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Fairhaven Journal: Spring/Summer 2022

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NO TE FR O M M A R C H O RN E R Welcome to another issue of the Fairhaven Journal The theme of this issue is Second Act Many financial planning conversations include the topic What am I going to do when my conventional career is over This question does not have a universally correct answer It is as personal as the financial planning process itself For some it means teaching or volunteering for others it means starting a business and the old standbys of travel and golf remain as frequent answers On the following pages you will read about how different people are living out their answers to the Second Act question One person walked away from a high profile career in investment banking putting to work his financial acumen to create a whole new category of philanthropy not for profit lending Another story will share with you how a decorated veteran of the United States Special Forces community is helping businesses apply leadership lessons learned under fire literally TA B LE OF CON TENT S Note from Marc Horner 3 Long Term Care Marc Horner 18 Transforming Lives Transform Capital 4 Finding Himself on the Trails 24 Patriot Leadership Development 6 Recipe Grilled Carrot Salad 27 Meet the Fairhaven Team 9 Team Member Profile Of course frequent readers of The Journal will find familiar topics team member profiles a delicious recipe from my professional chef sister and brother in law healthcare and financial planning strategies Those last two are combined in one article on Long Term Care In that article I share with you my personal experience with long term care as my mom battled brain cancer We hope the addition of personal context helps you and your family better understand the options around planning for a longterm care event Phil Smolinski 32 As always we welcome your feedback the good the bad and the ugly as we are always trying to get better Regardless of the feedback bucket in which you fall do not let that stand in the way of sharing The Journal liberally After all it is widely regarded as the best self published magazine by a financial planning firm located in the western suburbs of Chicago an admittedly narrow distinction of which we are nonetheless quite proud Financial Planning Long term Care 12 Haley Horner 36 Enjoy the stories and resources within as you consider your own Phase II Investment First Eagle Private Credit 13 Upcoming Events 35 Medicare Part D James Sullivan 10 Jacqueline Pawlak 30 Sincerely Mental Wellness 16 Marc Horner Wealth Advisor Founder This material has been prepared for informational and educational purposes for our clients and friends Please consult your Fairhaven Wealth Management professional to discuss how this may impact your own financial plan and or investment portfolio This material is not intended to provide and should not be relied upon for accounting legal or tax advice or any other purposes Neither Fairhaven Wealth Management nor its subsidiaries or affiliates provide accounting legal or tax advice Please consult your tax advisor and or attorney for such guidance Advisory services offered through Fairhaven Wealth Management an SEC registered investment advisor For a copy of Fairhaven Wealth Management s ADV Part 2 disclosure document please direct your inquiry to admin fairhaven com 2022 Fairhaven Wealth Management All rights reserved The information contained in this issue of the Fairhaven Journal is correct as of press time 3

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TRANSFORMING FUTURES Lifting up and learning from their neighbors T ransform Capital was born out of the need for innovation in the nonprofit community lending space In 2020 co founders Paul Hawkinson Frederick Tolbert Mark Chassman and Stephen Kawasaki came together to find a solution With their decades of combined professional experience in banking investment management real estate and media and with their shared heart for service they created a nonprofit lending movement that provides fully recyclable funding to local communities Paul Hawkinson explains it like this Many of us have experienced the generational benefits and long term returns offered by home or business ownership We have also been fortunate to have access to market rate loans that make these purchases not only possible but attractive And yet so many deserving neighbors in disinvested local communities have long been caught between historic discrimination of large financial institutions and the ravages of payday lending Transform Capital was founded to address this gap igniting the generational potential of asset ownership by providing capital and catalyst to lift up and learn from our neighbors As a nonprofit lending movement that makes No 4 cents Transform Capital s funding base is comprised of 100 donated capital which is then deployed into market rate home mortgage and business loans Loan payments then Pay it forward making ownership possible for another neighbor and creating renewable capital where clients become an integral part of serving their own neighbors With an initial focus on the resilient community of North Chicago Illinois Transform Capital is eager to replicate its successful mission model having already begun conversations in Chicago Nebraska Washington and Alaska about the potential for similar impact Other nonprofit community lenders often called CDFIs or MDIs have long existed and served very well However the regulatory and operating complexity of these models is enormous given that such a large percentage of their capital base comes in the form of loans and return seeking investor deposits Transform Capital has radically reduced mission complexity turning donated capital into a sustainable funding base More than just a loan Transform Capital activates the full power of its growing movement by walking alongside neighbors over the long journey of ownership providing support pro bono coaching and encouragement Through innovation and alongside the vast volunteer talents of its partners and friends Transform Capital functions with virtually no operating cost ensuring that all profits are returned to the communities served Importantly all clients are sourced through referral from remarkable community partners with long tenure in the community Transform Capital journeys with clients as a contrarian lender it envisions opportunity where others may only see risk In 2021 its first year of mission Transform Capital structured and funded nearly 630 000 in loans with recurring income already covering all operating costs Other first year metrics include 100 on time client payments with many clients even donating back to the nonprofit Without any traditional return seeking investors Transform Capital says that Stories are the currency with which we repay investors Its website and social media pages are filled with such stories as the Transform Capital community values time spent in close proximity with its clients Human flourishing is far more than economics but economics matter According to Hawkinson We are so excited to be part of the process of igniting the potential for flourishing alongside our neighbors and we have learned so much about life and resilience from our clients We look forward to what the years ahead will add to our growing movement Learn more at tccommunity org 5

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A LL OUT L EAD ER SH I P Teaching business leaders what they can learn from the military I n a way Patriot Leadership Development has been a long time coming Over the course of his 20 year Naval career and multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan Jon Fussell served at eight Naval Special Warfare commands and led our nation s most elite special missions units on hundreds of combat missions While he was still on active duty Jon began doing small speaking engagements on leadership mostly to help out friends After he retired and got a job as a business manager at Wellington Management he found himself being asked to lead more conversations on leadership internally at the company The idea of Patriot Leadership Development slowly came into focus over those years of speaking engagements it became clear to Jon as demand for his perspective rose that this is what he was meant to be doing Patriot Leadership Development provides leadership training to teams all over the world and it has been Jon s full time focus since 2018 It s a resource for organizations of all kinds who wish to learn firsthand from combat leadership experiences After retiring Jon realized that people were interested in learning 6 NEVER STOP WORKING THE PROBLEM about his time in the Navy What I ve figured out since I retired in 2015 is that there are a lot of people in the civilian world who want our help they could use our perspective Through training methods that prioritize integrity honesty and humility Patriot LD helps business leaders apply these lessons to their organizations in practical ways Because of Jon s military history he finds that people often have expectations of what he ll be like I think people are assuming something about me when I walk in the door I think I generally surprise people because they re expecting some tough guy routine but that s just not how I work While Jon s experience in the Navy largely informs his work he also holds a Master s Degree from Naval Postgraduate School an MBA from Duke s Fuqua School of Business and has attended executive education leadership programs at the University of Michigan Harvard and Oxford He has both real world experience and the degrees to back it up Jon founded Patriot LD to share his combat leadership experiences with the private sector but the value of this service extends far beyond that The other members of the Patriot LD team have similar military backgrounds 7

