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3-4. 2nd Semester Project: Worktown Revisited
5-7. 3rd Semester Project: Lighting and Space Divider
8-12. 3rd Semester Project: SFX Facilities
13. 4th Semester Project: THE HIVE
14. Designers statement
25. Company Overview
16. e Hive
17. e Hive Floor Plan
18. Brief
19-. Site Analysis
22. Space planning
23. Rendered Sketches
24. 5th Floor - Rendered Floor Plan
25. 6th Floor- Rendered Floor Plan
26. Sections
27-30. Visuals
2nd Semester Project:
Worktown Revisited
Design a pod for an exhibition space and the digital creation of
the banners that are promoting the Worktown Project.
3rd Semester Project:
Design a Lighting piece and a space divider for a Boutique
Hotel.is project was inspired from natural elements in
combination with architectural patterns.
Lighting Piece
Visualisation of nal model,
created with wooden pieces and
rendered in Photoshop.
The nal Lighting piece was designed
to t perfect in any boutique hotel
rooms and fullll every clients’
Screen- space divider
Presentation Sheet
The nal screen was based on the same inspiration as the
desgin of the lighting piece did. However, it can also be used
as an individual decoration element. That can decorate a big
range of different styled boutique hotel rooms.
Sketches of the screen scanned
and rendered in photoshop to
visualise how it affects the
appearence of the boutique
hotel and how it looks as
anseparate object.
3rd Semester Project:
SFX Facilities
Redesign the Sports Hall building into facilities for SFX.
Studying rooms, work shops and oces must be contained. In
addition, design a sky bridge that connects the Bolton's
University building with the SFX building.
e design of the Sports Hall is based
on this initial ideas. Inspiration
received mostly from Libenskind
Architect and Google Company. e
style of the building is a combination
of minimal futuristic design with
modern and structural elements. e
inovative ideas of Google inspired my
to design the interior enviroment.
Initial exterior ideas.
Sky bridge
Cafeteria Reception area Initial ideas
Final Design
Reception Area
Meeting Room
Rendered in
Floor plan
Sky Bridge
This is the nal design of Interior design
Studio Project. The following sketches
that are linked to the oor plan are
digitaly manipulated by Photoshop to
visualise as accurately as possible the
nal outcome. Below the Floor plan, a
section and an elevation of the front of
the building are presented.
4th Semester Project:
e interior design of a headquarter oce, for a sustainable company,
inside the 5th and 6th oor of e Hive builnding.
Designers statement
is project is about sustainability and conscious design. e project is a redesign of an oce space
placed in the 5
and 6
oor of the Hive building, located in Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK.
e oce is designed for a sustainable company. For my design, I am inspired by 5 plus architects
that designed the Hive and from some headquarter oces around the world from a wide range
of companies. As I design for a sustainable company, the space should reect their ethics. As an
outcome, in my design I focused on a minimal approach with vintage elements. Used furniture will
be placed almost in both oors, to add a unique aura in the space. I designed an open plan almost in
the whole both oor, and instead of interior walls I used transparent materials. Providing inuential
elements of equality, more opportunities to socialise, better communication, better cooperation,
creating optimistic view for the workers and providing the better conditions for the green areas of
the oce. e idea of this design is to make workers feel comfortable and intimate, but the same time
look professional and glamourous and inspiring a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
As a designer, I am using my inspirations to bring my ideas closer to the customers’ requirements.
e respect to the clients beliefs and taste, is one of my principles and the eco-friendly designs,
another one. I am getting inspired by form many issues for my design, depending on the clients
requirements and on other characteristics of the area and the building. Always trying to bring to
the surface the most visionary and innovative versions of my design and appraise the existing space.
Social, political and technological issues consecutively aect my ideas but I always aim to provide the
perfect combination of elements and values into my designs.
