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Music for think?


On this segment of the magazine you'll find a comparation of MTV TOP 8

national music VS mine TOP 8 about mine opinion and Pity Alvarez biopgraphy, music and more of his story.


Stay with me and read this!

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  • No te va a gustar - Alba
  • La renga - Pole
  • La 25 - Mil canciones
  • Las pastillas del abuelo - Rompecabezas
  • -La beriso - Mañana
  • Las pelotas - Victimas del cielo
  • La franela - Loco bien
  • Massacre - Muñeca roja



Reggae para Mirta - Intoxicados

Viernes 3 AM -  Charly García

La leyenda del hada y el mago - Rata blanca

Blues para mi guitarra-Pappo

This song is a critisicsm about the thoughs of persons who thinks that the importants things about a person is outside and not inside

This is a sad song. This song talks about a bad llife using a lot of metapors. At the end of the song the protagonist kills himself

Muchacha ojos de papel -


Solo te pido - LPDA

First in all i have to start with a master piece in mine opinion, this is "Los dinosaurios" of Charly García. On this song Charly gives his opinion about the politicians topics, kidnappeds and murderers. The politicians didn't censor this song because they didn't pay atention

Los dinosaurios - Charly García

This master piece tells the story of an impossible love between a fairy and a magician. This song doesn't have nothing special but i love Adrian Barilari's voice

I have a personal love for this song because i play te guitar and this song describes how i feel when i play mine

I dont have woeds for his song, The lyrics and Spinetta's voice puts me a chicken skin

This song makes my cry because i lost a parent few week ago and this song tells all the things that i would like to do with she, like give she a last kiss or a last hug but i cant

Mine TOP 7 of national music

Pity Alvarez: 

Stupid or genius?