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The Sweet fire chicken has 190 more calories and 43 more carbons than The string bean chicken. The Sweet fire chicken also has more sugar and more calories from fat. Too much of this food could lead to weight gain and a increased risk of heart disease. This both fit in the protein and vegetable category. Per serving are about $2.90 each with ice and noodles they'd be about $6.00.     

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String Bean Chicken vs Sweet-fire Chicken Breast

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Panda Express

serving size - 5.6 oz 

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serving size - 5.8 oz

Pico Guacamole vs Double quarter pounder w/ cheese

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The double quater pounder has 190 calories than the pico guacamole and 21 more grams of protein. They both fit into the protein, carbohydrate, and fat nutrient categories. The Pico Guacamole cost somewhere in between per burger $5-$7 and the double quarter pounder cost per burger $3.79.  The quarter pounder is high in protein and sodium. Too much of protein can cause mild dehydration and too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure.  


Serving size - 1 burger

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serving size - 1 burger

Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup

Low-Fat Chicken Noodle soup vs New England Clam Chowder

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The low-fat soup has less calories, carbs, and fat than the clam chowder. they both are high in sodium this can lead to high blood pressure. The low fat soup cost $5.29 per serving  and fits into the carbohydrate,water,protein, fat, and mineral nutrient category. Clam chowder cost $5.29 per serving and fits into the protein, carbohydrate, and fat nutrient category.

Panera Bread

serving size - 1 1/1 cups

New England Clam Chowder

serving size - 1 1/2 cup

Our Salmon is grilled in a red pepper glaze and served over fettuccine in a citrus alfredo sauce.

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The Salmon piccata is a healthier option because it has 500 less calories than the Citrus glazed salmon. The citrus glazed salmon has 810 more sodium than the salmon piccata. A lot of sodium can lead to high blood pressure. They fit into the protein,vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates and fat category. The Citrus Glazed Salmon is $18.29 and the Salmon Piccata is $17.79.

Citrus Glazed Salmon vs Salmon Piccata

Olive Garden

serving size - 1 piece of fish

Enjoy the Salmon Piccata as part of Olive Garden's Taste of the Mediterranean menu.

serving size - 1 piece of fish

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The serving sizes are all based off of the 6 inch sandwich versions. The Veggie Delight has 130 less calories of fat than the Italian B.M.T. The Veggie delight is a better choice because less calories, sodium and protein. I did not see any unhealthy ingredients. They fit into the Carbodhydrates, protien, water, and vitimans. The Veggoe Delight cost $3.75 and the Italian B.M.T cost $4.25.  

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Italian B.M.T Sandwich vs Veggie Delight Sandwich 


serving size - 219g

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serving size - 162g

Big Boy Burger vs Prime time Classic Cheeseburger

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The prime time Cheeseburger has 250 more calories than the Big boy but the Big boy has 336 more fat than the Prime time cheeseburger. Too much fat can lead to heart disease, strokes and can raise cholesterol levels in the blood. They fit into the protein,fat, carbohydrates, and minerals. The Big Boy is $2.20 and the Prime time cheeseburger is $6.00.

serving size - 1 burger


serving size - 1 burger

Japanese Pan Noodles

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Japanese Pan Noodle vs Pad Thai

The Japanese Pan Noodles are a better choice because it has less calories from fat and from regular calories. The Pad Thai noodle also has more total carbohydrates. Too much of these can lead to diabetes,rise of heart levels, and high cholesterol. These fit into the protein, minerals,fat, and carbohydrates. The Japanese Pan Noodles cost $4.49 and the Pad Thai cost $4.49.  

Noodles & Company

Serving size - 1 Serving (100g)  

Pad Thai

Serving Size - 1 Serving

BK Spicy Nuggets

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Chicken fires are a better choice because they have less saturated fat, protein, calories, fat, cholesterol,and sodium. Too much of these can lead to weight gain, high blood sugar,diabetes and many more things that will affect your everyday life. These fit into the protein and fat category. The Spicy Nuggets cost $2.99 and the Chicken fries cost $3.59.

Spicy Nuggets vs Chicken Fries 

Burger King

Serving size - 10 nuggets

Chicken Fries

Serving size - 9 chicken fries 

Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad

The Oriental Chicken Salad healthier than the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad. The Grilled salad is 50 cents less than the regular chicken salad. These salads fit into the protein, fat,minerals, water,and vitamin. The Oriental Chicken Salad is $9.47 and The Oriental Grilled Chicken Salas is 10.29.  

Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad vs Oriental Chicken Salad

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Serving size - 1 salad

Oriental Chicken Salad

Serving size - 1 salad


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Smoked Mountain Sandwich vs Smokes Brisket

The Smoked Brisket is 93 less calories than the Smoked Mountain Sandwich. The Smoked house Brisket has 820 less the sodium than the smoked mountain sandwich too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure. They fit into the carbohydrate, fat,and protein nutrient. The cost of the Smokedhouse Brisket is $5.59 and the Smoked Mountain Sandwich is $6.99.

Serving size - 1 burger



Serving size - 1 burger


The Average person should have eight 8-ounce glasses per day. If Someone doesn't have enough water it could lead to fatigue, Tiredness, Constipation, dehydrating, weight gain and many more problems. If One has too much water it can lead to water intoxication. During Water intoxication the levels of salt in your blood can drop very low. If you drink the right amount of water you can will have a better memory, radiant skin,more energy and many more positive impacts on the body. It takes 540 liters (120 gallons) of water to produce one egg.


45-65 percent of your daily calories should be from carbohydrates. If someone doesn't have enough carbohydrates  it can lead to drop of blood sugar, headaches, an low energy. If someone has too much carbohydrates it can lead to higher risk of diabetes, blood sugar problems and many more unhealthy things. The right amount of carbohydrates can lead to more energy, health blood sugar, and it can help built muscle. Carbohydrates can be found in fruits.

The 6 Nutrient categories

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The average male should have 56 grams of protein a day and the average female should have 46 grams. If someone doesn't have enough protein it can lead to low blood pressure and fatigue. If someone has to much protein it can ad to chronic dehydration and it can stress out your kidneys. Enough protein is good because your nail and hair will continue to grow if you have enough. protein is found in all cells of the body.


The amount of minerals needed per day depends on the type of mineral. When someone doesn't get enough minerals it can lead to difficulty of digesting food or nutrients. If someone has too much minerals it can lead to hair loss, nerve damage, and fatigue. When someone has enough minerals they will have energy, healthy bones and teeth, and a good nervous system. There are over 4000 types of minerals only 30 are found in the earths crust.


The average person should have 13 calories of fat per pound a day. Too much fat can cause weight gain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If someone doesn't have enough fat it can lead to low energy, dry skin, and dry scalp. When someone has enough fat they will have more energy and healthy skin.

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If someone has too much vitamins it can lead to weakness, kidney problems, and poor appetite. If someone doesn't have enough vitamins it can lead to soft bones, and skeleton deformities. The right amoun of vitimans can help with manufacturing hormones. Vitamins D an K are the only vitamins the body can produce.