hardly enacted. Standards such as quality, identity, and quantity.




Anthony Protopapa




The FDC is a program that is meant to help the consumers of America. The FDC offers standards to the foods and other items in America. The Act was highly favored by womens' groups. The Act offered 3 main things to consumers. The Act offered quality, identity, and quantity. Regulators were allowed to set regulations whenever they saw fit and just.


The FDC has never ended. There were additions to it and provisions but it never actually left. The regulations for food, drugs, and cosmetics exist today; however, they were increased. This Act was added upon the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1908.

Unemployment - no change

Confidence building - increase

Role of governement - increase

Government spending - no change

GDP - increase

SPGA - no change

1. Served 4 terms

2. Roosevelt was related to his own wife

3. Homeschooled until age 14

4. Roosevelt died from polio

5. Died in 1945

6. Born in 1882

7. Democratic

8. 5 children

9. Died in office

10. Eleanor Roosevelt was his Wife

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