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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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WHY NATURAL GAS SAVE MONEY Residential space heating and water heating costs compared to other energy sources show that natural gas costs less to use than other major home energy sources Source Department of Energy PRACTICAL A natural gas home on average sold for 6 more than an electric home according to a natural survey by the National Association of Home Builders Source National Association of Home Builders ABUNDANT The United States is the world s largest natural gas producer helping our country achieve energy independence Source American Gas Association RELIABILITY Regardless of the weather you can depend on your natural gas utility to bring you America s best energy value Our rates are some of the lowest in the Southeast Source American Gas Association EFFICIENT Natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel Source American Gas Association

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RESIDENTIAL CASH REBATES HEATING SYSTEM Convert your electric heat pump to natural gas or upgrade your old natural gas furnace with a new efficient natural gas furnace and receive a cash rebate totaling 400 WATER HEATING Convert your electric or LP tank water heater to natural gas and receive a cash rebate totaling 225 Upgrade your old natural gas tank water heater to a new efficient one and receive a 100 cash rebate Call Okaloosa Gas today and ask about our additional water heater promotions We can also schedule you a FREE consultation to help you decide what appliance and energy options are best for you and your home DISCLAIMER Cash rebates are limited to one rebate per natural gas appliance per household Proof of inspection is required by your local municipality or county inspection office Contact Okaloosa Gas for current programs and details at 850 729 4700 Rebates subject to change without notice www OkaloosaGas com 5

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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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PROGRAMS FOR YOU BUDGET BILLING Provides you an easier way to plan and manage your energy budget each month Sign up at www okaloosagas com programs EASY PAY Convenient worry free automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account ensures you never miss a payment Sign up at www okaloosagas com programs PAPERLESS BILLING Going paperless saves trees and time It s an easy way to help keep the sky blue and the planet green Sign up at www okaloosagas com programs RESIDENTIAL PIPING PROGRAM Protect yourself from costly repair bills If your gas piping ever leaks or fails because of normal wear and tear we will repair or replace it Sign up at www okaloosagas com residential piping program SHARE THE WARMTH Provides assistance to residents with their energy bill You may elect to contribute to this non profit organization that provides energy assistance to Northwest Florida residents in need Share the Warmth is administered by the Salvation Army To learn how you can help and to sign up for this program visit www okaloosagas com share the warmth 10 850 729 4700

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HOW TO READ YOUR METER STEP 1 Facing the meter start with the right hand dial in the top row or use the dial with the lowest numerical value Record from right to left STEP 2 Record the number that the hand on the dial has just passed remember that some hands move clockwise and some hands move counterclockwise Also remember that one revolution of the dial drives the next dial by one digit For instance the one thousand dial must make one revolution in order for the ten thousand dial to move one digit STEP 3 Repeat this procedure with each dial in succession moving to the left until you have a number for each dial and ending with the dial marked one million This is the number of hundred cubic feet START HERE 0 4 1 1 THE CORRECT READING FOR THIS METER IS 0411 www OkaloosaGas com 11

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IN CASE OF A GAS LEAK Remain calm Don t light a match candle or cigarette Don t turn electrical appliances or lights on or off Leave the area immediately and from a safe location call Okaloosa Gas at 850 729 4700 24 hours a day seven days a week or call 911 OKALOOSA GAS ASKS YOU TO REMEMBER FOUR SIMPLE STEPS LOOK Near a gas leak outside you may notice blowing dirt bubbling creeks or ponds dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green live plants LISTEN An unusual hissing sound near gas lines or appliances may indicate a natural gas leak SMELL In its raw state natural gas is odorless Natural gas utility companies add a harmless substance called mercaptan to create a rottenegg like smell You should take action even if the odor is faint LEAVE If you notice any of the above signs leave the area immediately and contact Okaloosa Gas at 850 729 4700 If the smell of natural gas is particularly strong also call 9 1 1 12 850 729 4700

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CALL 8 1 1 BEFORE YOU DIG It s FREE Pipelines may be located anywhere including under streets and sidewalks Since you are an Okaloosa Gas customer there are most likely pipelines underground on your property That is why it is important to know where they are before digging for any reason Call 811 at least two workdays before you begin This can help avoid costly damage or injury 811 will coordinate with Okaloosa Gas and other utilities to mark the location of buried utility owned gas pipelines and other utility owned lines free of charge Once all lines are marked carefully use only hand tools to dig within 24 inches of marked gas lines NO DAMAGE IS TOO SMALL TO REPORT Even a slight gouge scrape or dent to a pipeline or coating may cause a dangerous break or leak in the future If you cause what seems to be ONLY minor damage to a pipeline OR ANY COMPONENT ATTACHED TO THE PIPELINE you should notify us immediately by calling 850 729 4700 MARKERS PURPOSELY INDICATE THE GENERAL NOT EXACT LOCATION OF PIPELINES Markers also do not indicate the depth or number of pipelines in the area To identify operators of major gas pipelines in your area and view maps with the general locations of these pipelines visit the National Pipeline Mapping System website www npms phmsa dot gov HOW TO DETECT A NATURAL GAS LEAK For your protection Okaloosa Gas adds a distinctive odor to natural gas so leaks can be more readily detected However you should not rely on your sense of smell alone to determine if you have a gas leak Some people may not be able to smell the odor because they have a diminished sense of smell or because the odor is being masked by other odors in the area In addition certain conditions such as odor fade loss of odorant may cause the odor to diminish so that it is not detectable www OkaloosaGas com 13