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to Jon for them this work is a meaningful way to both readjust and contribute to civilian life They do this work because they are passionate about it and want to share their highly developed problem solving abilities with the world One of Jon s favorite aspects of what he does is an ethics course he developed for Patriot LD The training course is modeled after one of his own missions that had some serious international implications In it he shares some of his own challenging experiences to help others prepare for issues they may have to face I realized that because of my own experiences I can help people understand really heavy ethical decisions The course generally lasts 4 5 hours and incorporates up to 25 people Jon loves the difficult but important conversations this activity inspires and looks forward to developing it even further But above all Jon is a family man through and through He lives with his wife Rachael in South Carolina where they are raising three artsy and animated children Rachael and Jon met while rock climbing an activity they enjoy to this day now alongside their two daughters and son During the COVID 19 pandemic the family took a nearly year long trip across the country The kids were home schooled from the road and learned about the world through the lens of each new place they visited Jon sees the extended road trip as a valuable and formative experience for his family he envisions and implements a life of adventure and joy for his children which is perhaps his best demonstration of good leadership yet M EET THE FA IR HAV EN TEA M The best people carefully chosen for service and results Gerald King Wealth Advisor Gina Hornbogen Executive Administration Specialist Learn more at patriotld com Missions take many forms from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to family rock climbing adventures Marc Horner Wealth Advisor and Founder David Fluett Investment Advisor Jennifer Taylor Wealth Advisor Heidi Orth Client Care Specialist Susan Kostecki Emeritus Blair Fuchs Wealth Advisor Kurt Anderson Wealth Advisor Denise Jahns Client Care Specialist Jim Sullivan Medicare Social Security Specialist Barb Schrage Client Care Specialist Michael Kronk Emeritus Jean Lyon Client Care Specialist David Edstrom Emeritus Paul Mardoian Wealth Advisor Dave Wilson Communications Specialist Julie Papievis Brand Ambassador Haley Horner Data Analyst Operations Associate Lori Iwaniszyn Client Care Specialist Jacqueline Pawlak Financial Planning Associate Edward Martin Financial Planning Intern 8 Trent Warren Wealth Advisor Michele Lantvit Client Care Specialist Phillip Smolinski Wealth Advisor 9

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M ED I C AR E PART D Going Off Plan to Save Money on Prescription Drugs Medicare Social Security Specialist James Sullivan MS CPA PFS M edicare beneficiaries do you want to get the best price for your prescription drugs Shop around You may be enrolled in a Part D prescription drug plan but nothing compels you to use your Part D plan to purchase your prescription drugs You may find a better deal paying cash plus a prescription drug discount card rather than using your Part D plan This is known as going off plan THE BACK STORY Coverage under Medicare Part D coverage does not automatically mean you get the best price for your prescription drug In fact the biggest surprise for many beneficiaries new to Medicare is that Part D is not as good as their previous coverage under their employer plan This is true no matter how carefully you are when selecting coverage when first eligible for Medicare or 10 during the annual enrollment period October 15th through December 7th for the upcoming year THE SOLUTION Shop around Here is a real life example Digoxin is a generic prescription drug used to treat heart failure Its cash cost in a popular Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan MAPD plan for a 30 day prescription in tablet form is 47 125 mcg The drug is a Tier 3 meaning the beneficiary pays a flat dollar amount The cost is the same if ordered through mail order or purchased at a preferred pharmacy The cost is also approximately the same whether the prescription is a 30 day or 90 day supply Using a popular prescription drug card e g GoodRx SingleCare at a nationwide pharmacy the monthly cost is as low as 7 27 SAVINGS So using the pharmacy discount card plus cash you can save as much as 476 76 per year equals 47 minus 7 27 times 12 DRAWBACKS Of course there are a few drawbacks First the discount cards are not insurance Second the cash you pay for the drug is not applied to the annual Part D deductible 480 in 2022 Third the discount cards typically cannot be used with insurance including Medicare Also low income Medicare beneficiaries may get Extra Help from Medicare To determine if you may be eligible for this financial assistance go to medicare gov James Sullivan CPA PFS is a Medicare Social Security Specialist with Fairhaven Wealth Management in Wheaton Ill In addition he serves as a resource for individuals suffering from chronic illness He is also a volunteer for Seasons Hospice Palliative Care 11

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THE SM A LL IDEA FEA R O F THE U N K N O W N Finding security as monetary policies begin to tighten First Eagle Investments Robert Merrell 12 ur many years spent managing small cap portfolios for clients around the world have taught us that experience is a good friend to have particularly during difficult markets O a global pandemic that snarled supply chains and prompted extreme measures of fiscal and monetary accommodation As an old colleague of ours would quip Same church different pew We ve seen three bear markets in the US during the twenty first century the bursting of the dot com bubble in 2000 02 the global financial crisis in 2007 09 and the Covid 19 outbreak in 2020 as well as countless minicrises in between The current stock market pullback is marked by characteristics both similar and unique relative to previous incidents This time around the usual suspects of richly priced markets highly leveraged companies and complacent investors have been joined by multi decade high levels of inflation spawned by Small and microcap stocks many of which are undergoing turnarounds or are in the process of fixing issues idiosyncratic to their business often suffer more than their larger counterparts during challenging market environments and the current episode has been true to form see charts below We think this tendency results from the idea that smaller companies are inherently of inferior quality a common misconception fueled by the limited coverage of these companies by Wall Street analysts We reject this notion believing instead that 13