Company Overview
Coco Mat was founded in 1989.As a sustainable company they use only natural
materials for their sleep products and furniture. e company has stores in 17
counties worldwide. Coco Mat embraces a healthy lifestyle based on healthy food
and exercise. Also, Coco Mat is supporting non-governmental organizations,
contributes to local communities and try to raise environmental awareness
through their actions. ey also create equal opportunities to all employees. As
regarding the production, Coco Mat ‘s basic factory which is located in Greece,
has virtually neutral carbon footprint and recycling reach 96%. In addition,
they use replenished raw materials such as cotton, seaweed, wool and wood
sourced locally in Greece and Europe. e delivery of the products is happening
with bikes that are made from natural materials. Last but not least, Coco Mat is
supports institutions, organizations and hospitals. Also, since 2012 coco mat is
running a project named, e Pillow Positive Project. e project is supporting
women who have undergone breast cancer related surgery. ey also support
institutions, organizations and hospitals.
e Hive
e Hive is a Grade A oce building in the heart
of Manchesters thriving Northern Quarter. A joint
development between Argent and Manchester City
Council the building won the prestigious British
Council for Oces for Oces Best Commercial
Workspace in the North in 2011.e 80,000 sq 
building is home to some of Manchester’s most creative
and innovative businesses.Designed by 5plus Architects,
who are one of the occupiers at the HIve, it is one
of Manchesters greenest and most energy ecient
Available space Occupied space Terraces Sedum Gardens Reception / Core / Services
Contact: Angela Fielding at Argent on 0161 236 1878 / angela. or Andrew Timms at Edwards & Co on 0161 833 9991 /
5plus architects
Online Ventures Group
392.7 sq m 4,227 sq ft
393 sq m 4,230 sq ft
253.3 sq m 2,727 sq ft Fatsoma
393.6 sq m 4,237 sq ft
Arts Council
94.8 sq m 1,020 sq ft
41.8 sq m
450 sq ft
The Classroom
Pie & Ale
Arts Council
764.1 sq m 8,225 sq ft
Lever Street
Join the Dots
Arts Council
The Studio
250.8 sq m 2,700 sq ft
Floor Sq M Sq ft
Arts Council 433.7 4,668
Units 1,2,3 & 5 684.5 7,368
Available units 4 & 6 136.6 1,470
Arts Council 606.6 6,529
Available ofce 764.1 8,225
Arts Council 610.2 6,568
Join the Dots 670.7 7,210
Available ofce 250.8 2,700
The Studio 1,107.5 11,921
5plus Architects (A) 392.9 4,229
Online Ventures (B) 393.0 4,230
Available ofce A 392.7 4,227
Available ofce B 393.0 4,230
Fatsoma (A) 139.3 1,500
Available ofce A 253.3 2,727
Available ofce B 393.6 4,237
TOTAL 7,622.5 82,048
Total Available 2,584.1 27,816
e whole building is sustainable, in great location, next to everything
that you will need. Designed from 5plus architects and won the
prestigious British Council for oces for oces Best Commercial
Workspace in the North in 2011. Renting space in the hive begins from
2,500 feet and allows to t in your space in your own design.
e space that my project requires to design is the 5th and 6th oor
from the one building out of two. Since the working space that I am
going to design is going to be for the headquarters of Coco Mat, I will
include the following rooms/zones:
5th Floor
Reception Area – Visitors Waiting Area
Library Area – Hot-desking Area
Meeting Room
2 Pods
Storage Space
Private Oce Area
Exhibition Space – Designers Working Space
6th Floor
Kitchen Area- Dinning Zone
Common Area
Working Area
Storage Space
• Gym
• Showers
ese rooms/zones that I chose are based on the space, on the ethos of
the company and on the sta, that will work there, which will be from
25-35 people. e storage will be placed on essential points inside the
space and will be enough to cover all the needs. In the interior, the
materials that I will use to design and decorate the space will be mostly
natural materials and replenished furniture. e colour pallet will be
ranges from natural, earth colours that will contrast with my main
colour pallet, which is Pantone Greenery.
