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Family Newsletter Term 4 2021

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For families Learning colours Naming and identifying During their preschool years children usually learn about colour The ability to identify colours is considered a marker and milestone in a child s cognitive process Recognising and identifying colour names is important Early identification helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words the red ball As you talk with your child they ll understand colour doesn t relate to the size shape texture number or name of the object except of course those oranges you want them to eat As you read to your child point out the colours in the page Look at that man s Teaching colours in the everyday Children don t need in the first instance to know the difference between shades of colour Stick with blue as the name for bright blue light blue and navy Link an object or item to the colour For example blue like the sky Or red like a fire engine As you drive or take transport look out for items you can talk about like the green tree the blue coat the black umbrella or mainlymusic org delight accept grow Q4 2021 1

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brown hat Can you see the yellow flowers How many red beetles are there Stories become so much richer when interacting with the illustrations When your child is playing talk with them about the colours of the blocks cars doll s clothes and other items they are using Ask them questions about what they see Do any of the cars match the colours of the blocks Which colours of the pretend food match Noticing and identifying the colours of food is another everyday interaction with colour Red or green apples orange carrots green broccoli or peas Create moments where your child can build their knowledge and their vocabulary As the light approaches the earth takes shape like clay pressed beneath a seal it is robed in brilliant colour Poetry from the Bible Job 38 14 Encourage the identification of colours with changed words The bananas on the bus are yellow yellow yellow Yellow yellow yellow Yellow yellow yellow The bananas on the bus are yellow yellow yellow All day long The apples on the bus are red and green In mainly music when your child selects a feather or a scarf in preparation for a set of songs make sure you ask them what colour they have used In mainly play when your child picks out a particular colour crayon or pom pom for their craft activity talk about the colour and their choice What else does your child know that matches the scarf or crayon colour Using songs and rhymes Coming along to mainly music or mainly play assists your child s readiness for school Songs and rhymes feature colours within them and can then be repeated at home Some children love the chance to modify the words and realise they have a new way of describing using colours 2 Q4 2021 delight accept grow Additional activities You ve read this article on colour Now follow us on social media for on going activities you can do at home mainlymusic org

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Activities at home Gather items from the toy box and around the house that feature one main colour along with several containers identified as being the place to collect all for example red items If your child is up to using tongs they might want to use them as the pickup instead of their hands Remember that using tongs and fingers both strengthens their fine motor skills Encourage them to match the item with the container and work through the pile of items sorting them into colours increase of other skills Like fine motor skills as they hold the crayon hand eye co ordination as they move the pencil on the page and exercising their pincer grip as they hold a paint brush Selecting the colours they will use develops imagination and choosing skills When colouring in a black and white picture outline they re also learning to control their hand and arm along with gaining hand eye co ordination skills Using masking tape and blocks create a shape on the floor or on a table where your child can work Ask them to fill the shape with the blocks As they work at making the pieces fit ask them to tell you what colour each block is Colouring in and drawing can also help children with their colours and with the mainlymusic org delight accept grow Q4 2021 3

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Messy colour play Are you game Get out the vehicles paint and paper Allow the vehicles to drive through the paint and then drive on the paper If you d like to make this a little less messy place paint on a sponge cloth After this activity has been enjoyed make another activity out of cleaning the vehicles Make up your favourite playdough recipe and separate out the mixture creating various mounds of colour Playdough is a great activity that helps build the fine motor skills and muscles in a child s hands and fingers Paint objects that won t be ruined by the application Again your child will be developing their fine motor skills hand eye co ordination and ability to concentrate and focus This activity lends itself to a cleaning activity too Engage your child in colour activities Spend time with your child learning together You will nurture their growth captivate their imagination and bring delight to your day The Learning Together with rhyme activity pad engages you and your child in rhymes you ll know Included in the pad are loads of stickers along with activities to develop your child s fine motor skills and colour recognition Plus a lot more The content has been designed with a growing child in mind The age suitability is 2 5 years Head to the Learning At Home collection mainlymusic org 4 Q4 2021 delight accept grow mainlymusic org