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Small Small and microcap and microcap stocks stocks many many of which of which are undergoing are undergoing turnarounds turnarounds or in the or in process the process of fixing of fixing issues issues idiosyncratic idiosyncratic to their tobusiness their business often suffer often suffer more than moretheir thanlarger their larger counterparts counterparts duringduring challenging challenging marketmarket environments environments and the and current the current episode episode has been has true been to true form to see form charts see charts below below We think We this think tendency this tendency resultsresults Small Small and microcap and microcap stocks stocks many many of which of which are undergoing are undergoing turnarounds turnarounds or in the or in process the process of fixing of fixing issues issues from the from idea the that idea smaller that smaller companies companies are inherently are inherently of inferior of inferior quality quality a common a common misconception misconception fueled fueled theby the idiosyncratic idiosyncratic to their tobusiness their business often suffer often suffer more than moretheir thanlarger their larger counterparts counterparts duringduring challenging challenging marketby market limited limited coverage coverage of these of companies these companies by Wall by Street Wall Street analysts analysts We reject We reject this notion this notion believing believing instead instead that illiquidity that illiquidity environments environments and the and current the current episode episode has been hastrue beentotrue form to see formcharts see charts below below We think We this thinktendency this tendency resultsresults and fear andare fear the are true the drivers true drivers of what ofwe what we asview the as chronic chronic overreaction small cap small markets cap markets to periods to periods of from the from idea the that idea smaller that smaller companies companies areview inherently are inherently ofthe inferior ofoverreaction inferior quality quality a of common a of common misconception misconception fueled fueled by theof by the general general distress distress limitedlimited coverage coverage of these of companies these companies by Wall byStreet Wall Street analysts analysts We reject We reject this notion this notion believing believing insteadinstead that illiquidity that illiquidity Small Cap Markets Historically Have Tended to Overreact in Challenging Investment Environments and fear andare fear theare true thedrivers true drivers of what ofwe what view weasview the as chronic the chronic overreaction overreaction of small of cap small markets cap markets to periods to periods of of general general distress distress SmallSmall Cap Markets Cap Markets Historically Historically HaveHave Tended Tended to Overreact to Overreact in Challenging in Challenging Investment Investment Environments Environments PercentPercent ChangeChange in PriceinLevel Price Level SmallSmall Cap Markets Cap Markets Historically Historically HaveHave Tended Tended to Overreact to Overreact in Challenging in Challenging Investment Investment Environments Environments DOT COM DOT COM BUBBLE BUBBLE GLOBAL GLOBAL FINANCIAL FINANCIAL CRISIS CRISIS Percent Percent Change Change in Pricein Level Price Level March 24 March 2000 24 through 2000 through October October 9 20029 2002 OctoberOctober 9 2007 9 through 2007 through March 9 March 20099 2009 0 DOT COM 0 BUBBLE DOT COM BUBBLE 0 GLOBAL 0 FINANCIAL GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS CRISIS Russell 2000 Index Russell 2000 Index March 24 March 2000 24 through 2000 through OctoberOctober 9 20029 2002 October October 9 2007 9 through 2007 through March 9 March 2009 9 2009 43 43 15 0 15 0 Russell Russell 2000 Index 2000 Index 43 43 0 0 15 15 30 30 15 15 15 15 30 30 S PIndex 500 Index S P 500 57 57 45 45 30 30 S P 500 S PIndex 500 Index 57 57 30 30 45 45 60 60 45 45 Russell 2000 Index Russell 2000 Index S P 500 S PIndex 500 Index 49 49 45 45 59 59 60 60 75 75 60 60 Mar 2000 Mar 2000 Jan 2001 Jan 2001 Dec 2001 Dec 2001 Oct 2002 Oct 2007 Oct 2007 Mar 2008 Mar 2008 Aug 2008 Aug 2008 Jan 2009 Jan 2009 Russell Russell 2000 Index 2000 Index S P Oct 2002 500 S PIndex 500 Index 49 49 59 59 60 60 75 75 Mar 2000 Mar 2000 Jan 2001 Jan 2001 Dec 2001 Dec 2001 Oct 2002 Oct 2002 Oct 2007 Oct 2007 Mar 2008 Mar 2008 Aug 2008 Aug 2008 Jan 2009 Jan 2009 COVID 19 COVID 19 CURRENT CURRENT MARKET MARKET 0 COVID 19 0 COVID 19 0 CURRENT 0 MARKET CURRENT MARKET February February 19 2020 19 through 2020 through March 23 March 2020 23 2020 February February 19 2020 19 through 2020 through March 23 March 2020 23 2020 10 0 10 0 JanuaryJanuary 3 2022 3 to2022 date to date JanuaryJanuary 3 2022 3 to2022 date to date 0 S P 500 S PIndex 500 Index 17 17 0 10 10 20 10 20 10 S PIndex 500 Index S P 500 17 17 S P 500 S PIndex 500 Index 34 34 10 10 30 30 20 20 S PIndex 500 Index S P 500 20 20 34 34 40 30 40 30 50 40 50 40 Feb 19 Feb 19 Mar 1 Mar 1 50 50 Feb 19 Feb 19 Mar 1 Mar 1 20 20 Russell Russell 2000 Index 2000 Index 41 41 30 30 Mar 12 Mar 12 Mar 23 Mar 23 Russell 2000 Index Jan 3 Jan 3 Russell 2000 Index 41 41 30 30 Mar 12 Mar 12 Mar 23 Mar 23 Jan 3 Jan 3 Russell Russell 2000 Index 2000 Index 22 22 Feb 14 Feb 14 Russell 2000 Index Russell 2000 Index Mar 28 Mar 28 May 10May 10 22 22 Feb 14 Feb 14 Mar 28 Mar 28 May 10May 10 Source Source Bloomberg Bloomberg data as of data May as of 10 May 2022 10 2022 Past performance Past performance is no guarantee is no guarantee of future ofresults future results Source Source Bloomberg Bloomberg data as of data May as of 10 May 2022 10 2022 Fear of the FearUnknown of the Unknown Past performance Past performance is no guarantee is no guarantee of future ofresults future results 14 Fear of the FearUnknown of the Unknown While the inefficiencies prevalent in smaller stocks can make for a bumpy ride they also create opportunities for disciplined research driven investors page 2 page 2 A mentor of ours opined that the prices of smaller stocks in stressed environments do not appear to be rooted in traditional valuation metrics so much as they reflect arbitrary numbers at which investors have decided they are willing to buy or sell He also warned that there is no price too low for small stocks in a rough market there may not be a buyer on the other side of a trade regardless of the discount offered While such inefficiencies can make for a bumpy ride they also create opportunities for disciplined research driven investors Accepting that we cannot identify a particular stock s bottom or the turning point of the market as a whole what can we do to leverage turbulence for the benefit of our clients We maintain the same investment discipline we apply in more placid periods relying on our fundamental research frame of reference and familiarity with the companies in our universe to help us maximize upside potential in our portfolio One key commonality between large and small cap companies is that businesses with competitive advantages regardless of size tend to trade at a premium to their lower quality competitors Understanding this we look for companies priced at a discount to either their history or to their industry and then seek to understand why this discount exists and importantly if it is fixable If we believe the current discount is due to some transitory issue we look for a specific catalyst on the horizon that may serve to normalize the stock s market valuation When we identify a stock that meets our criteria we establish a position at a level we find attractive and slowly add to it in order to get the best average price we can and this patience historically has tended to pay off when markets turn and prices normalize Diversification meanwhile is an important element of our risk management process and we hold a broad array of relatively small positions in an effort to mitigate the impact of idiosyncratic outcomes LEMONS AND LEMONADE We have no idea how current circumstances will play out how low the market will go when it will bottom or what issues may emerge to support or further damage the confidence of investors However our experience investing during similar periods in the past gives us confidence that maintaining a diversified portfolio of what we believe to be attractively priced stocks gives us the potential to take advantage of today s uncertain circumstances First Eagle First Investments Eagle Investments Source Bloomberg data as of May 10 2022 page 2 page 2 illiquidity and fear are the true drivers of what we view as the chronic overreaction of small cap markets to periods of general distress First Eagle First Investments Eagle Investments 15

