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The Story is a community of skeptics and believers following Jesus together We are a church that challenges comfort creates space for deeper conversations while pursuing truth together connect with us s tay i n to u c h The Story Church thestoryhouston GIVE SUPPORT C ON TACT WATCH O N L I N E thestory church watch youtube com thestorychurch thestory church contact info thestory church visit us r iv e r oa ks 3471 Westheimer Rd Houston TX 77027 INDEX thestory church donate giving thestory church t im be rgrove 8200 Washington Ave Houston TX 77007 ABOUT US Welcome from the Pastors 1 Fall Worship Schedule 3 Timbergrove Campus 5 Online Campus 7 Baptism Communion 10 Page 1 Gathering 11 Prayer Care Ministries 12 Maybe God Podcast 13 StoryKids PreK 5th 15 Story Students 6th 12th 17 c onnect Wednesday Morning Moms 15 Leading Men Ministry 21 Re Engage Marriage Ministry 22 Beloved Women s Ministry 23 Discipleship Groups 25 Small Groups 27 Leadership Cohort 28 serve Sunday Teams 31 Outreach Teams 33

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W E L C O M E If the blood stained cross of Christ couldn t take our joy away Covid 19 cable news and corrupt politicians don t stand a chance And so through it all we choose to remain hopeful And no matter what may come we ll keep choosing joy Our reliance on Jesus has been tested more than ever in 2021 In early May after six and a half wonderful years at St Luke s UMC The Story was informed that it s time for our community to find a new home While the search is underway we still have more questions than answers but here is what we know so far Dear Story Family Over the past year and a half Americans have faced more reasons than ever to be angry anxious and afraid On a daily basis cable news and social media insist that the world is going up in flames It s no wonder why so many people are feeling more hopeless and cynical than ever But not us Not now not ever Why Because our hope is rooted in the reality of Jesus Christ and what he has accomplished on our behalf We are bound to have both good days and bad as long as we live in this fallen world but the hope we have in Jesus remains alive no matter what kind of day we re having That s why even when the headlines give us headaches and everyone around us is weary with worry we Christians keep hope alive Our campus in River Oaks will relocate to a new facility in the same neighborhood before the end of this year Our new Timbergrove Campus will continue to crush it at 8200 Washington Avenue in the Heights We have begun to pray and plan for the launch of our third in person campus somewhere in Houston We are massively upgrading The Story s Online Campus which is becoming even more urgent as Covid numbers continue to rise The tomb of Jesus Christ is still empty and God is still on the throne Stay tuned for more developments as The Story s relocation plans are announced later this fall And please continue to pray for your church that our faith in Christ will grow deeper and stronger in the season ahead 1 Though outwardly we are wasting away yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen since what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal 2 Corinthians 4 8 9 16 18 In preparation for all of the awesome changes and challenges that await us a handful of Story leaders have been working on our church s new mission statement We believe this statement beautifully communicates The Story s reason for being The Story is a community of skeptics and believers following Jesus together No matter what we ll fix our eyes on Jesus his cross and his empty tomb and by God s grace The Story will continue to share the limitless hope we ve found in him Thank you for playing your part in The Story We thank God for you and we can t wait to see all the ways God will use our community to change many lives in the year ahead Love Eric Geovanna Huffman This is who we are and this is what makes The Story such a special church And believe it or not even if our circumstances get worse if finding a new home for our main campus takes longer than we d like if we have to endure another two years of this pandemic or if for some other reason the next year is even harder than the last we will remain as committed as ever to becoming a community of skeptics and believers following Jesus together The Apostle Paul put it best We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not abandoned struck down but not destroyed Therefore we do not lose heart 2

