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okolona Christian Church Facility Use Guide Table of Contents Facility Use Guide Intro 2 Facility Use Priority 3 Scheduling Procedures 4 Room Equipment Instructions 6 Facility Use Guidelines 9 Restrictions 12 Facility Use Fees 13 General Questions 14 Emergency Response and Contact Information 14 Facility Map First Floor 15 Facility Map Second Floor 16

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Facility Use Guide Intro The facilities equipment and property of Okolona Christian Church OCC have been provided through God s blessings and the faithfulness of our members Please keep in mind that we are a church and not a rental facility These guidelines are designed to help us use our resources in the most efficient way possible We also want to ensure that these resources are only used for purposes consistent with the Church s doctrinal beliefs which are reflected in the Bible the Church s Statement of Faith and its Wedding Guide If there is ever a question about a person s or group s stance on doctrinal beliefs the Executive Minister and or the Elders of OCC will make the final decision regarding whether their request conforms to the Church s doctrinal beliefs With that in mind please continue reading for information instructions and restrictions regarding OCC facility use Please note Any event directly connected to the life and ministry of the Church will always be given preference even if another event had been previously scheduled for that same day and time OCC will make every effort to accommodate all scheduled events but some flexibility in room assignment may be required 2

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Facility Use Priority Requests for use of OCC facilities are prioritized as follows OCC Ministries Activities sponsored by OCC ministries or directly connected to the life and ministry of OCC will be given preference and may supersede prior reservations Member events Member events will include activities by OCC Members that are not related to OCC ministries These may include anniversaries bridal baby showers special occasion events etc Outside Non Profit Organizations Outside Non Profit Organizations that closely align with OCC s Mission and Statement of Faith must receive prior approval from the Executive Minister in order to use the building Priority will be given to those having a responsible OCC member associated with the group Upon approval and depending on the type of use the Organization may be asked to provide proof of liability insurance naming OCC as an additional insured and or proof of tax exempt status For Profit Organizations and or Political Campaigns For Profit Organizations and Political Campaigns will not be permitted to use OCC facilities in order to protect our tax exempt status Fund Raising Activities Church Facilities are not available for fund raising events of any kind 3

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Scheduling Procedures OCC Ministry Events Life Groups Bible Studies Workshops etc OCC Ministry related events are scheduled through the Administrative Assistant for that particular Ministry Department OCC Member and Non Profit Organization Events OCC Member events bridal baby showers anniversary parties special occasion events etc and Non Profit Organizations may request facility use by completing a Facility Use Request form w hich is available in the church office at the Information Desk in the lobby and on the OCC website www okolonacc org The form should be completed and returned to the church office to the attention of the Facilities Coordinator at least 60 days prior to the requested event Room requests will not be taken over the phone NOTE I t is crucial that all activities and room use be scheduled through the office so that we can accommodate as many requests as possible No one including OCC Ministries should use a room s without first making the appropriate request this includes switching to a different room Room Assignments Rooms will be assigned based on the type of event group size and room availability Any additional needs i e kitchen use projector etc should be noted on the Facility Use Request form 4

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Scheduling Procedures continued Building Access Any facility uses outside of normal business hours 8 30 am to 5 00 pm Monday through Friday will require a keycard for access If needed the Facilities Coordinator will issue a keycard two 2 business days prior to the event that can be picked up during normal business hours A 5 key deposit will be required cash or check The keycard must be returned on the next business day following the scheduled event At that time the key deposit will be returned Groups that have been issued a keycard must understand that having a church keycard does not permit unrestricted use of OCC facilities Responsible Party All scheduled rooms for Member Events must have at least one individual identified to be accountable for the group s activities All scheduled rooms for Non Profit Organizations must have two individuals identified to be accountable for the group s activities 5

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Room Equipment Instructions Kitchen Use If the kitchen is needed in conjunction with room use it must also be reserved All kitchen appliances and utensils may be used However paper products are reserved for scheduled church events Note W e cannot guarantee availability of refrigerator or freezer space The kitchen will not be available during Student Worship time on Sunday evenings Childcare Rooms If you need an extra room for childcare it must be reserved in advance This includes any room in our Children s wing It is the responsibility of the room user to provide proper supervision and care for the children at all times All childcare workers must comply with OCC Children s security requirements which include an approved background check Snacks drinks cups supplies etc must be provided by the room user The food items and other supplies located in the Children s areas have been purchased for the Preschool and Elementary Ministries use All childcare rooms must be thoroughly cleaned when the scheduled event is concluded See Cleanup under Facility Use Guidelines pg 9 6

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Room Equipment Instructions continued Main Auditorium and Faithville Theaters Staging must not be moved in the main Auditorium or Faithville Theater s The Commons Nothing other than Student Ministry events will be scheduled in The Commons on Sunday All other scheduling will be on a case by case basis with Student Ministry events given priority Furnishings Furniture including tables and chairs should not be moved from one room to another If there is a need for these items it should be indicated on the Facility Use Request form when the room is requested The Facilities Coordinator will advise as to the availability of said items and where they are located Upon completion of the scheduled event the items must be returned to their original location and setup Please Note Furnishings including chairs and tables belonging to OCC may NOT be removed from the premises for personal use 7