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D E DI C ATED TO MENTA L WE LLNE S S Intervening to empower youth strengthen families and build communities I n the 1975 classic psychological comedy drama film One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Jack Nicholson portrays a criminal who gets transferred to a mental institution to avoid the hard labor of a standard prison Behind the walls of the mental institution Nicholson finds a repressive atmosphere ruled over by the nasty Nurse Ratched who enforces order among the patients through passive aggression and when that doesn t work a regimen of electroconclusive shock therapy The movie won five major Academy Awards but it painted a bleak picture of 1960s era mental health filled with white robe clad patients vindictive medical personnel and medieval methods of mending Thankfully the mental health industry has evolved significantly since the time the film was set but the underlying medical conditions that Cuckoo s Nest portrays still affect a significant percentage of Americans More than 19 of U S adults received mental health treatment in 2019 according to the CDC Because of that large percentage the need for quality psychological care has never been greater Indeed mental health is at the forefront of everyone s minds these days from professional athletes to grade school age kids 16 Shannon Hartnett executive director of Northeast DuPage Family Youth Services NEDFYS says that this particular moment in time has brought about this nascent interest The pandemic certainly exacerbated people s internal and social struggles In many cases it put a spotlight on the sadness and hopelessness that was already there before the pandemic hit Mental health issues are not new Shannon explains She notes that teens have been particularly affected by the pandemic In DuPage County depression rates among teens are double the national average Shannon said citing a study of local teens that found more than 30 of 10th and 12th graders experienced depression in the last year Moreover Youth suicide statistics are equally alarming Shannon reports Among DuPage teens 16 of 10th graders and 13 of 12th graders attempted suicide in the last year The NEDFYS organization promotes Awareness about mental health and provides high quality accessible counseling and crisis intervention services that empower youth strengthen families and build communities according to its website Its goal is To empower our clients using individualized strengths based strategies to help them build skills to cope with life stressors and adverse circumstances in prosocial healthy ways Shannon elaborates The group s vision is a simple one All residents of DuPage County are able to achieve optimum mental wellness according to NEDFYS org What is optimum mental wellness Shannon defines it as When you know what you are capable of can handle life stressors in healthy ways and make positive contributions to your community It is something that takes work to achieve and to maintain It doesn t mean having the perfect attitude or demeanor all of the time or always being happy It is a deeper sense of overall well being that enables you to participate in life at the individual family and societal levels and experience the natural range of emotions that come with that People can promote optimum mental wellness in themselves by prioritizing their own well being and not putting themselves last on the things to take care of list in life Shannon says Putting yourself first is not selfish it s self sustaining she notes NEDFYS began in 1976 as an employee assistance program for five DuPage communities It evolved from one employee to 13 as of today and also Operates a robust clinical internship program in collaboration with many local colleges and universities Shannon says She started working With NEDFYS in September 2016 after working in the mental health advocacy and juvenile justice systems for 20 years Interested in working with NEDFYS There are several ways according to Shannon NEDFYS 1 Is governed by a board of directors and currently has a few open spots This is a great opportunity to work with other community leaders and make a real difference in people s lives 2 Offers a great clinical internship program where students studying to be social workers or counselors can get real world experience They accept bachelors or masters level students 3 Has other volunteer opportunities on its advancement team planning fundraisers and other community events to help grow and sustain the organization 17

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L ON G TER M CAR E Our Experience Strategies and Pros Cons Wealth Advisor and Founder Fairhaven Wealth Management Marc Horner T he annual Easter season is full of mixed personal feelings for me I look forward to time with family especially when the schedules of my sister and brother in law allow for a visit they are both professional chefs and a lot of fun Unfortunately Good Friday marks the anniversary of losing our mother to brain cancer The cancer took her quickly a little more than one year from diagnosis During that short time our family managed to pack full our experiences with Mom Spring break with her grandchildren in Boston a private box at a Red Sox game wheelchair walks along the Charles River and playing the bagpipes for her via FaceTime in one of our last conversations before she died Also included were trips to doctor s offices the hospital 18 and experience with long term care English Poet John Keats said Nothing becomes as real as when it is experienced It is from this family experience that I share the following information on long term care I hope you find this information helpful when understanding more about various options as you identify the right long term care decision for you and your family A FEW DEFINITIONS Long term care services generally include assistance with daily living activities over a prolonged period usually more than 90 days These activities are not necessarily medically related but can include bathing eating dressing performing housework keeping track of medication managing money and shopping for groceries 19