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CARBON MONOXIDE TIPS Carbon monoxide CO is an odorless colorless and tasteless gas that is produced when any fossil fuel including natural gas is burned without enough oxygen It is a dangerous gas that can build up in your home or business and cause sickness even death Please follow these safety precautions Never burn charcoal inside your home or garage Never heat your home with the gas range Service your furnace annually to have your heat exchanger visually inspected for cracks or defects Always open your chimney flue when you use the fireplace Never run a combustion engine such as a car lawn mower or snow blower in enclosed areas Install a CO detector near bedrooms in your house or apartment Do not install a detector near your kitchen or garage or in a room with a furnace CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES Okaloosa Gas wants to remind you that you are responsible for maintaining the natural gas lines that begin at the gas meter and extend above and below ground indoors and outdoors to your natural gas burning equipment including lines to gas lights grills pool heaters and garage or workshop heaters You are also responsible for pipe leading into and throughout manufacturing buildings warehouses and outbuildings garages and workshops barns stalls or storage sheds and other utility buildings on your property If natural gas lines are not maintained they may be subject to the potential hazards of corrosion that will cause leakage Okaloosa Gas monitors for corrosion and leaks on the pipe to the meter of your home However you are still responsible for repairs to lines beyond the meter To make sure the natural gas lines on your property are in good condition any Continued on page 15 14 850 729 4700

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Continued from page 14 buried natural gas piping that is not monitored or maintained by Okaloosa Gas should be inspected annually for leaks Metal pipes should especially be monitored for corrosion You should also check indoor natural gas piping periodically for corrosion If you home has corrugated stainless steel tubing CSST it must be grounded through bonding to comply with building codes To have your pipes or CSST inspected please contact us at 850 729 4700 or a licensed plumbing contractor CROSS BORING FOR YOUR SAFETY Call before you clear your sewer line Your sewer line might have a cross bore Cross bores can be dangerous because the mechanical equipment used to unclog sewer pipes can easily penetrate a natural gas pipe and lead to the dangerous release of natural gas If you are having trouble with your sewer or think you have a blockage make sure you your plumber or your sewer company contact our office for an Emergency Line Spot before using equipment to clear the blockage Call 850 729 4700 EXCESS FLOW VALVES Okaloosa Gas is required by federal regulation to install an Excess Flow Valve EFV in all new or renewed natural gas service lines that serve a single family residence An EFV is a safety device inside the service line that shuts off the flow of natural gas in the case of excess flow traveling through the line Okaloosa Gas encourages you to read about excess flow valves To find out more visit www okaloosagas com excess flow valve OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES Providing access to Okaloosa Gas employees If your meter is behind a locked fence and or building and you will not be available please call 850 729 4700 to make arrangements for our service person to enter A responsible person over the age of 18 must be present before any work is done You or your contractor must call 811 before any digging takes place on your property www OkaloosaGas com 15

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IMPORTANT GAS METER TIPS KEEP YOUR GAS METER ACCESSIBLE AND CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTIONS To continue this highly accurate service we need your help by allowing us full access to your meter and keeping it clear of obstructions LANDSCAPING Our meter readers need to clearly see the dials on your meter If you have bushes or flowers near your meter be sure to trim them so your meter can be accurately read ANIMALS If you keep a dog or other animals outside please call us We will make a note on your account so our meter readers are aware and take extra precautions when they approach your home If possible keep your pet inside on the day of your scheduled meter read FENCES In order for us to get the most accurate meter reading Okaloosa Gas must have full access to your meter If your meter is enclosed by a fence and you will not be at home on the day of your meter read consider leaving your gate unlocked To find out when your meter will be read fill out our convenient customer service inquiry form online www okaloosagas com customer service inquiry form OKALOOSA GAS EMPLOYEES WEAR IDENTIFICATION It is your right to request to see their company issued photo identification badge before allowing them on your property 16 850 729 4700

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SAFETY REMINDERS FLEXIBLE CONNECTOR SAFETY Natural gas travels from supply pipes in your home into your appliances via flexible corrugated metal connector tubes Because they re usually out of sight you might not think about them It s important to have your connectors checked to make sure that older uncoated brass versions are replaced with new stainless steel or plastic coated brass connectors You likely won t be able to see your connectors so call a qualified professional to remove the old connector and install a new one if needed For your safety please don t move your appliances Movement can cause an old connector to break creating a hazardous situation WARNING Only a qualified professional should check your connector and replace it if needed Do not try to do this yourself Contact Okaloosa Gas or a qualified professional to inspect your appliance connectors Here are other options for consideration Call a licensed insured and bonded contractor that you ve used in the past Look in the yellow pages under the headings of Air Conditioning Equipment Systems Heating Contractors Furnace Cleaning and Repair Appliances Household Major Service and Repair The following appliances in your home may need to be inspected for uncoated brass connectors Range oven or cook top Dryer Hot water heater Approved flexible appliance connectors include Coated brass Uncoated stainless steel Coated stainless steel Coatings come in a variety of materials and colors www OkaloosaGas com 17