In this module, my main project is to redesign a working space for
a sustainable company. e working space is in e Hive building,
Manchester, UK.
e that I chose to design their headquarters is Coco-Mat. A Greek
company that was founded in 1989, they produce sleeping products and
some furniture, only from natural materials. e company has stores in
17 countries. As a company, they embrace a healthy lifestyle based on
healthy food and exercise, something that will inspire my design. Coco
mat is partner with a company that enhances wellbeing and support non-
governmental organizations, they also contribute to local communities
and try to raise environmental awareness through their actions.
Furthermore, they create equal opportunities to all their employees.
In the production sector, their basic factory which is in Greece, has
virtually neutral carbon footprint and recycling reach 96 %. Also, they use
replenished raw materials such as cotton, seaweed, wool and wood. e
materials that they use are 100 % natural and some of them are: cotton,
coconut ber, natural rubber, seaweed, eucalyptus, wood, horsehair, linen,
down, wood, cactus and lavender. e deliver their products with bikes,
made from natural materials. In conclusion, this magnicent company
is running a project the last 5 years that is named pillow positive project
and by that, they support women who have undergone breast cancer
related surgery. In addition, they support institutions, organizations and
e building
e hive is located in northern quarter in Manchester, next to Piccadilly
gardens. Exact location is 51 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FN. e building
is the only grade A building that accommodates oces Pie & Ale and
Bakerie, near the city centre of Manchester.
Site analysis
e Northern Quarter (N4 or NQ) is an area of Manchester city centre, England, generally marked out between Piccadilly, Victoria and
Ancoats, and centred on Oldham Street, just o Piccadilly Gardens. It was an invention of the 1990s, dened and named as part of the
regeneration and gentrication of Manchester.A centre of alternative and bohemian culture, the area is usually considered to be contained
within Newton Street (borders with Piccadilly Basin), Great Ancoats Street (borders with Ancoats), Back Piccadilly (borders with Piccadilly
Gardens) and Swan Street/High Street (borders with Shudehill/Arndale). Popular streets include Oldham Street, Tib Street, Newton Street,
Lever Street, Dale Street, Hilton Street and omas Street.
Northern Quarter
Faraday Street
Spear Street
Spear Street
Spear Street
Spear Street Parking
Lever Street Lever Street
Newton Street
Faraday Street
Northern Quarter is a creative area, a lot of mu-
rals are painted there. e style of the area and
the people are totally dierent from the rest
Manchester, that elements are
aecting the buildings and their philosophy.
e hive ts perfect there and Coco Mats oce
should be designed accordingly.
Space Planning
Following the inial space / zoning ideas for the 5th
oor this has now been considered over the exisng
oor plan. The relaonships between the various areas
required are considered - exploring the movement
through the space is key to design a fuconal open plan.
I should avoid placing work area around the green box which includes, stairs, wc
and lis, because of the loud sounds. Also, it would be a good idea to place the
kitchen near there, so there is no need to extend the water pipes.
I will keep one entrance, because I want the reception area, to be the rst thing
the visitor can see straight aer he get out the li or the stairs. Furthermore,
there is no need to pass outside the toilets in case of a second door. As an
outcome, I can say denitely, that the reception desk and waiting area will
be placed in front of my main entrance.I should design the common areas,
to be near the sunny sides of the building. e result of this design will keep
distractions away from the work areas and the same time oers to the workers a
more enjoyable brake time.
W.C. W.C.
Rendered Sketches
5th Floor - Rendered Floor Plan
6th Floor - Rendered Floor Plan
Section AA-Working Area- Gym- Common area
Section A1A1
Working Area
Section A2A2
Exhibition Area- Private Oce
Visuals 5th oor
Reception Area
Exhibition Area
Meeting Room
Common Area-
Studying Area
Visuals 6th oor
Working Space
Hot-desk Area