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Family member availability and willingness to participate in the caregiving process are critical elements Skilled Nursing Nursing Home is generally associated moving to an entirely new environment with a medically necessary residential stay at a facility While Medicare should cover required services such as physical therapy or post surgery nursing it may not pay for custodial care Due to the range of medical needs associated with its residents skilled nursing facilities generally provide constant or near constant monitoring As the name implies Home Health Care allows the delivery of medical treatment within the home of a patient Depending on the scope of medical care needed a few hours a day or 24 7 this may be less expensive than other alternatives Residents of Assisted Living facilities may or may not require on site medical treatment but some combination of tiered care The tiering of care enables residents to maintain a certain level of independence supported by assistance managing medications redressing bandages and even meal preparation Depending on the specific long term care policy insurance may cover some or all of the costs of these facilities Medicare does not However as with other financial planning decisions cost is not the only factor Family member availability and willingness to participate in the care giving process are critical elements In addition to care delivery participation should consider appropriate timeoff for the caregiver Recharging and stress relief are important components to incorporate into the healthcare process both for professional and amateur caregivers alike Some larger retirement communities referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs offer Independent Living Assisted Living and Nursing Home services all on the same campus Geographical continuity allows residents and their families to match levels of care with evolving healthcare needs without SOME NUMBERS PROBABILITIES COSTS A variety of factors impact the probability of a longterm care need These factors include age gender and health conditions Combinations of these factors further contribute to the potential length of stay and costs 65 Year Old Female 65 Year Female LTC Length of Care Probability Required While living a long life is certainly desirable it can come with some financial drawbacks especially for women 65 Year Old Old Male 65 Year Male Life Expectancy LTC Probability Length of Care Required Life Expectancy Cardiovascular Disease 61 946 days 88 45 630 days 85 No Conditions 56 992 days 89 44 660 days 87 High Cholesterol 48 1 000 days 87 37 663 days 85 Tobacco Use 35 1 053 days 84 25 690 days 82 Type 2 Diabetes 33 1 072 days 81 20 700 days 78 A recent CDC report revealed that six out of 10 adult Americans suffer from some form of chronic disease such as cardiovascular cancer or diabetes Four out of 10 of us struggle with multiple conditions Lifestyle risks associated with chronic disease include tobacco use poor nutrition lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use While living a long life is certainly desirable it can come with some financial drawbacks especially for women Women are currently projected to live 2 4 years longer than men The following table reflects the impact of chronic conditions on the probabilities of long term care need and life expectancy At first glance lower probabilities of long term care needs for tobacco users or people with diabetes might appear to be good news Unfortunately the lower probability of needing care is reflective of reduced life expectancies Costs vary both with the level and or frequency of care but also geographically As a starting point in your own financial planning for long term care the following table reflects National annual averages for the various levels of care as of 2021 Type of Care Average Cost in 2021 Nursing Home 100 913 Assisted Living 55 708 Home Health Care 56 408 OUR EXPERIENCE As various medical professionals did their best to counsel us completely consistent with a longtime favorite phrase of Mom Most people in life are doing the best they can our family experienced each level of care throughout her battle with cancer She went from a hospital to recovery in a rehabilitation facility and then into an assisted living facility where her room was located on a memory care floor In the healthcare world memory care refers to specialized support for people suffering from Alzheimer s or dementia Memory care facilities are designed to provide safe structured environments with regular routines to help reduce resident stress Because people with dementia tend to wander six in 10 do so according to the Alzheimer s Association memory care facilities have alarmed doors elevators that require security codes and enclosed outdoor spaces to keep residents on the premises Some facilities use tracking bracelets enabling a bit more resident freedom while allowing staff to monitor their location Alzheimer s and dementia are terrible Beyond memory loss and confusion physical behavior changes can develop completely inconsistent with the pre disease person Anxiety agitation depression hallucinations delusions anger and even aggression can all develop because of these terrible diseases Mom did not have Alzheimer s or dementia Other than some minor memory issues because of the tumor and its location in her brain she demonstrated none of these other symptoms Her fellow residents on that memory care floor were not so fortunate It was a truly depressing environment Source HealthView Services Source HealthView Services 20 21

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Leading up to one of my frequent visits to Boston visiting Mom as much as I did was a gift given me by my wife for which I will never be able to thank her fully Dad threw out the idea of moving Mom home Before I share my reaction please hear some context At that stage of her battle Mom had lost her ability to walk In fact she could not stand Moving from her bed required a lift system that resembled a mechanical hammock on wheels Movement outside of bed was all via wheelchair There was a cocktail of medication to be delivered and meals to prepare Delivering effective care to her was no small task Dad for his many talents once got confused between a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver Despite enormous and labeled on the kitchen counter Our first visit from the home health care team was on the way On Monday my sister and I returned to the assisted living facility and we packed up the rest of Mom s things Our family never looked back Mom lost her battle with brain cancer at home in the early morning of Good Friday She was surrounded by her books her family photos and holding the hand of her husband LONG TERM CARE STRATEGIES TO CONSIDER The earlier you plan the better you will likely be prepared That is true for retirement college and The earlier you plan the better you will likely be prepared That is true for retirement college and healthcare planning athletic achievements in his youth he had pinned himself under the bar of a bench press in his 40s with no weights on the bar My reaction to his proposal I thought he was nuts Regardless a few days later my sister and I arrived to take Mom on a weekend field trip home Dad was in Greece fulfilling his duties as the President of The American College of Greece the people of ACG are another group of people I will never be able to thank fully for their support of Mom Dad As our wheelchair Uber rolled up I told the assisted living director there was a chance Mom might be moving out I asked her to save her room just in case Via FaceTime from Greece Dad helped my sister and I set up their Boston condo In place of their tandem recliners was Mom s hospital bed Our personal mechanical hammock was assembled and tucked in the corner The freezer was full of vacuum packed meals prepared by my professional chef sister and her professional chef husband Medications were organized 22 healthcare planning Does that mean 25 year old newlyweds should run out and buy a long term care policy Probably not Are you in your 50s Do you have parents in their 60s Are you unsure about the tools and options available to navigate a healthcare issue That might warrant a discussion Technical options to consider can be lumped into four categories increases we have seen annual premium costs skyrocket So much so that many of our clients end up terminating their policies Insurance Products Long Term Care Riders Annuities and life insurance policies can sometimes include the option to access the death benefit prior to the death of the insured Provided the expenses are deemed eligible by the terms of the insurance contract benefits may be available to pay for long term care expenses Self Insurance If you have accumulated significant liquid assets you may have your long term care expenses already covered without even knowing it Financial plans consider a certain amount of spending in retirement travel golf eating out etc In the case of an unexpected long term care need many of those planned expenses change Healthcare expenses can replace traditional retirement planning expenses rather than being an add on This can make the original financial plan every bit as viable even if the spending items end up being very different Government Programs The government plays an important role in delivering healthcare It is important to understand the role that government agencies play and what services they cover and those they don t Medicare is an entitlement that almost all Americans can receive at age 65 Medicare covers hospitalization doctor visits tests and limited nursing home care Otherwise long term care is not currently covered by Medicare and their language is quite clear www medicare gov coverage long term care Medicaid on the other hand is a government sponsored health insurance program covering doctor visits hospital expenses home health care and nursing home care However Medicaid qualification is need based In general anyone with a relatively small income or even a modest savings or investment account probably does not qualify CONCLUSIONS Our family experience is just one example of millions of people who are already or will be confronting healthcare challenges including long term care decisions Our family learned as we went along leaning on the guidance of medical professionals each of us doing the best we could In hindsight I personally wish we had considered the home health care option sooner The idea I initially received as nuts ended up working beautifully There is rarely a day I do not miss Mom At the same time I am confident in and comforted by the quality of care delivered her by our team of home health care providers I will always cherish the memories my sister my father and I share having personally participated in the delivery of that care no screwdrivers needed Depending on your own family circumstances what worked for us may not work for you Understanding your options talking about it among your family and starting early are key elements to giving you the greatest chance of successfully navigating healthcare challenges It is worth repeating The earlier you plan the better you will likely be prepared Long Term Care Insurance Policy Think car insurance Buy it pay the premium and you are covered Get your renewal and decide not to pay you have no coverage Just like car insurance long term care insurance premiums are based on a variety of variables Age health length and type of coverage inflation adjustments etc In general this is the least expensive way to get some long term care coverage unless As you age and the probability of needing long term care 1 https www cdc gov chronicdisease resources infographic chronic diseases htm 2 https www aarp org caregiving basics info 2019 memory care alzheimers dementia html 23

