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Message from the Chair
Dear Friends,
2015-2016 was another busy year and one of significant
corpus & project growth for the Foundation, finalising and
launching a number of new Education scholarships and Funds,
in addition to the distribution of funds through the annual
Community Grants and Back to School Voucher projects.
New Education Trust Scholarships launched this year
Elderton Winemaking Excellence Scholarship providing $3,000
for one year to a Bachelor of Oenology student with Vintage
placement and mentoring.
Concordis Wine Industry Traineeship providing $10,000 over
two years, to two Trainees undertaking TAFE training &
employment with the four Concordis Wineries.
Kicking Goals Scholarship providing $3,500 over 3 years to secondary students with a physical
disability to support completion of secondary schooling and first year of tertiary studies, which
replaces the Stump Jump.
Barossa Brass Bands Scholarship providing up to $750 for one year for two secondary school
music students with mentoring by local Brass Bands.
The Forge Mentor Programme was launched in 2016 to provide all scholars the opportunity for
access to a mentor throughout the course of their studies. A significant contribution by Board
member Lesley Ann Grimoldby to establish and manage this initiative.
The Foundation undertook Community Consultation, at the Community Co Op, on 27/8/15 to
garner feedback about community issues and promote the Foundation, which identified Youth
issues as a major concern.
On February 2
2016, 60 people attended our Community Information evening held at The
Clubhouse, Tanunda, at which the Foundation presented the 2016 Scholarships and provided
the community with an update of Foundation Barossa projects including Pinery Fund, Community
Grants and Friends of the Foundation. I give heart-felt thanks to our EO, Leanne Hutton, who
admirably took over the reigns and did a brilliant job, at short notice, in my sudden absence and
to the support of her by Lesley Ann and Graeme.
As at June 2016, the Foundation’s administrative funds remain at a healthy $22,000 thanks to the
generous support of our Sponsors: Barossa Valley Cider Company, Homburg Real Estate and
The Clubhouse. We are indebted to these businesses for continuing their support of our
Foundation, to enable us to do our work.
Again, I wish to thank Fuller Communication for their generous & ongoing ‘in kind’ sponsorship of
the Foundation Barossa website. I would also like to thank Kodo Barossa for helping source &
set up our Foundation laptop. This year Rivergum Homes also donated $2144 from their Barossa
Staff Charity Day held April 2016.
Anita Bowen, Board Chair
Foundation Barossa
The Foundation Board has, since inception, set itself apart from many other charitable
organisations by stipulating & guaranteeing that 100% of donations are invested and not used for
administration. Hence why Foundation Barossa is reliant on our philanthropic business partners,
sponsors & donors.
Foundation Barossa reached a major milestone this financial year, with corpus funds
exceeding $1million.
I would like to thank Board member and Treasurer Karl Martin for his great work, along with Scott
Tolhurst, as our Finance Sub Committee, in managing our funds to maximize returns, provide
considered advice & reports to the Board and assisting our Executive Officer with day to day
financial matters.
This has become a time consuming role, as our funds have significantly increased, and with that,
the demands to manage these funds to produce income so we can meet our commitments to
give back to our community, and so, I thank you both for your expertise, dedication, time and
effort in this regard.
A special mention to retiring Board member Brian Phillips, Secretary (and Public Officer), who I
believe has done a stellar job managing all the demands of his Secretarial role with great
aplomb, incisiveness, attention to detail, and humanity, for the past years. I have greatly
appreciated Brian’s intelligent, considered and calm advice and I thank him for being such a
great support to me and contributor to the Board.
Thank you!
Anita Bowen
Foundation Barossa is a Community Foundation which encourages philanthropy
and provides a vehicle through which the community can help the community - forever.
Scholarship applications
continue to grow, as do the
number of scholarships
available to students. In the
coming years’ we will be
offering new scholarships
for high school students,
Kicking Goals scholarship, supported by John
Hughes & Reislingfreak to encourage disabled
students to pursue tertiary education or full time work.
The Barossa Bands Scholarship supported by the Nuriootpa and Marananga Brass Bands
to support music students and encourage participation in local brass bands.
Current scholars across all Foundation Barossa scholarships are listed below.
Year commenced
Semra Aksarkali
Lena Stoll
James Fox
Morgan Leske
Elenore Arthurson
Jackson Jaensche
Nathan Eyers
Ashby Schilling
April Zimmermann
Raf Thomson
Thomas Darmody
Sam Rogers
Deanna Kerr
$250,000 in
have been
awarded to
Back to school vouchers
In 2016 two hundred back to school vouchers were distributed
through the program administered by the Foundation for Rural and
Regional Renewal (FRRR). The vouchers were distributed across
22 schools within the Greater Barossa region. Feedback on the
program was again positive with local businesses through the Co-
op also assisting with the program. The Foundation will continue to
support the program in the future.
Community Grants
Our annual community grants program distributed a total of $5000
to three projects.
Nuriootpa Uniting Church - Breakthrough Programme
Youth Barossa Inc.
