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My simple book is about the life of John Lasseter and how he became the great animator he is today.

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Famous Animator - John lasseter

By: Mohammad Zaaim Amin Rahman 

John lasseter was encouraged by his mother who was an art teacher. He wo n an art contest at the age of 5   which showed him the fun in art. later in his life he was amazed by the animated film snow white and started his journey in animation and digatal art.

















                                  John Lasseter

 How John Lasseter Became An Animator

John Lasseter Went To The california institutes of the arts and graduated earning his spot in disneys animators. Jhon was later fired due to his different skills from his superiors in 1983. He was 

then hired to work in the computer graphics division. The company who hired him was called lucasfilm with the owner director george lucas. The company was then took by apple cofounder Steve Jobs  which became as seperate company called pixar. Here John Lasseter will do his most famous work.

          John Lasseter                    Starts His Career


 Cars (2006)




 Cars 2 (2011)




Toy Story (1995)




Toy Story 2 (1999)




Toy Story 3 (2010)





Bugs Life (1998)

 John Lasseters famous work

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