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LO O K ING FO R WA R D TO THE IC E A GE One man learns more about himself while alone on the trails A merican naturalist essayist poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees Fairhaven friend and experienced hiker Greg Sellers sounding a lot like Thoreau explained his own passion for hitting the trails In part the solitude of walking allows me to learn more about myself In part the beauty of some natural scenes allows me to reconnect with my nature Walking along paths can provide a delightful freedom Greg explains This fall Greg will have plenty of opportunities to forge that delightful freedom as he engages on the 1200 mile Ice Age Trail a National Scenic Trail winding through 30 counties in Wisconsin 2 3 million people hiked parts of the trail in 2019 It s populated with animals as diverse as black bears red headed woodpeckers porcupines and bald eagles 24 Stone steps on the Ice Age Trail passing narrowly between quartzite rock faces Devil s Lake State Park near Baraboo Wisconsin Greg has led an active lifestyle since a young age when his family took vacations to many national parks and historic sites in the eastern part of the U S In high school he once undertook a 20 mile hike with some friends but his nascent hiking interest didn t take hold until later Greg notes During the summer after college Cornell University AB in physics and before grad school University of Illinois Ph D in physics I did a major trip in the Sierra Mountains of California with a group of much more experienced hikers This was a twoweek non resupplied backpacking hike meaning that we carried all our food and equipment without getting additional external help I emphasize this trip because it served as a major milestone in my life and it partially inspired the desire for the future hikes I am planning Greg says Greg s career began when he took a job as a scientist at a small Washington D C company He then moved on to Allied Chemical where he served in several roles 25

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including a stint as a senior application development engineer marketing plastics to electrical and electronics companies throughout the U S Then in June of 1995 I founded FOTRON Inc hired its initial employees and created the legal and business systems By teaming with Boeing Lockheed Martin McDonnell Douglas Allied Signal and the Department of Defense we developed fiber optic connection devices for use in high performance military aircraft I served as president until my retirement in December 2020 Greg married his wife Lucia in 1983 and shared an athletic life together Lucia was a better athlete than I we could run together at the same speed Prior to our marriage Lucia was a championship tennis player After our marriage we did distance running including marathons and skiing Greg explains Lucia and Greg gave birth to Kristin in 1989 who would run and hike with her parents She is an excellent athlete she ran 4 years as a Division I long distance runner at Cornell Greg expounds Greg s passion for hiking was rekindled by the untimely tragedy of his wife s slow health decline In 2010 she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer s Disease Her condition slowly and progressively worsened until her death in March 2020 I was her caregiver Toward the end she was completely dependent on me I was with her 24 hours a day Greg elaborates Lucia s passing left a void that forced Greg to reinvent himself Following her death I had to completely reorganize my life basically I had to create a new life Greg says This led me to think back to that earlier milestone of the two week non resupplied hike through the Sierra Mountains I decided to do a major backpacking trip he remembers I started training for serious backpacking This included lots of walking in my neighborhood looking at lots of YouTube videos on backpacking and beginning the acquisition of the new generation of backpacking equipment Greg notes But the pandemic prevented him from a true long hike C A R R O TS W ITH A U K R A INIA N C O NN E C T I O N Greg eventually made it to the famed Appalachian Trail but struggled somewhat with the physical challenges of hiking At a rest area on that walk a fellow hiker shared some of his own difficulties and recommended the Ice Age Trail which Greg and several hiking companions will tackle in the autumn Professional Chefs Extraordinaire Shanna and Brian O Hea C arrots are the perfect summer vegetable raw or cooked they make a colorful tasty healthy addition to just about any meal In this classic recipe the carrots are soaked in sherry vinaigrette and enhanced with feta cheese and honey two other great tastes that suggest hot days and long nights Bon appetit Shanna and Brian O Hea are the Chef Owners of MaineLobsterPotPie com a website the O Heas developed to ship their fresh lobster signature dishes from their critically acclaimed restaurant Academe at The Kennebunk Inn The O Heas owned The Kennebunk Inn and Academe Brasserie for 19 years and recently sold the business in December 2021 However they retained ownership of the overnight shipping business and are continuing to develop its offerings The signature Lobster Pot Pie has been featured in Oprah Magazine as one of Gayle King s favorites on Food Network s The Best Thing I Ever Ate Travel Channel s Food Paradise and 2014 Travel and Leisure Holiday Gift Guide Their Lobster White Truffle Pizza has appeared on the O List in Oprah Magazine and was also featured on Travel Channel s Food Paradise Above Greg and Lucia Sellers hiking at Hanging Lake Colorado in 2014 Right Greg hiking near of San Fransisco in 2022 26 The O Heas have gained international recognition by participating in cooking programs around the world including The Boca Bacchanal The Walt Disney World Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Holland America Cruise Line Sugar Land Texas Grand Food Wine Affair and Charleston Food Wine Shanna has appeared on Food Network s Chopped Beat Bobby Flay and winner of Rewrapped The Food Network named The Kennebunk Inn 3 best Food Hotels in the Country March 2019 and Trips to Discover listed it within 14 US hotels with top rated restaurants April 2021 27