Barossa Community Labyrinth
To assist funding small grants project in the future a new regional
fund will be established by FRRR to allow Foundation Barossa to
fund projects quickly and more efficiently.
Pinery Bushfire Recovery Appeal
The development of the Pinery Bushfire Recovery fund saw the
donation of over $50,000 to June 2016. The development of the
fund came quickly following the fires and was coordinated by
Leanne Hutton and FRRR. This allowed over 50 individuals and
organisations to donate to the appeal the majority of which did so
the month following the fires. Donations have continued to flow
directly to the Foundation since April 2016.
Discussions have been had throughout the year with the Bushfire Recovery Centre in Gawler
regarding projects to donate the funds to. Currently a number of worthy projects have been
identified across the fire affected region for funding.
Funds from the appeal will be distributed by Foundation Barossa as soon as possible to assist in
the recovery of communities in the coming months leading up to the anniversary of the fires.
Our impact - Scholarships
Each year Foundation Barossa, in conjunction with our major supporters and donors, provides
education scholarships for students from the Barossa Region. Scholarships are provided to
students entering university and those undertaking further education through TAFE or
traineeships, as well as some specialised scholarships for students studying in the final years of
high school. A total of 22 students from the Barossa Region have been recipients of these
scholarships since 2008.
Each scholarship provides funds to enable students to focus on their studies and can be used in
a variety of ways to assist in funding upfront education costs for travel and study materials. Some
scholarships also provide assistance with living costs to allow tertiary students to live out of home
whilst studying at city campuses.
All Foundation Barossa scholarships are funded through donations from businesses and
individuals in the Barossa region. All funds donated to the Foundation Barossa Education Trust
go directly to assist in providing perpetual scholarships for students from the region.
Further information about each scholarship can be found on
the Foundation Barossa website:
Deanna Kerr
In 2016 Deanna
commenced a Bachelor of
Law and Development
Studies at the University
of Adelaide.
A graduate of Nuriootpa High, Deanna was raised in a family
steeped in the traditions of the Barossa Heritage.
“Being awarded the Thomas Scholarship will undeniably
change my life as I could complete tertiary education with
the confidence of knowing that the costly educational
fees and my financial situation would not threaten my
ability to reach my goals.
It is hard to believe the first semester of uni has been
and gone. I am loving studying and cannot wait to see what is in store for the next few subjects.”
As part of her scholarship, Deanna is also taking part in the Forge Mentorship program with
regular meetings with her mentor Gillian Standen-Thomas.
“Thank you for setting me up with my mentor, Gillian, she has been fantastic. The opportunity to
be mentored by a local professional thoughout my studies is invaluable in establishing the local
connections I would to facilitate my ambition to improve the lives of fellow Barossa residents.”
Deanna Kerr
Thomas Scholar, 2016
31% to
$46,490 in
Our impact Bushfire Appeal
In response to the Pinery Bush Fire, 25
November 2015, the
Foundation raised over $50,000 for medium term recovery projects, to
be assessed and disbursed in conjunction with the Pinery Fire
Recovery Centre, Gawler. Thanks to Board Member Graeme Longmuir
for overseeing this project, to FRRR for assisting in the development of
the donation account and to the staff at the SA State Recovery Centre
for their assistance.
Wasleys Community Centre - $15,000
The Wasleys Supper Hall has been an invaluable community asset
since the Pinery Fire. Used as the local Recovery Centre immediately
following the fire it has not only providing access to physical goods
such as food and clothing but also a space for people to come and
have a cup of tea, and a chat if that’s what they needed. The Supper
Hall is also used on a weekly basis by the Mums and Babes and
Coffee and Chat groups and by Creative Chatters - a group that was
formed post-fire to assist, especially women, recover from the fire.
Funds from the bushfire appeal will go towards installation of an air
conditioning unit to enable groups to continue to use the Hall
comfortably all year round.
Freeling Primary School - $2,000
Following the Pinery fire, staff and
students at Freeling Primary School
have created a series of mosaics with
images celebrating the Freeling
Community. The project has involved
staff, interested students and members
of the community. This project will assist
with the ongoing recovery from the
Pinery Bushfire. The project is
developed by the community and
assists in developing resilience and
support networks within the community.
Landscape Greening Project - $5,000
Members of Owen Uniting Church, through the Landscape Greening
Project are visiting each and every house across the full area of the fire
impacted region to hand out vouchers to restore gardens. Starting with
individual and church donations the group began where the fire started
and have moved eastwards to enable families who saved their homes,
but lost everything else to establish new gardens.
Financial Management
The financial position of Foundation Barossa and its capacity to
support community needs continues to improve, as evidenced
by the graph below. Total fund balances as at 30
June 2016
total $1,048,595, up from $788,726 the previous year. The
increase in fund balances has been achieved from broad
increases across most sub funds, with Concordis (Education
Trust) being a significant driver along with the addition of the
Barossa Junior Band sub fund (Public Fund). Realised and
unrealised investment gains also contributed a further $29,780
(net of fees).