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F A L L W O R S H I P ask me anything man made myths image of the invisible September 5 26 and how they compare to the message of jesus a letter to the colossians Have you ever sat through a worship service and thought to yourself I just wish I could hear something in church about the questions that my friends and I are really asking about life God religion Christianity and the Bible Well now is your chance Every Sunday in September each message will be a direct response to the raw honest questions submitted by members of our congregation To submit your questions for this series visit www thestory church ama Then each week in September Story members will vote in online polls to determine which question will form the basis for that week s message river oaks 8 30 9 45 11 05am 3471 Westheimer Rd timbergrove Not only will this be a fun way to determine our message topics it will also be an excellent opportunity to talk about some themes and ideas that aren t typically discussed in church Join us in September for this exciting series 9 45am 8200 Washington Ave online 8 30 9 45 11 05am thestory church watch S C H E D U L E November 7 December 19 October 3 31 Who is Jesus No question can be more consequential than this Was he a man or just a myth A righteous prophet or just a religious charlatan Or perhaps he was simply a really good guy whose followers blew his legacy out of proportion Every culture has its mantras and mottos the go to phrases we repeat so often that they re assumed to be universally true Although these sayings may seem meaningless they actually reveal something deeper about the values that people in a society share If that is the case what do some of our culture s favored mantras reveal about our shared values and how do those values compare to the teachings of Jesus According to a Jewish Pharisee named Paul who lived around the same time as Jesus born around 6 AD and thousands of other first century believers Jesus was the image of the invisible God for God was pleased to have his fullness dwell in him and through him to reconcile to himself all things whether things on earth or things in heaven by making peace through his blood shed on the cross Colossians 1 15 19 20 This series will challenge and inspire you to take a deeper look at our cultural values and assumptions about self care sex relationships love and religion and to consider how Jesus words and ways compare Join The Story Church for this This holiday season at The Story we will 5 part conversation starting October 3 take a closer look at the personal intimate letter Paul wrote to a handful of first century people who were convinced that Jesus was Watch sermons music videos and more on demand more than just a man but that he is God in the flesh and that he alone is worthy of our and on any device worship youtube com thestorychurch 3 4

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T I M B E R G R O V E C A M P U S As we continue to build momentum for this new campus heading into the fall here s what I want to invite you into worship Every Sunday at 9 45am 8200 Washington Ave community Timbergrove Small Groups Register thestory church groups bible studies ONLY GOD Those are the only words that describe the ways the word of God has continued to spread and flourish in the Timbergrove community after we officially launched The Story s Timbergrove campus at 8200 Washington Avenue on January 3 2021 We have welcomed hundreds of brand new people into The Story family at the Timbergrove campus from Sunday Worship Services Outdoor Trivia Nights Baptism Sundays Outreach Events Small Groups Bible Studies Prayer Nights and we are just getting started God that led him to this moment He attended church and grew up in a Christian household but a cloud of doubt about God s existence started forming in his college years This led to him losing faith in God altogether and he was a self proclaimed angry agnostic for the next ten years In 2020 he was laid off from a job that he had dedicated his life to The following six months of isolation was his dark night of the soul that destroyed his old angry self and unexpectedly ended in a reunion with God Stuart vibrantly speaks about how the Lord works in mysterious ways with the right people at the right time That s what he says The Story Timbergrove has meant for him a home where he has reconnected with God and found real community Even though we are only 8 months old we have already witnessed so many incredible stories of how God is transforming lives in and through this new community One moment that sticks out is our first baptism Sunday at the Story Timbergrove when I had the privilege to baptize Stuart Smith Stuart had only been In Christ attending The Story s Timbergrove campus Pastor Kale Kinchen for three months but he felt a stirring from 5 Going Deeper Men s Bible Study Monday Morning Women Wednesday Morning Men Every week at Timbergrove Campus Register thestory church groups fun Trivia Nights featuring our new neighbors at Railway Heights Market Proceeds benefit The Story s outreach partners Friday October 22 Friday December 3 Register thestory church trivia f a m i ly Come picnic on the front lawn after church every week with kid friendly games and fun Head upstairs to grab lunch from the awesome Railway Heights vendors then join us on the front lawn to hangout on Sundays t h e s t o r y c h u r c h t i m b e r g r o v e 6

