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Emily Haines

Resolution- Wren's punishment for partying and drinking is that she has to go home to Omaha every weekend. This will take care and help both Wren and her Dad so Cath isn't as worried as she was when she came back to school. The story that Cath had to rewrite ended up being one of the best and she got an Upperclassmen award for it. While all this is happening her and Levi are still going strong.

Falling action- Cath and Levi work everything out and Levi finally asks Cath to be his girlfriend. At the same time, her professor decides instead of failing her for one bad short story he would just mark it as incomplete and give her another chance to write a short story.

Climax- Cath and Wern's dad was admitted to the hospital when he had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar disease. Cath needed a ride to go see her dad but the only person who could take her was Levi. Later that week Wren got alcohol poisoning from all the drinking she was doing and needed to ask Levi again for a ride.

Rising action- Cath has trouble with her writing professor after she turned in a fan fiction she wrote and got an F. Cath also is having trouble getting over the fact that her sister is partying and drinking every night. The biggest conflict was when she kissed her roommate's friend, Levi, but when she got there he was kissing another girl.

Exposition- The author tells us that the main character,  has a twin sister who is really close with but also the complete opposite of her. The twins are going to college but not rooming together.


Fangirl is written in third person limited wich means it was Cath side of the story but it is not first person because she doesn't use me or me when referring to Cath.

This book takes place in Lincoln, Nebraska where Cath is now going to college.

 She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

Proud Hall, 913  was her address in college for her dorm.

Andrews Hall is where her Fiction writing class takes place.

Love Library is the campus library that is huge and has multiple levels.

St. Richards Hospital is where Cath took her dad when he had a mental breakdown.


 Arthur Avery

Arther Avery has bipolar disease. When his daughters left for college he gained bad habits that got him that disses. He was very connected to his children and it was very hard for him to let go of his kids and to let them be on their own.

Professor Piper

Professor Piper is a very forgiving teacher. She knows when she sees talent. She also understands that things in life happen that set yo back and sometimes you deserve a second chance.


 Cather Avery


Cath is a very intelligent girl. She got into the hardest writing class at her college. She has a twin who is the complete opposite of her. Cath is the type of person who would live with her parents for as long as she could. She has a hard time going away to college.


Levi is a person who relates and sympathizes with everyone. He is a sophomore in college and good friends with Caths roommate. He is very charming and always knows how to please Cath. 


Reagan is Caths roommate. She is always busy and unorganized. She was willing to show Cath around the school and teach her what to do and what not to do.

Wren Avery

Wren is Caths outgoing sister. She has no boundaries. Cath likes to party. She drinks and parties almost every night. She wanted to get away from home as soon as she could. Wren didn't even want to room with Cath so she requested not to.


This book was very life like. It showed the struggles of going to college, leaving family and learning how to figure things out on your own “In new situations, all the trickiest rules are the ones nobody bothers to explain to you. (And the ones you can't Google.)” (Rowell p.49) She ends up having trust issues from her family. “I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.” ( Rowell p. 75) FAngirl, shows reality and showes how she gets throgh the struugles of being left by a parent, having a mentally sick parent, having a twin who always gets in trouble, having issues with teachers, and getting trough troubles with a boyfriend. I loved this book and it showed me the realaity of adulthood.