Strategy Information
Foundation Barossa engage the professional services of
Godfrey Pembroke to provide advice (pro bono) on investment
strategies and assist with the management of a growing
The Foundation adopts investment strategies to meet the
following objectives:
Preserve capital base
Receive regular income
Provide reasonable exposure to long term capital growth.
The Foundation as a trustee of the fund, and their advisor will
exercise the same degree of care, diligence and skill that a
prudent individual would exercise in managing the affairs of
others. Investments will be maintained according to a
“Conservative Growth” risk profile defined as holding 45-55% of
the market value of the fund’s net assets in defensive assets
(cash and fixed interest) and the other 45-55% in growth assets
(Australian and international equities and property).
Total funds under management at 30
June 2016, excluding
Bank SA accounts, was $535,458 with unrealised gains of
Income, Distributions & Expenditure
Total income from 2014/15 was $329,227, up from $284,042
the previous year.
Distributions of $51,016 were down $7,194 on prior year due
to the passing through of funds of $17,710 for the Eden Valley
bushfire appeal in 2014/15. Pleasingly, the Education Trust
distributions increased 31% to $46,490, up from $35,500 the
previous year.
Total expenditure of $29,283 was below previous year of
$30,542, with operating expenses remaining steady around
$30,000 p.a. over the last 3 years.
Sub Fund Balances
There was an increase of $259,869 across all sub funds, driven predominantly by the Concordis
sub fund +$173,376 and the addition of a new sub fund, the Barossa Junior Band +$30,000.
Recently established sub funds for CoOp, Cellarmaster, Elderton and Peter Lehmann continue to
grow, while the balance of the Stump Jump funds will be refocused under a new initiative called
“Kicking Goals” which received further funding in June 2016.
The Open Fund closed with a year-end balance of $17,701. Targeted sponsorship and ongoing
support from sub funds is critical for Foundation Barossa operations to remain sustainable. This
will continue to be a focus to ensure annual operating expenses of $30,000 - $40,000 can be
funded from specific sponsorship in order to preserve the corpus.
The graph (above) shows the balance of each sub-fund administered by Foundation Barossa.
Looking Forward
2015-16 saw the development of some of the newer projects such as the Peter Lehmann Trust
and the Concordis traineeship. The achievement of our $1 million corpus also gives us an
opportunity to look at how we can build on the current success.
In the coming year we will be looking at the development of the organisation to enable us to build
on the current projects and potentially open up avenues for greater opportunities for both ongoing
funding and increased community support.
Currently there are a number of organisations and individuals interested in assisting and working
with Foundation Barossa. There is however a limited suite of information that we can supply to
assist the building of these relationships and no formal communication processes. By developing
our marketing and information collateral we can showcase the work of the organisation to date
and provide information for new potential partnerships.
Development of formal lines of communication for sponsors and supporters is a key path to
maintain and develop our relationships enabling the Foundation to become more sustainable.
Communicating our successes to the wider community will also increase the number of
applicants for scholarships and increase the profile of both the Foundation and other community
groups that are benefitting from the Foundations works.
Executive Leadership
The Foundation Barossa Board is made up of highly skilled and dedicated volunteers
Three new members will be added to the Board in 2017to fill current vacancies and
replace retiring member Brian Phillips who leaves us at the end of 2016 after a number of
years as secretary.
Anita Bowen
Board Chair
Lesley Ann Grimoldby
Board Member
Brian Phillips
Greg Arthurs
Board Member
Karl Martin
Scott Tolhurst
Board Member
Graeme Longmuir
Board Member
We Need Your Help
There are many ways that you can support the work of Foundation Barossa.
Donate to a scholarship
You can donate directly to the Foundation Barossa
Education Trust or to a specific scholarship or appeal.
To donate visit the donation page on our website
at and click on the
“How to Give” link.
Make a bequest
By making a bequest you can enable the creation
of a specialised perpetual scholarship, or assist in
the funding of our organisation.
Become a friend
Anyone can become a Friend of Foundation Barossa. Through a simple annual
membership fee you can support the work of our organisation.
Volunteer and Help Make a Difference
Not everyone can make a financial contribution, but your skills are just as valuable. If you
have time to assist us with marketing, administration or finance or perhaps you would
like to be part of the Forge Mentorship program? Contact us on to find out how you can be involved.
Thank You to All of Our Supporters
Foundation Barossa scholarships and administration are supported by a variety of
individuals and businesses from the Barossa region. We would like to thank all those
who support our organisation including:
Scholarship donors
Sponsors & Supporters
Barossa Cider Company
Barossa Council
Barossa Quarries
Peter Lehmann Arts & Education Trust
Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Homburg Real Estate
Tanunda Clubhouse
Thomas Foundation
Seguin Moreau
Two Hands
Orora Group
Australian Cork Company Pty Ltd
Barossa Cider Company
Sponsor since 2014
Margaret Lehmann
Donor since 2015
Connect with us!
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