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O N L I N E C A M P U S If you consider yourself a part of The Story family but can t meet in person The Story s Online Campus is for you Our Online Campus exists to ensure that your spiritual and community needs are being met no matter where you are Here are ways you can get connected to our Online Campus s u n d ay s 8 3 0 9 4 5 1 1 0 5 a m t h e s t o r y c h u r c h w a t c h Make sure to drop a comment and let us know where you re watching from and how you re doing we want to hear from you social media team Do you like to pray be social or greet people online on Sunday mornings We have great online serving opportunities just for you Email ravlear thestory church to find out more or register to serve thestory church teams online discipleship group This Fall we ll be launching The Story s first online only Discipleship Group We will meet on Zoom every Monday morning at 7am starting on Monday September 13 We will be recapping and discussing the Sunday morning messages from our Pastors and we ll be diving deeper into the scripture mentioned in the sermons To participate you must register here thestory church groups online campus newsletter Every month our Online Campus Coordinator Rolando Alvear sends out a newsletter to share news and updates pertaining to the Online Campus and a special devotional Sign up to receive our online campus newsletter here thestory church online 7 Online Campus Testimony I cle a r ly f e lt J e s u s c a lling He ha d kno c k e d a nd I ha d o p e ne d the do o r I ha d be co m e a ne w p e r s o n 2020 marked the year The Story Church went fully digital over the span of eight months alongside the rest of the world But the separation of our congregation gave birth to something new a wonderful and unexpected connection across the Atlantic ocean Alex is a 61 year old data privacy specialist and IT security consultant living in Zurich Switzerland He was born and raised in Germany alongside his parents and seven siblings before moving to the United States at age 17 He attended college got married began working as an accountant and became a citizen in 1989 Alex moved back to Germany in early 1990 to do consulting work for his father during the difficult transition of the former communist East German Republic to the West German market economic standard sees a huge gap between the faith of his childhood which he describes as an intense relation with Jesus up until the summer of 2016 Until then I had abandoned the concept of religion entirely giving no thought to Christianity at all and lived a perfectly hedonistic self absorbed and self centered life I was never an atheist but the agnosticism I professed when asked about my worldview was a pitiful facade exposing the fact that I really had no clue as to what I truly believed I lived the life of the prodigal son and ended up in a similar state of spiritual misery loneliness and depression A sudden impulse while working in his small studio in Munich in June 2016 led him to seek out a Bible He was instantly hooked The next two years were an intensive seeking and finding a local Christian body which didn t work out an orientation that felt right where countless hours were spent watching YouTube sermons interLooking back on his life he views talks seminars etc 8 I bought books upon books on various Christian topics This seeking led Alex to an interview with psychologist Curt Thompson on Youtube His curiosity was sparked and several other talks by Thompson were consumed leading him to an interview with Pastor Eric Huffman and Curt Thompson on the Maybe God Podcast and Thompson s live sermon at The Story in early 2020 Alex turned to Google and dug through The Story s website discovering a newly added Centering Prayer Gathering that was slated to launch just weeks into the global pandemic He joined in on that first Zoom call and has rarely missed a week since then He s quickly become a valued member of our Story family overcoming a distance of over 5 000 miles and seven time zones

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S A C R A M E N T S baptism Through baptisms we get the opportunity to witness the transforming power of God s love When families commit to raising their children to know Jesus or when adults make the decision to accept God s transforming grace our entire church body is also transformed The waters of baptism represent God s universal everlasting love that covers all our sins and people who are baptized become a part of the body of Christ the church We currently offer baptisms at all in person services For more details and information about how to get baptized at The Story please visit this link thestory church baptism communion Communion is central to everything we do at the Story because it reminds us of God s redeeming work through Jesus Every Sunday communion calls us to recenter our priorities around Jesus and into repentance into the recognition that we need Jesus to redeem us At The Story all are welcome to participate in communion no matter if you ve been a member for years or if you re visiting for the first time As we continue to welcome people to worship this fall our need for Communion servers continues to grow To be a part of this special moment on Sundays register to serve on our Sunday Team thestory church teams 10

