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Together we can . . .
Be the Face of Hope
“e people who walk in darkness will see a great light . . .” — Isaiah 9:2
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“Even in the deepest darkness, God’s light burns vividly as a candle of hope.
— Michelle Kiprop, BSN, MSN, FNP-C, and William Kiprop,
Co-founders of Hope Matters International
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Hope Really Does Matter
MedSend healthcare professionals like Michelle
Kiprop know what it means to “hope against hope”
(Romans 8:4).
Such was the case when Baby Charlotte arrived at
the medical clinic in Kenya that Michelle directs and
co-founded. The 6.8-pound 11-week-old was near death.
“She didn’t even have the strength to cry or protest
as I undressed her,” Michelle recalls. Gently, she pinched
Charlotte’s skin and it stayed “tented” – a sign of severe
“It was one of those moments when adrenaline kicks
in as you realize you need to act quickly to save a life,
she says.
The staff started highly specialized feedings every
two hours, as well as a treatment regimen to manage
her infections. Despite the odds, they fought for the
precious child’s life. And they prayed.
“There are times when
I have nothing physical
to offer an individual or
family, but I can still pray
and offer the one hope
that will always prove
true: Jesus Christ,
Michelle says.
Fortunately, Charlotte
did respond to treatment.
Within days, she even
smiled. Today she is on
track with both her
growth and development.
“I am so thankful for the ability to be here to serve
the least of these,” Michelle says. “I ask daily for the
strength and grace to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
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At an altitude of more than 13,000 feet, Potosi,
Bolivia, has been called a “missionary graveyard”
because serving in this remote and impoverished
area can be so difficult. Yet that is exactly where
two members of MedSend’s most recent class are
headed when their MedSend grants are funded.
“It was confirmed over and over that Potosi is
where we feel the Lord is calling us,” says Caitlin
Lawrence, RN, a nurse who will be serving in a
Christian medical clinic, training nationals and
developing a hospice program.
She will be joined by Meghan Scott, MD, a
physician who will also work in the clinic – and
who happens to be Caitlin’s best friend.
“I’m thrilled that we will be able to support each
other,” Meghan says. She will focus on ministering
to the miners and their families, an unreached
group who make up roughly half of the population.
Spanish conquerors stripped Potosi’s mines of
most of their enormous wealth centuries ago.
Today, men eke out a living mining the little silver,
tin and zinc that remains.
It’s a harsh life. Oxygen is scarce inside the
mines and conditions are primitive. Miners excavate
with metal bars, hammers and sticks of dynamite.
Boys as young 12 remove the debris with
wheelbarrows. The
miners chew coca
leaves to numb the
pain during work
shifts as long as 72
hours. Many die in
cave-ins or succumb
to lung disease.
“Life expectancy
is 45 for miners,
Caitlin says. “Seventy-
five percent of the
population is 25 and
Shining Gods Light in the Darkness
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“Boys as young as
12 remove debris
with wheelbarrows.”
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Supporting each other: Meghan Scott, MD, and Caitlin Lawrence, RN.
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Called to a Hard Place – Together
Spiritual reality in the mines is also grim. The miners
may say they worship God above ground, but they don’t
believe His power extends below ground. Inside the
mines, they worship a large wooden idol called El Tio. In
exchange for offerings of alcohol, cigarettes, coca leaves
and even animals, they believe he will provide them with
protection, health and prosperity.
“It was terrifying, the most dangerous thing I’ve ever
seen in my life,” Meghan says of the mine tour she and
Caitlin took when first visiting Potosi. “From the moment
you walk in, you feel like you can’t breathe.” When their
guide stopped to make an offering to an El Tio idol, he
explained that the blood splattered on the walls was
from a llama that had recently been sacrificed there.
Meghan is committed to bringing God’s light into
this dark domain.
“Our ministry is partnering with the mining
cooperatives to provide medical care for the miners,
with the goal of creating opportunities to share with
them the truth of God’s power, sovereignty and love,
she says.
Both women are excited about the opportunities they
will have to teach in the community, and also to train and
mentor national healthcare workers. Caitlin is looking
forward to developing the area’s first program of
palliative and hospice care. Such programs provide
physical, emotional and spiritual support for patients who
are facing death and their
families, and naturally open
doors to sharing the good
news of Jesus’ love.
Caitlin speaks for both
women when she says, “My
motivation and desire is to
see God glorified among all
peoples. I am so incredibly
excited to serve the Lord as
a missionary in Potosi.”
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Bethany Edwards,
Location: Togo
Assignment: She will care for
patients in a Christian hospital
and train national staff.
Call: “I desire to share with my
patients about the God who
can give eternal healing,
despite their physical
Charlie Dotson*, MD
Location: Horn of Africa
Assignment: He will use
community medicine and
training nationals as a platform
for evangelism.
Call: “Medicine seems to be an
excellent strategy to reach this
group of people, as people’s
walls come down behind
closed doors.
* Name changed for security.
Jason Como, MD
Location: Haiti
Assignment: He will serve as a
hospital medical director and
will train nationals.
Call: “I started life as an
abandoned orphan. Medical
professionals were part of my
recovery then, and now I can
give back out of the abundance
of what God has given me.
Meet Another Amazing Class!
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Joshua R.*, DO
Location: South Asia
Assignment: He will care for
medical patients and teach
nationals in a mission hospital.
Call: “We have been given a
love for the people in South
Asia and for using healthcare
to minister to them.
* Name withheld for security.
Mary Hall*, MD
Location: Africa
Assignment: As a pediatrician,
she will do home visits and
community health education.
Call: “I plan to use my skills as
a pediatrician to open
opportunities to build
relationships and share the
love of Jesus.
* Name changed for security.
Sylvia Duggar*, RN
Location: Middle East
Assignment: She will care for
Bedouins in a TB facility.