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GRILLED CARROT SALAD with SHERRY VINAIGRETTE PICKLED GOLDEN RAISINS and PARISIENNE CARROTS Servings 6 SERVES 12 METHOD FOR SHERRY VINAIGRETTE 2 pounds baby carrots peeled grilled or roasted in roasting pan at 400 F oven until cooked through reserve 1 2 pound carrots peeled and cut into 1 8 inch rounds pound carrots peeled and using parisienne scoop make small melon balls 3 tablespoons golden raisins 1 2 cup rice wine vinegar Combine sherry vinegar and mustard in blender and blend for 1 minute Continue blending and add oil in a slow stream until both oils are incorporated the dressing will become creamy yellow in color and very thick If too thick to continue to blend add a 1 2 tablespoons of cold water Add honey and season to taste reserve in refrigerator METHOD FOR PICKLING LIQUID 1 cup water hot Combine vinegar sugar and salt in mixing bowl 6 tablespoons sugar Add hot water to dissolve to sugar and salt 1 teaspoon Kosher salt Add raisins to pickling liquid for at least 24 hours refrigerate 1 cup sherry vinegar 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 1 cup Canola oil 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon honey METHOD FOR FETA YOGURT Mix feta cheese in Cuisinart with olive oil until smooth fold in yogurt and season PLATING INSTRUCTIONS Season with salt and white pepper 1 2 cup plain Greek yogurt Mix feta cheese in Cuisinart with olive oil until smooth fold in yogurt and season 4 ounces Feta cheese 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Season with salt and fresh cracked black pepper Note In addition to being artfully prepared and beautifully photographed the food images for this article are also an example of the irrepressible human spirit After accepting Fairhaven s commission talented food photographer Oksana Zhupanova was forced to flee her home and studio in Ukraine Arriving in Poland with just one suitcase and her camera equipment Oksana immediately dove right back into work and completed the assignment serving as an inspiring model of perseverance in the face of adversity 28 29

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HON I N G H ER D ISCIP LI NE Jacqueline Pawlak Financial Planning Associate L ike so many other young professionals learning to navigate the early stages of their careers in the midst of a global pandemic Jacqueline Pawlak graduated college and entered a world of relative uncertainty But despite these challenges she found herself in a workplace surrounded by like minded welcoming individuals From the moment Jacqueline first stepped into the Fairhaven office she knew she d landed somewhere special and she hasn t looked back since Jacqueline started working at Fairhaven as an intern during her final semester at North Central College She studied Finance and Economics and it was her personal finance class that confirmed wealth management as the path she wanted to pursue My favorite professor taught the class and I sensed his passion and devotion to teaching financial literacy This class in addition to my other finance and economics courses only reiterated the fact that there is a need for more financial literacy in our society Jacqueline wants to be part of the solution and is drawn to financial advising for the way it allows her to both work closely with others and use her skills to help plan for a sound financial future Six months after her graduation in the spring of 2021 Jacqueline s internship evolved into an advisor development role She plans to continue honing her professional skills by studying for the Certified Financial Planner 30 designation and sitting for the board exam this coming November Jacqueline is grateful to those whose support and encouragement have helped her get to where she is now I ve been so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team of mentors during the beginning stages of my career Ever the hard worker in the office it s not surprising that Jacqueline has a wide variety of interests outside of her career as well Her two dogs Koda a Pomeranian and Diesel a Pitbull keep her plenty busy and she loves to unwind by cooking reading and weightlifting Recently she has also started training in mixed martial arts a challenging endeavor that she describes as humbling and one that requires a great deal of self discipline much like investing Jacqueline just celebrated her first year at Fairhaven She is proud to be working somewhere where financial education and clear communication are not only valued but are driving principles in how the firm operates Fairhaven feels like family The office culture is unmatched everyone brings their own unique value and personality Team members look forward to coming to work and are proud of what we do It s an atmosphere of excellence we have fun we have each other s back and most importantly we all share the same enthusiasm when it comes to our clients overall experience 25 31

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BU I L D I NG F OR TH E FU T U RE Phillip Smolinski Wealth Advisor P hillip Smolinski is a true Chicagoland local From growing up and graduating college to beginning his career in the financial industry Phillip s life has been shaped by the vast array of opportunities and experiences that his home state has to offer I enjoy being from Chicagoland We get overlooked when people compare us to Los Angeles or New York City but from Lake Michigan to the museums to the food to the sports Chicago does and has just about everything those cities do Phillip completed his freshman year of college at the Virginia Military Institute in historic Lexington Virginia but decided to return to Illinois to finish his degree He initially went to college with the intention of becoming a Social Studies and Economics teacher and graduated from Benedictine University in Lisle Illinois Despite choosing a different path his academic experience has only benefited his work I think my background in education has really helped me to better 32 educate my clients on investment strategies and market shifts Before Fairhaven Phillip spent 12 years at Fidelity Investments With two boys ages seven and two and a rescued pit mix named Tori Phillip and his wife have a lively home life Their older son loves drawing and building the kind of Lego sets that monopolize the kitchen table in the weeks after Christmas But the apple doesn t fall far from the tree here Phillip has quite a few collections of his own mainly vintage toys from the 1980s When he isn t walking the dog or helping build a miniature Millennium Falcon Phillip can be found coaching his son s soccer team I never played soccer but I ve been coaching him on his American Youth Soccer Organization team for the last three years and have been surprised at how much fun it s been I m already itching to get the spring season started in a few months 33

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he feels that Fairhaven s authenticity integrity and genuine client focus distinguish it from other wealth management platforms Phillip joined the team at Fairhaven in the fall of 2021 After working in the financial industry for 15 years he feels that Fairhaven s authenticity integrity and genuine client focus distinguish it from other wealth management platforms From the beginning he was met with the spirit of ready collaboration that the firm offers to all who walk through its doors and he is proud to work somewhere where people are truly valued When you first walk in the office from the art on the walls to the attitude of everyone you meet there is a sense of genuine caring and how unique that feels I enjoy being part of a team here Whether it s placing trades for clients setting up for a holiday party or going over investment decisions for clients accounts we are always working as a team Phil his wife Katherine and the kids take a break from the Legos for some time in nature U PC O M ING FA IR HAV EN EV ENTS HALFWAY TO ST PATRICK S DAY ANNUAL GOLF EVENT Sep 13 11 30 AM CDT Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton 26W151 Butterfield Rd Wheaton IL 60189 USA Fairhaven Wealth Management is proud to present the second annual HALFWAY to ST PATRICK S DAY Charity Golf Event on September 13th 2022 at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton Register at fairhavenwealth com TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ILLINOIS TAX DOLLARS EVENT Date to Be Determined Zoom Video Call Are you an Illinois resident Are you a parent alum fan of a private K 12 school Is there a glimmer of hope for more bi partisanship and less political tribalism Think this is sounding too good to be true Most people do we certainly did JOIN US this fall when we will share with you how it all works through the Illinois Invest In Kids Act Register today for free RSVP at fairhavenwealth com or call 630 990 9000 or email djahns fairhavenw com PRACTICE YOUR PERFECT RETIREMENT Sep 29 6 00 PM 7 00 PM CDT Zoom Video Call Thinking about retiring in the next few years Look before you leap Join us for this virtual event where we will discuss the strategies and actions to take before you pull the ripcord RSVP at fairhavenwealth com or call 630 990 9000 or email djahns fairhavenw com MEDICARE YOU Oct 13 6 00 PM 7 00 PM CDT Zoom Video Call Do not fall for the set it and forget trap with Medicare Join us for this virtual event where we will discuss how to make the most of your healthcare and retirement benefits Not eligible yet Join us anyway so you can help your family members make the right decisions and be that much more informed when it s your turn None of us is getting any younger RSVP at fairhavenwealth com or call 630 990 9000 or email djahns fairhavenw com 34 35