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P A G E Are you new to The Story Want to learn more about us Not sure where to start Every month we host a Page 1 Gathering for anyone who wants to learn more about The Story s mission and beliefs find out how to get involved in our community through groups and teams and learn more about The Story s history You ll also get the chance to meet new people and ask your questions to leaders 1 PRAYER CARE fall dates At The Story we believe in the power of prayer Our Prayer and Care Team is available to provide prayer and support during various life transitions an unexpected illness celebrating new birth or exciting job transitions facing tragedy or death of a loved one and so much more We want to walk beside our community so they know they are loved and not alone no matter what they re facing September 19 October 24 December 5 register thestory church pageone How can we pray for you Our team is ready to come alongside you in prayer Share your requests with us anonymously or leave your information so we can follow up with you t h e s t o r y c h u r c h p r a y e r Support Care If you re facing hardship and need tangible support The Story is here for you Our team is able to make hospital visits for you or a loved one set up meal or supply trains and more Let us know what support you re in need of and we ll follow up with you t h e s t o r y c h u r c h c a r e Prayer Worship Nights Every other month The Story Worship band and our prayer team collaborate to host Prayer Worship Night a special time of contemplative worship silent prayer scripture reading and testimonies from those gathered If you find yourself craving time to rest in the stillness of God in an intimate setting this is the perfect worship opportunity to attend Upcoming Prayer Worship Nights Thursday October 28 Thursday December 16 11 12

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M A Y B E G O D Hosted by skeptic at heart Eric Huffman Maybe God tackles the toughest topics related to faith and Christianity from doubts of Biblical proportions sexuality near death experiences shame and so much more Eric invites best selling authors psychiatrists and scientists renowned Christian apologists artists atheists and ordinary people in extraordinary situations to address the questions we all have about life meaning and the purpose for our existence Through powerful storytelling and real vulnerability he pushes as hard against religion as he does against secularism in search of the only thing that matters truth not sure where to start our team s top picks DO QUEER PEOPLE BELONG IN THE CHURCH Conservatives accuse liberals of disrespecting the Bible liberals suggest conservatives are on par with slave owners and misogynists At times like this maybe we don t need better arguments or stronger doctrine maybe we need more stories On this episode former anti Christian gay activist David Bennett author of A War of Loves The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Following Jesus shares the shocking story of his conversion to Christianity DOES EVERY ORPHAN NEED ADOPTING There are 153 million orphans in the world today Most of us would agree that making more adoptions possible is the most obvious solution to the problem but what if it s not that simple What if in some parts of the world today adoptions are unintentionally hurting children The stories in this episode challenge our own preconceptions about one of humanity s most pressing concerns protecting the world s most vulnerable children and doing justice on their behalf 13 P O D C A S T CAN LOVING ILLEGALS SAVE OUR SOULS Every day as most Americans enjoy lives of relative comfort thousands of migrants from Central America and Mexico travel hundreds if not thousands of miles through dangerous terrain Since 2014 the number of refugees crossing the border has skyrocketed maxing out government facilities which led to the protracted highly politicized border crisis we ve all seen in the news In debates like this one we re so quick to point out who the villains are and what the solutions are that we forget to answer the most important questions Where is God in this crisis What does He want us to learn from this What if we re looking at this crisis from the wrong point of view On this two part episode the Maybe God team travels to El Paso to search for God s voice in the voices of asylum seekers and their allies along the border and visits with Pastor John Garland of the Semillas Community in San Antonio Coming soon a full length docu series inspired by these stories ARE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES FOR REAL We all know that death is a fact of life but is it the end of life In this two part episode Eric talks to pastor and New York Times best selling author John Burke about his 30 year journey studying over a thousand near death claims people from all different countries and religions who say they ve crossed over and met God Burke insists that the God of the Bible isn t who most people believe Him to be Featuring the harrowing stories of people who experienced the afterlife both good and bad Do you have ideas for new episodes Questions you want the team to tackle Email us producers maybegodpod com subscribe follow www maybegodpod com 14

