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Fall Campaign |Panther Distillery

By Rebekah Dowell

In Minnesota, what does fall mean? Fall means apple orchards, pumpkin patches, busting out sweaters from storage and seeing the land change. This is what the Fall Campaign will be all about. Bringing fall to to our customers through showing them fall comforts such as the Spiked Apple.

Every Wednesday we will feature a recipe for a curated cocktail on our page. This will rotate from video to still photos. We will show the client how to bring Panther products to their own home and make their own cocktail. 


You know those videos of recipes that pop up on your facebook feed that make your mouth water? Yeah, like those!

Whiskey Wednesday

Just South of

the Great White North

We would like to use our location as an advantage. We are #upnorth and we need to show people why. We are here so we can get our ingredients from our backyard, use clean water, be on the edge of the great white north so that we can use Minnesota Winters to our advantage. We will show people where we are sourcing from, the environment we are in and transport them to where we are through photos and of course through using our products.