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Tex Avery  BY: Bryan

I chose to do this progect about Tex Avery because I was very stressed about who I should do for this so I looked up the animator for Bugs Bunny because it was funny when I was younger and so I

found him so as a result he became the animator for this progect. Tex Avery is an animation pioneer because he is considered the father of screwball animation.

Why Tex Avery is my Progect Topic 

He was born on 2/26/1909 and died on 8/26/1980.The death was because of cancer but he lived up to 72. In his life he made Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, and Droopy Dog. He left the Warner Brothers in 1941 and left MGM in 1954.

His Life and His Creations