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S T O R Y Hi Story Parents It s been awesome to see so many of your faces in the recent months and we hope to see more of you in person as we kick off this exciting Fall season Every Sunday morning we offer classes for our PreK and K 3rd grade students that are Gospel Centered God Focused Faith Forming and Fun The classes and lessons are created to help your child grow with kids in the same age group Kids will build relationships with leaders and other children while they learn to love and lead like Jesus We also have nursery care available for children ages 2 and under that is staffed with loving caregivers And of course noisy kids are always welcome in the service We have many fun events planned that we promise you won t want to miss check out our fun events on the next page In Christ Kim Kinchen kimkinchen thestory church moms group Every week moms from all walks of life gather for a time of Bible study fellowship and praying for each other and their families Whether you re expecting to be a first time mom or have multiple children in tow this is the perfect group for you Women come alongside each other to support members through every season of momhood And children are always welcome to join in on the gatherings Wednesdays at 10am Starting September 8 P R E K K I D S sundays fall events ri ver oaks campus Fami ly Serv i c e Ni g ht Infants Age 2 Nursery Care at all services Ages 3 5 StoryKids PreK at all services K 3rd Grade StoryKids Class at 9 45 11 05am 4 6th Grade LiftOff Class at 11 05am trunk o r tr eat Saturday October 30 River Oaks Timbergrove Campuses ti mbergrove campus Ages 5 and Under Nursery Care cooki es c o c oas c ar o l s pre register Saturday December 11 9am noon Timbergrove Campus thestory church childcare volunteer We are always in need of volunteers to serve with our Kids ministries We provide all the materials and training you need and you can serve either monthly or every other month No matter how often you choose to volunteer we know that your contributions will make a HUGE difference in the lives of the children in our congregation register thestory church teams register thestory church moms 15 Wednesday September 1 5 7pm River Oaks Campus 16

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S T O R Y S T U D E N T S Hello Parents and Students As I reflect on the past year and this Student Ministry I am overwhelmed by God s faithfulness and presence in such an unpredictable season Despite the obstacles we persevered and kicked off our revamped Foundations forged four brand new student small groups and hosted our first ever summer lake retreat The retreat served as a true awakening for our students and I will say here what I did there God is not done working on us Jesus has the adventure of a lifetime prepared for us The question is will we become true disciples and follow wherever He might lead If you are new to Story Students the best place to start is Foundations Foundations mission is to be a place where students can find solid ground in a world of sinking sand Matthew 7 24 27 This Student Worship service takes place at the River Oaks Campus throughout the semester We enjoy a meal together are led in worship by the student band and then dive into relevant teachings led by me or a gifted guest speaker This semester s topics include Why do we gather Does prayer really work Does God still perform Miracles Can I worship Jesus and Buddha Dating and Depression Foundations and other special events are curated by our Student Servant Leadership team Elizabeth Wheless Hayden Mixon Aiden Hall and Joelle Huffman make up this group of gifted students who lead their peers in worship prayer and even plan future events Student small groups are the true heart of this ministry This is where we study Scripture and make disciples These groups are divided by age and gender and meet in church members homes for dinner and Bible study If you want to join a small group or join us one week for Foundations you can visit thestory church nextgen or contact me at dbraddock thestory church foundations schedule s u n days 5 30 7pm August 29 September 12 October 10 October 24 November 7 November 21 December 5 register thestory church foundations 17 fall schedule foundations parent meeting Sunday August 22 12 1pm Church Under the Bridge Service Event Wednesday September 1 5 7pm Register thestory church serve Boy s Camping Trip Friday September 24 Saturday September 25 Register thestory church students Oaks of Righteousness Service Event Saturday October 2 9am Noon Register thestory church students Trunk or Treat Service Event Saturday October 30 3 30 6pm Register thestory church students Fight for Freedom Thursday November 4 7 8 30pm Register thestory church freedom Girl s Lock In Friday November 12 Saturday November 13 7pm 9am Register thestory church students Houston Welcomes Refugees Service Event Saturday December 11 4 8pm Register thestory church students 18