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Room Equipment Instructions continued AV Equipment Use Use of the sound video equipment in the Main Auditorium Faithville Theater s or The Commons requires an OCC approved operator I f needed this should be included on the Facility Use Request form There may be an additional fee for this service If the portable sound equipment is needed it should be indicated on the Facility Use Request form when the room is requested The Facilities Coordinator will advise as to the availability of said items and where they are located Upon completion of the scheduled event the items must be returned to their original location and setup Please Note Equipment belonging to OCC may NOT be removed from the premises for personal use Supplies Room use does not include supplies Supplies and paper products in the rooms including the kitchen have been purchased by the class or ministry based in that area All other groups including ministry teams should plan on providing their own supplies Use a leave NO trace mentality 8

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Facility Use Guidelines Cleanup Users are responsible for cleaning the room s that is are used including the bagging of all trash and the removal of the trash to the dumpster Additional trash bags are attached to the trash containers and or are available in the janitors closets Vacuum cleaners are available in various areas throughout the building and should be returned to the location where they were found wc104 2nd floor janitors closet near offices Bathroom cleanup should include checking and where necessary cleaning and restoring paper products that may have been used in conjunction with the scheduled event Toilet paper paper towels etc for bathrooms are available in various janitors closets throughout the building Kitchen cleanup will include washing drying and putting away all dishes and utensils washing all countertops and work areas checking the stove and all electric appliances to make sure they have been turned off removing all food items from the refrigerator freezer and kitchen counter and taking all trash to the dumpster Any cloth towels that are used must be washed and returned to the kitchen in a timely manner Childcare Room s cleanup includes disinfecting all toys with disinfectant and wiping down all tables and countertops Vacuuming as needed Vacuums are available in the Preschool Resource Room or janitors closets and there are carpet sweepers in several rooms Failure to adequately complete the clean up may result in denial of future room requests 9

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Facility Use Guidelines continued Room Setup All rooms should be returned to the same setup configuration in which they were found unless otherwise advised by the Facilities Coordinator We suggest that you draw a diagram or take pictures of the room set up before changes are made Custodial and or Tear down Fees In the event that the OCC staff has to clean and or tear down any area after an event as a result of the group s failure to properly clean their space and or return it to the same configuration as they found it there will be a fee of 30 per hour charged Signage Upon request special meeting notices or room changes for OCC ministry related events will be printed by the office staff and displayed on sign stands Food and Drink No food or drink will be allowed in the Main Auditorium or Faithville Theaters In Children s rooms and Student areas all food and drink issues will follow approved Children s Student guidelines 10

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Facility Use Guidelines continued Parental Supervision Parents are responsible for their children who should be under their direct supervision at all times unless the children are participating in a scheduled Children s or Student s activity Use of Non Reserved Areas Keep in mind that we have many groups using rooms in the building Groups must stay within the areas reserved for them Hours No one is to remain in the building past 11 00 pm without prior authorization Any violation of this may result in an unnecessary police run for which OCC may be charged If that happens we may pass that charge on to you Propping Doors Open Building access doors should NEVER be propped open as this adversely affects the security system and because we do not have staff available to monitor the doors during events to know who is coming in the building You should plan to post someone at the door to allow access for your event only If unlocking access doors is determined to be appropriate to allow entry of event participants a key will be made available by the Facilities Coordinator The doors opened should be limited to only those which are necessary for the scheduled event All doors should be locked shortly after the event begins 11

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Restrictions No dancing consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on church property Smoking is not permitted within the buildings Member Events and Outside groups should not list OCC as a contact for information OCC will not be responsible for informing people of cancellations changes etc No signage advertising may be posted on OCC property without PRIOR permission from the Executive Minister or his representative Outside groups may NOT use the name of OCC in any publicity without PRIOR permission They may list OCC s address for directional purposes only and must provide OCC with copies of any literature posters publicity etc advertising the event The sponsoring organization must be clearly identified Room capacities must not be exceeded These are established by the Fire Department The fire lane must be kept clear Violations of these rules are violations of city codes Everyone using OCC facilities must obey all church rules and all federal state and local laws and act in accordance with OCC s values principles goals and mission Personal Property Personal property should not be left unattended OCC is not responsible for the loss of personal property 12

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Facility Use Fees Fee Requirements For non OCC Ministry related events a facilities use fee may be charged to defray the cost of facility usage The fee will be based on the rate sheet below If applicable a 50 deposit will be due within five 5 business days of receiving the Facility Use Request approval The event will not be confirmed on our calendar until the deposit is received The remaining balance if any is due two weeks prior to the event Checks should be made payable to Okolona Christian Church and directed to the attention of the Facilities Coordinator Rate Sheet Rate Member Non Member Group Size Up to 50 50 100 Group Size 51 100 75 150 Group Size 101 150 100 200 Group Size 151 Up 125 250 The Commons 125 250 Main Auditorium 250 500 Audio Visual Technician if needed 75 up to 4 hours 20 ea add l hour Damages Damage fees may be assessed to the individual designated as the accountable party for any damage to the facilities as a result of the scheduled event 13

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General Questions For general questions about any of the OCC guidelines you can call the Facilities Coordinator during business hours 8 30 5 00 Monday through Friday 502 962 6500 Emergency Response Contact Information NOTE Please do not call the emergency contact numbers for general information questions Medical Police Fire 911 Property Location is 10801 Faithful Way Louisville KY 40229 Use Mt Washington Rd rear entrance Facility Manager Greg Ehret Business Administrator Elaine Duncan 502 445 0339 502 594 7783 14

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