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T E A M PL AY ER W ITH A S T RAT E GI C VI E W Haley Horner Data Analyst Operations Associate W hile Haley Horner might be one of Fairhaven s newest employees she s no stranger to the collaborative atmosphere the firm is known for In fact her new co workers could probably learn a thing or two from her about teamwork Up until now my whole life has been volleyball and school which has shaped me to be responsible at a young age helped expand my strategic thinking made me a team player made me competitive and given me so many more valuable life skills Anyone who knows Haley knows that her volleyball career has been one of her most formative life experiences After years of playing as a club and high school athlete she began her college career at Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio Her team ranked national runner up her freshman year and during her sophomore year they made it to the sweet 16 As a junior Haley transferred to Carthage College in Kenosha Wisconsin That year her team made it to the final four and Haley was awarded her first all American honor After receiving another year of athletic eligibility due to Covid 19 Haley stayed to play one more season Her fifth year she received a second all American honor She graduated in December of 2021 with a major in Geographic Information Systems and minors in Data Science and Computer Science Because it s always been such an important part of her life Haley hopes to find an adult volleyball league to join in the near future When she isn t on the court or in the office she loves relaxing with her three cats and going antique shopping with her mom She also looks forward to her family s annual late summer trip to Maine which for Haley is the highlight of every year I have been going every single year for my whole life It is truly my favorite place on Earth Haley s love of the sport has helped her become who she is today Her steadfast commitment to volleyball gave her skills beyond just sheer athleticism and she is grateful for the way that all those years of playing prepared her for challenges outside of the game 36 Despite having only started her role as a Data Analyst Operations Associate a few months ago Haley already feels at home in the Fairhaven office She appreciates the way that the firm encourages collaboration while also valuing the individuality of its employees and clients Fairhaven is so unique in the financial industry from its services provided to clients to the art in the office which is something I absolutely love A mantra at Fairhaven is being yourself which has always been a strong belief of mine It makes me happy to work at a firm that also supports your own uniqueness 37

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LI F E A F TER GOL F Craftsmanship history and countless stories beautifuly reimagined G olf enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next great innovation whether it s custom fitted clubs gigantic driver heads or a toe hang putter some equipment evolutions can transform an average golfer into a good one along with plenty of practice Golf equipment manufacturers meanwhile quench this need for change by constantly marketing cutting edge products designed to turn a duffer into a Master s champion So with all this supply and demand for new high end golf equipment in this age of sustainability what happens to all that quickly outdated equipment Enter Derek Griffin Vintage Golf Gifts one of his companies he s a self professed serial entrepreneur rescues old golf clubs from a slow death at Goodwill and transforms them into home d cor for golf lovers Vintage s manufacturers turn the unused sticks into clocks lamps bottle openers and even a fruit bowl The response to the products from golf enthusiasts has been overwhelmingly positive Derek notes of the links community s acceptance of Vintage s quirky products 38 Derek started Vintage Golf Gifts in 2017 after noticing the manufacturer and his offbeat wares at a gift and home d cor tradeshow I loved his product it reminded me of good times with my dad and brothers But he had no interest selling to consumers And no one sold the products online Derek noted Then his serial entrepreneurship quickly teed off By the end of the 3 day show I had come up with the brand name secured the website domain and even filed to create the LLC for the business Derek explained His passion for golf was fostered at a young age I come from a big family of 6 boys and my dad would take all 6 of us to play golf together The oldest 4 would take the lead cart and then my dad myself and my younger brother would take the second cart I was 5 in the line but 1 in order of importance Derek quips Although Vintage Doesn t generate the kind of profits for anyone to live on he does consider it a success Because it enables me to give back and support good charitable causes golf tournaments that raise funds for charity mainly and it gives me a small business that my son can work in and learn the ropes He is in the 11th grade and is my shipping department and warehouse inventory manager In a unique twist of entrepreneurial sustainability Derek s day job as president of the boutique technology company Speartek com allowed him to use Vintage s website to test out new internet features and function ality Vintage was perfect to be the sandbox for new development Derek said Derek s 22 year old daughter is in her last year at the University of South Carolina and already has a position lined up at Home Depot s corporate finance department upon graduation He his wife and the children live in Marietta GA where Derek also moonlights as a commercial real estate investor while dabbling in mountain biking as a national park junkie he s been to 28 and a diehard fan of the UNC Tarheels Loving what I do is a source of motivation Derek says of his drive to creative excellence When I was a teenager my dad s best advice was that it is more important to love what you do in life than to make a lot of money doing it I have followed that for most of my professional career I do take a lot of pride in how any business I am involved with delivers value to the customer that can be a website a golf clock or leased office space Learn more at vintagegolfgifts com 39

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FA I R H AV EN IN THE ME DI A In addition to sharing valuable financial knowledge and education on social media we re also a frequent presence on radio and TV Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and see all of our media appearances at fairhavenwealth com media A B OUT FAIRH AVEN Fairhaven Wealth Management is an independent privately owned investment and wealth management firm serving select families and small to mid sized businesses At Fairhaven our commitment is simple we exist to serve our clients period Our culture of service and accountability combined with prudent risk management and tax efficiency are the cornerstones of our client commitment fairhavenwealth com This material has been prepared for informational and educational purposes for our clients and friends Please consult your Fairhaven Wealth Management professional to discuss how this may impact your own financial plan and or investment portfolio This material is not intended to provide and should not be relied upon for accounting legal or tax advice or any other purposes Neither Fairhaven Wealth Management nor its subsidiaries or affiliates provide accounting legal or tax advice Please consult your tax advisor and or attorney for such guidance Advisory services offered through Fairhaven Wealth Management an SEC registered investment advisor For a copy of Fairhaven Wealth Management s ADV Part 2 disclosure document please direct your inquiry to admin fairhaven com 40

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