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L I F E S T A G E leading men Leading Men is an opportunity for men to gather over a hot breakfast and fresh coffee to fearlessly tackle their hardest faith questions With awesome content from guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields as well as Bible teaching from The Story s own leaders We re grateful for the Leading Men team that has worked hard to build this new ministry especially during a difficult pandemic season If you re looking for a community of men it s easy to connect with Leading Men simply visit this link to register t h est ory ch urch lea d ingmen schedule Tuesdays from 7 8am River Oaks Campus September 14 September 21 September 28 October 5 October 12 October 19 October 26 November 2 21 M I N I S T R I E S re engage marriage class Would you rate your marriage as a 4 or a 10 Maybe even a 2 You re not alone Whether your marriage needs to be reignited or is in need of a complete resurrection Re engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect Re engage is a marriage enrichment program used all around the country with couples of all ages and backgrounds We ll hear powerful testimonies and learn together in a small group setting Whether you re recently engaged or you ve been married for 50 years your relationship will benefit from Re engage Mondays September 13 November 15 6 30 8pm register thestory church marriage I loved the candidness of the group and the program has helped my spouse and I to connect more on a deeper level Rather than just daily tasks and events we can connect on deeper issues to bring us together in Christ Angela Aaron We have formed life long friendships with our table We were able to address a few things we did not realize we were even dealing with yet and felt assured that we are doing a lot right We have always fought very hard for our marriage and gone through some very tough things but it felt good to really focus and take a step back and see how far we have come Samantha Jason 22

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L I F E S T A G E beloved women One of my favorite verses comes from Philippians 4 8 Finally brothers and sisters whatever is true whatever is noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things This passage inspired the launch of BeLoved Women s Ministry in 2020 by helping us envision gatherings that are encouraging and that help us think of things that are admirable excellent and praiseworthy Our hope is to continue making this vision a reality this fall season You can register to receive news and registration links by visiting t h est ory ch urch b e loved Through the same link you can also enjoy presentations from previous events We can t wait to see you at one of the upcoming BeLoved events All the Best Terri Havens M I N I S T R I E S fall schedule save the date Building Friendships and Community Wednesday September 22 Noon The Story River Oaks Speaker Jeanie Cox A Conversation on Forgiveness Wednesday October 10 Noon The Story River Oaks Speaker Laura Seifert find out more thestory church beloved Beloved Women s fall Bible study God s Got Us Overcoming Anxiety in a Chaotic World Starts Wednesday September 29 10 11 30am The Story River Oaks Join Laura Wheless and Leigh Anne Raymond this fall season for the kick off of BeLoved s newest initiative a weekly bible study for women We will explore what it means to trust in God during the good and bad seasons of life by exploring what the bible teaches us about worry and anxiety thestory church belovedstudy 23 24