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SAFE WATER TEMPERATURES The Consumer Product Safety Commission has identified hot tap water as a major cause of scald injuries Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable The commission recommends water temperatures of 120 F to 125 F Low or L on some thermostat dials to avoid most scald injuries TO CHECK YOUR TAP WATER TEMPERATURE Let the hot water run from the bathroom faucet for one to three minutes Using a reliable thermometer check the temperature of the water coming from the faucet Repeat the test in the kitchen sink and bathrooms in your home 18 850 729 4700

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FLAMMABLE VAPORS Serious home accidents can be caused by flammable liquid vapors Vapors from flammable liquids such as gasoline cleaning solvent contact cement and paint thinner can ignite from an open flame such as a Natural gas water heater or furnace pilot light These accidents usually occur in a garage or basement Many flammable vapors are heavier than air Due to this building codes require appliances with pilots burners heating elements and switches be installed at least 18 inches off the garage floor In addition to the code you should take these important precautions NEVER use flammable liquids in confined areas Flammable liquids must always be used in open well ventilated areas and away from any ignition source including an appliance with a pilot light or electronic ignition Do not fill your lawn mower with gasoline or use cleaning solvent near a natural gas appliance Spills on concrete floors can spread and vaporize quickly and create a potentially hazardous situation Store flammable liquids and solvent soaked rags out of reach of children and away from sources of ignition Do not attempt to make repairs yourself or use unauthorized unlicensed individuals to work on your natural gas appliances www OkaloosaGas com 19

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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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WELCOME TO THE OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT 92 NATURAL GAS 32 ELECTRICITY IS YOUR ENERGY GLASS ELECTRIC AND LESS THAN HALF FULL You ve made the right choice Natural Gas is more reliable efficient and costs much less than electricity All day Every day

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GLOSSARY OF TERMS BRITISH THERMAL UNIT BTU The amount of heat required 1 to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit or 2 to raise the temperature of 1 cubic foot of air 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 to raise the temperature of 55 cubic feet of air 1 degree Fahrenheit BTU FACTOR The energy within natural gas This factor which is determined by the supplier changes daily and is a measurement of gas quality This number is printed on the customer s bill each month CUBIC FOOT CF A measurement term used for volume or capacity at sea level and 60 degrees EFFICIENCY RATING The percentage of effective or useful energy output from the total energy input ENERGY CODES An Energy Code consist of several structural calculations that measure how energy efficient the home is The amount of exposed wall the square footage the amount of window glass and the R value of the insulation are among these calculations The state of Florida requires both an energy code and manual J to be done before a building permit will be issued Okaloosa Gas will provide a residential Energy Code free of charge to anyone that request one all that is needed is a full set of building plans blueprints Request forms may be found on the Okaloosa Gas web site or obtained at any Okaloosa Gas payment center The HVAC contractor who will be supplying the home with heating and air conditioning should provide manual J s MMBTU One MMBtu is equal to 1 000 000 Btu s or 10 therms KILOWATT HOUR KWH The energy equivalent of 3 412 Btu s of power used in one hour or 1 000 watts of power being used in one hour RICK A measurement used for a stack of wood hay or straw THERM The equivalent of 100 000 Btu s Additional glossary terms www aga org 22 850 729 4700

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHY IS NATURAL GAS BETTER THAN OTHER FUELS Natural gas equipment is easier to maintain and repair which means lower maintenance costs Most natural gas equipment lasts longer than similar electric appliances Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel DOES OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT SERVICE AND REPAIR GAS APPLIANCES Yes our service department provides repair service on gas appliances such as water heaters ranges dryers gaslights space heater furnaces grills and gas logs for a service charge Please call us between the hours of 8 00 a m 5 00 p m Monday through Friday at 850 729 4700 or click here to submit an electronic request http www okaloosagas com residential schedule serviceappointment DOES OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT SELL AND INSTALL APPLIANCES Yes we offer both services We understand the importance of providing quality natural gas products as well as skilled installation technicians We offer everything from tank and tankless water heaters to natural gas specialty products To purchase natural gas logs fireplace inserts natural gas grills outdoor living items such as fire pits burners for fire pits outdoor fireplaces fire urns and more visit www store okaloosagas com For assistance on natural gas appliances please visit one of our offices or contact us at 850 729 4700 We will be happy to discuss the benefits features and options avilable INSTALLATION SERVICES If you are planning to add an appliance please contact us for a FREE consultation If you plan to purchase your natural gas appliances elsewhere we suggest that you call for a FREE consultation to ensure important installation requirements such as venting and clearances www OkaloosaGas com 23

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OKALOOSA GAS DISTRICT ADDRESS 364 Valparaiso Parkway Valparaiso FL 32580 WEBSITE OkaloosaGas com GreenNology com PHONE 850 729 4700 TOLL FREE 800 239 3878 FAX 850 678 4604 EMAIL esupport okaloosagas com