Call: “I plan to create
relationships with the patients
and be able to share my life
and experience with them in
order to eventually share the
* Name changed for security.
These committed healthcare professionals
are approved for MedSend grants and ready
to serve – as soon as their grants are funded.
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God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful . . .
Robert Parker, MD & Andrea Parker, MD
Location: Kenya
Assignment: They will both serve as surgeons at a
Christian hospital and will train nationals.
His Call: “By providing healthcare in a
compassionate, loving way, we get the opportunity
to show love as Jesus loves us.
Her Call: “I have seen how incredible His love can
be when coupled with the tangible expression of
providing healthcare to those in desperate need.
Andrew Leone, MD & Christina Leone, MD
Location: Kenya
Assignment: They will provide physical therapy to
patients in a clinic and in their homes, and may
train nationals.
His Call: “We believe that God has united Christina
and me to use our efforts and training to spread
the gospel truth to the nations!”
Her Call: “I feel called to care for all, as Christ has
loved and cared for me.
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Dear brothers and sisters, pray for us.” – 1 essalonians 5:24-25
Meghan Scott, MD
Location: Bolivia
Assignment: She will serve
people in need, including
miners, at a Christian clinic, and
train and mentor national
Call: “I will care for the physical
needs of patients, while also
sharing with them the good
news of Jesus.
J.K.*, MSN, RN
Location: Middle East
Assignment: She will serve in a
free clinic for women and
Call: “Once I have built
relationships in the clinic, I plan
to meet with women and share
the gospel with them.
* Name withheld for security.
Caitlin Lawrence,
Location: Bolivia
Assignment: She will serve
in a Christian clinic, caring for
patients, training national
nurses, and developing a
hospice program.
Call: “My motivation and desire
is to see God glorified among
all peoples.
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A Light for the Nations
“erefore, go and make disciples of all nations.— Matthew 28:19
MedSend’s most recent class includes five
MedSend Nationals! Their grants will fund
advanced medical training and Christian
mentoring — equipping them
to serve people in need in their home
They are clockwise, from left:
Dr. Hilary Kositany, MBChB, from Kenya
Dr. Musa Greville, MBChB, from DRC
Dr. Sarah Kiptinness, MBChB, from Kenya
Dr. Mourine Melenia, MBChB, from Kenya
Dr. Gad Igiraneza, MD, from Burundi
“I am so happy that He gave me the possibility to bring hope to the sick by
treating their physical aches, but also reach out to their spiritual needs. My
deepest dream is to work in a rural hospital in Burundi and to help create a
hospital at my home village where there is none. — Dr. Gad Igiraneza
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We are pleased to approve renewal
grants for the following experienced
career healthcare missionaries:
Suzanne Hurst, RN – DRC
Deborah M., FNP – USA
Jake Warner*, RN – Horn of Africa
Amy Warner*, FNP – Horn of Africa
Gloria C.*, FNP – South Asia
Phillip McCreary, PharmD – Niger
*Names changed or withheld for security.
Staying the Course
“Let’s not get tired of doing what is good, for at the right time
we will reap a harvest—if we do not give up.” — Galatians 6:9
“I have been able to answer God’s call to serve the people of South
Asia for four years already, when I would probably still be in the U.S.
paying o loans if it were not for the generous grant from MedSend.”
— Gloria C.*, FNP
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Transforming Lives . . . and Entire Communities
Our God Cares
The village chief came to the community
health education course that MedSend
nurse Suzanne Hurst was teaching at a
local church in Central Africa. A non-
Christian, he sat silently through all four
sessions. As the last class ended, he
surprised everyone by standing to
address them.
“We always thought that the church was
here to yell at us and try to drag us
inside their doors,” he said. “But now I
see that the church is here for us, that you want to help us. Anything that you want to do in this
neighborhood has my approval because I see that you and your God care about us.
— Suzanne Hurst, RN, third from left above, recently was
approved for a MedSend renewal grant.
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Global Impact
Your generous support is having a significant impact on the physical and spiritual well-being of people around the world.
Here are some of the numbers behind MedSend’s ministry:
Total MedSend grants since 1992: 565
Total dollar amount of grants paid since 1992: $15,890,612
Healthcare professionals currently receiving grant support: 183
Total grants paid in full: 126
More than 40% of MedSend healthcare professionals serve in
“high security” areas that require protecting their locations
and identities.
More than 50 grant recipients are still serving in cross-cultural
Christian healthcare ministry even after their MedSend grants
have been paid in full.
Last year alone, MedSend healthcare
professionals served in more than 75
countries, cared for more than 186,100
patients, personally shared Christ with
more than 24,425 people, personally
led more than 1,800 people to Christ,
and personally discipled more than
1,233 people.
Amount of support we need to raise
to fund grants for current
class: $1,076,851.
Current Comitments
Approved and Awaiting Funding $1,501,598.40
Current International Recipient $ 597,500.00
Currently Serving (from U.S.) $3,194,942.69
Total $5,294,041.09
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By supporting MedSend, you make it
possible for Christian healthcare
professionals like Dr. Jones to answer
God’s call. You help bring God’s light
and hope to people in need throughout
the world!
“We thank God for the generous donors that
allow MedSend to be a blessing to so many
of us on the mission field. The MedSend
grant allowed us to get on the field and stay
on the field reaching the people God has
asked us to serve. We feel free to focus on
the work that God has given us to do here in
Kenya without the worries of how we are
going to pay for my medical school loans
each month.
— Dr. Kyle Jones, DO
YOU make it possible!
“e fruit I have seen, that I have been a part of, abounds to your account.— Philippians 4:17
MedSend • 999 Oronoque Lane, Stratford, CT 06614 • 203-891-8223 •
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