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D I S C I P L E S H I P The heart behind every Discipleship Group is a desire to learn the Bible together Groups inspire each other to dig deeper learn Scripture and wrestle with difficult questions through sound theology and prayer The Story leaders provide study guides and materials for every week and we offer groups that gather both in person and online Find a group that works for you on our list below fall groups River Oaks Campus Monday Morning Men 7 8am Led by Reynolds Lawnin Tuesday Morning Women 7 30 8 30am Led by Angie Webster Amy Wallner Wednesday Morning Women 7 8am Led by Angela Clarke Wednesday Evening Women 6 30 7 30pm Led by Alicen Swift Thursday Morning Men 7 8am Led by Jason Leonhardt Thursday Morning Women 7 8am Led by Rebecca King Thursday Evening Co Ed 6 30 8pm Led by Wayne Bev Brinton Timbergrove Campus Going Deeper Men s Bible Study Mondays 7 8am Led by Ron Schutz Monday Morning Women 7 8am Led by Shannon Leonhardt Wednesday Morning Men 7 8am Led by Pastor Kale Kinchen G R O U P S Discipleship Group Testimonies I never thought that I would look forward to waking up early on a weekday morning to meet and talk but it has become one of the best parts of my week Not only does this group of women uplift each other but we have real conversations inspired by the study that we re currently doing The community we have with each other has been invaluable and reminds me that Church is not just a place you go on Sunday mornings it is the camaraderie and relationship that we have in Christ Shannon L In addition to blessing us with much needed community leading our group sparked a fire to further research the study topics We found our interest and knowledge of the Bible began to take on new meaning and a deeper understanding we never previously experienced One of the most impactful things we continue to do as a group is pray daily for each other The blessings we have received and witnessed throughout our experience have often come at the times where we least expected but in hindsight none seem coincidental but all part of God s clear plan Wayne B Online Campus Monday Morning Co Ed 7 8am Led by Rolando Alvear r e g i s t e r t h e s t o r y c h u r c h g r o u p s With every season of groups people in our community are becoming better disciples and inspiring the people around them to follow Jesus But don t take it from us read some of the stories from people in our community on the next page 25 I am so thankful for the wisdom compassion encouragement and humor my group shares week after week and I look forward to seeing everyone each gathering This past year it has been a blessing that some women have been able to join in that are not currently in the Houston area including my mom who lives in Austin God has used this community in my life to bless and encourage me through some difficult seasons and also to rejoice with me when prayers are answered and good things happen Angela C 26

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S M A L L G R O U P S Small groups are life stage based This year for example we have multiple groups of 20 and 30 something singles co ed groups from newlyweds to retirees some reading through the Bible in a year and others digging into books by Christian authors parents of children at all ages and so much more No matter where you re at in life we have a group for you These groups launch in the fall and spring and meet every other week L E A D E R S H I P C O H O R T Leadership development is at the heart of who we are as The Story Church Jesus never did ministry alone He developed leaders wherever he went His investment in the lives of His disciples sparked a movement that spread the gospel around the world Our pastoral staff is committed to this model of discipleship and we invite you to join us in this effort if you feel called to lead a team small group or Bible study Our cohort is a Leadership and Bible intensive Our pastors work with cohort participants to develop important Bible and leadership skills so that we continue to inspire others to follow Jesus through The Story We know God has a lot in store for this new season and we hope you ll join us Saturday August 28 Saturday September 11 9am Noon r e g i s t e r t h e s t o r y c h u r c h c o h o r t ready to be part of a smaller christian community Jesus didn t do life alone He surrounded himself with his disciples his inner circle and developed a ministry alongside them They prayed for each other ate meals studied Scripture and served the community together Story small groups gather every other week outside of church to build Christian community and friendship to study the scriptures and to serve together just like those first disciples r e g i s t e r t h e s t o r y c h u r c h g r o u p s 27 28

