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LOOK BACK LOOK UP LOOK FORWARD What is a blessing from God you are thankful for Read the passage 12 14 verses aloud twice using different translations What is a burden you are carrying How did it go with your takeaway from last meeting Ask for a volunteer to summarize or retell the passage in his her own words Take a minute in silence to identify one way you should think or act differently in response to the passage write it in your journal Share your takeaway Has anyone had a disciple making win this week Have you had a Gospel Conversation with anyone Review the week Pray Together Read and Retell the Word Reflect on the Word What does the passage say about God Father Son Holy Spirit What does the passage say specifically about the other people in the story Pray for each other s burdens areas of growth Are there any promises commands examples or words in the passage that stood out to you Pray by name for people you engaged this week What did you find to be important or challenging in the passage Pray for reading God s Word together Respond together Practice Together Care through Prayer 15 Second Testimony 3 Circles Pray Together Ask God for strength to be obedient with your takeaways Ask God for B O B BURDEN for the lost OPPORTUNITY to share BOLDNESS to share

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Main Points LOOK BACK To check in with one another concerning the action steps determined by each individual the previous week LOOK UP To focus your gathering time on the Word of God and to allow it to be the driving factor in the spiritual growth of every member of your group LOOK FORWARD To develop a daily habit of thinking about how the Word compels us towards change and growth in Christ We want to learn how to be disciples of Jesus Christ to follow Jesus head be changed by Jesus heart and commit to the mission of Jesus hands We want to equip you in a relational environment with a simple reproductible method for making disciples so that you can multiply and repeat with others Leading a 4 19 Group Love the people you are leading a relationship of trust allows you to grow together Pray earnestly for your people and for B O B put it on your calendar reminders etc Grow in your obedience to the Word with your group Grow with them Facilitator Card

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