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S U N D A Y T E A M S Sunday Team Testimonies I initially started serving for somewhat selfish reasons I was new to the church and I thought joining a team would help me get connected and feel like I belong Serving has resulted in deeper connection but the greater value has been something more broadly applicable I ve continued to serve because I ve found tremendous value in offering my time and energy without expecting something in return Simple behind the scenes tasks remind me to stay humble and diligent in my work for the church as well as my other tasks throughout the week Sam M At The Story we believe everyone has a part to play in the story God is telling and our Sunday service teams are a vital part of that effort Every week nearly a hundred team members make every worship service possible We believe that as followers of Jesus we are called to be contributors to the mission of the Gospel and not just consumers of the message No matter your age talents schedule or background we have a team for you Training is provided and you can serve as often or as little as you d like hospitality Calling all extroverts Members of this team make every guest feel welcome whether they re attending for the first time or have called The Story home since the beginning Communion Nextgen ministries Team members lead classrooms for our children in preK through high school Classroom teachers walk through lessons activities and craft projects with kids by grade level All materials are provided to volunteers on Sunday mornings and no prep work is required Be a part of this special moment during worship services Members serve communion c o f f e e b a r Our barista team keep us all functioning to all guests with a blessing throughout the morning If making coffee and bringing smiles to people s faces is your media production Media team members help run all of our tech favorite thing to do our Coffee Bars are open equipment behind the scenes on Sundays every week If you love media or just want to learn a new skill this is the perfect team for you baptisms Team members help coordinate seating for families and special guests standby with worship towels and robes for after an individual is Do you sing or play an instrument Our baptized and help make the process easy on Story Worship band is always recruiting Sunday mornings musicians to help lead at both of our campuses on Sunday mornings I started to serve at The Story as a way to feel reconnected to the church after this past year I enjoy getting to greet our community on Sunday mornings and connecting with other volunteers I hope to make everyone feel welcome as they walk through our doors Kelly B r e g i s t e r t h e s t o r y c h u r c h t e a m s 31 32

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O U T R E A C H P A R T N E R S H I P S These organizations value the Gospel just as much as we do and through each of them we re able to go beyond the walls of The Story to share the Good News of Jesus Each outreach partner is unique in their mission and offers different ways to serve in our Houston community and beyond church under the bridge serves the homeless population in and around downtown Houston as well as families living in extreme poverty in Third Ward They provide daily church services that include a time of worship teaching and prayer as well as meals and basic necessities for their attendees Our team provides meals donations of clothing and toiletries and other support throughout the year covenant house is a homeless shelter and safe haven from life on the streets for 17 24 year olds dedicated to not only helping them get off the streets but also establishing stable lives They provide classes to help individuals succeed in finding jobs learning essential life skills and developing their faith in Jesus houston welcomes refugees is an organization that strives to ease the resettlement process for refugees with hope honor and love They believe it is our privilege to love those that come to our city out of the overflow of love we have received from Christ Volunteers serve on teams that welcome refugee families set up apartments to be move in ready spend time cultivating relationships with refugees and host donation drives to provide necessary home supplies r e g i s t e r t h e s t o r y c h u r c h s e r v e 33 jubilee prison ministry focuses on institutions with inmates serving shorter term less than five year sentences It has the dual objectives of transformation and transition helping participants become followers of Christ while behind bars and later becoming members of faith communities Volunteers host donation drives to provide much needed hygiene items communicate with inmates through letters and serve in prisons on weekend mission trips lifehouse is a Christ centered ministry ensuring life for unborn children by providing opportunities for housing help and hope for women during their pregnancies and beyond LifeHouse seeks to reach women with the life changing power of the gospel of Jesus Go ministries partners with local leaders in the Dominican Republic who desire to redeem people renew their communities and restore creation GO empowers leaders primarily through church planting nutrition centers medical clinics sports outreach primary schools water purification projects and kingdom businesses Over 100 adults teens and children from The Story have traveled to the Dominican Republic to support their various mission projects Oaks of righteousness is a non profit faith based residential facility that offers support for female ex offenders who desire to make positive life changes and become productive members of society Teams help provide support through helping manage the exterior landscape providing supplies and donations and serving at special events 34

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C ON NE C T W IT H US w w w t h e s t o ry c h u r c h thestorychurch maybegodpod the story church maybe god podcast thestoryhouston maybegodpod

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