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FACE Magazine Aug. 2020 Issue

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FACE August 2020 STEP UP With The BeautyCounter BREAKING The FINANCE Silence Building Your Ideal SUPPORT SYSTEM The ULTIMATE Quarantine 15 Weight Detox Vol 1 Issue 4 ES 5 50 IT 5 00 FR 5 34 GB 5 00 What s Your Gut Telling You USA 6

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 02 editor s note 03 04 what s your gut tell you behind the working woman 05 06 take action the voting ultimatum quarantine 15 detox 07 08 let s talk finance Hall of FACE Meet BeautyCounter

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FACE Editor s Note EDITOR S NOTE When I sat down to create the first ever issue of FACE I knew what I wanted it to be for people A resource of expansion knowledge passion and perspective There was no hub of information about makeup and skincare hacks that also highlighted the toxicity of it all No wastefree warriors who were already addicted to a harmful industry No place where women could openly discuss taboo topics like pooping and finances As I find my groove as a new beauty editor and further explore my industry I grow excited to share my discoveries with you I present this issue with the every day female in mind You deserve honesty and loyalty You deserve the truth You deserve to know how to really make informed financial decisions and know what every day products you purchase are filled with I do this because I love to learn about these things But as I my knowledge grows I find it harder to stay silent about these truths I know I hope you take this issue as a beacon of empowerment You are the controller in your life and you are destined for abundant health wealth and confidence Sincerely Amanda Broadus Editor in Chief 2

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FACE Column What s Your Gut Tell You Easy tell right And literal millions of women across the globe silently experience this In the U K 1 in 10 women suffer from constipation or other bowel issues Leaky gut syndrome a micro version of gastroenteritis is commonly found in women When the intestinal lining of the stomach is damaged with cracks or holes toxins I know your secret and partially digested food escape into the bloodstream You have bad stomach issues Like we re talking terrible causing inflammation and changes in gut flora And slightly embarrassing I totally get it I wouldn t want to share my chronic constipation burping and heartburn Go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief sis You are not with my girlfriends either But what if I said you aren t the alone and you are not to blame for your pains There is only one with it That nearly 100 million women an assortment of solutions to rebalance your gut and get worldwide suffer from some type of gut issue Because back to feeling good after meals but it is important to we do note you have some changes to make To properly heal a busted gut you must avoid some things Most gut issues in women are undiagnosed because as incorporate others and practice a bit of mindfulness women we place the blame on ourselves before we along the way until you fully adjust Building a healthy blame others This creates thoughts like I deserve to feel microbiome can take up to 6 months of consistent effort horrible right now because I should not have eaten that and learning new habits but it is reversible Here is double cheeseburger with extra Swiss and a large what you can do strawberry shake Or I m fat and always bloated and it s because I don t eat right To that I say stop it ADD GUT HEALTH FOODS LIKE Your chronic gut issues are avoidable because gut issues are not only related to your digestive tract The female microbiome aka your human tissue and biofluid is complex and can be disrupted by multiple things Gut flora microorganisms in the digestive tract can be impacted by pregnancy birth control makeup and perfume So how can you confirm your gut is imbalanced Here is a comparison PROBIOTICS BONE BROTH AND GHEE CHEW YOUR FOOD ALL THE WAY INCORPORATE PRO AND PRE BIOTICS Before you ask here is a list of prebiotics Whole grains food group Wheat oats brown rice quinoa corn brown rice flaxseed chia couscous and barley Studies also revealed 3 servings of whole grains daily Imbalanced Gut Constipation Diarrhea Discomfort after eating Hemorrhoids Bloating Burping Loose stool or rabbit poops Heartburn Gas Stomach ulcers Acid reflux Overactive thyroid Indigestion Coeliac disease Balanced Gut Regular poops No discomfort following meals reduces risk of Constipation Inflammation Obesity Diabetes Heart disease Colon cancer Depression Anxiety So what has your gut been telling you Not that you re a bad person but that it needs better bacteria to continue thriving And always consult with your trusted physician before making drastic changes Now run along and share the good word with your girlfriends Chances are their guts aren t happy with them either 3

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FACE Column BEHIND THE WORKING WOMAN BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Others will want to celebrate every day made without place The two go hand in hand A support system drinking before 5 And you can never forget about looks different for everyone Some include financial your silent cheerleaders who always love your support or emotional support while others are frequent Facebook statuses bragging about your Outstanding discussions of encouragement Building an effective Achievement Award Whoever they may be identify support system doesn t have to be a complex task It s those individuals in your squad and keep keeping not about taking what you can get but using what you them in the loop already have No one likes a stagnant person but a woman making Begin by reading the room and recognizing not moves has the least time for them You can t have everyone is happy for you or praying over your stagnant friends in your corner and expect genuine success it s a sad truth to tell Your support system support for them because they won t fully understand should match your energy and excitement about new your moves Sacrifices made to reach personal opportunities and accomplishments As you delve into benchmarks require much discipline with few your career you want to share milestones with the right distractions Instead surround yourself with like people who won t negate your accomplishments minded men and women who keep the motivational undermine your intelligence or just ruin the moment flow going It s fun to celebrate multiple events and completely people in your squad You need friends for different things Unfortunately you The end of 2020 is nearing which can t pick who supports you and how much but you means this decade is off to a poor start can utilize the people already in your corner Some but at least your remaining 99 of your friends are excited to hear full recounts of problems won t be support system your three hour zoom meetings related YROTS ERUTAEF Every strong woman has a strong support system in It s about using what you already have Black Owned Throw Pillow Cover 17 5 x 17 5 16 99 MA AM Mouse pad Horizontal 15 49 High Maintenance Insulated Talk To Me Nice Eco Stainless Steel Water Bottle Friendly Cotton Tote 26 49 17 49 MA AM Women s Premium Hoodie 35 99 Cosmetic Crazed Women s Premium T Shirt 21 49 BlackLivesMatter Men s Premium T Shirt 25 99 Shop Cosmetic Crazed SHOP NOW pillows cases totes and more OPEN Now available at merchandise Women and Men s apparel www cosmeticcrazed com shop 4

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FACE Column Shop merchandise SETON S ROTIDE TAKE ACTION THE VOTING ULTIMATUM VOTING Now available Okay But Are You Registered To Vote Women s Premium T Shirt 21 49 Your Vote Matters Women s Premium Hoodie 35 99 Your vote is the foundation of our democracy and more styles www cosmeticcrazed com shop If one thing has been proven in 2020 it s that politics in America do nothing but divide the country right down the middle Hidden sides have been uncovered family and friends have split and little fires have been started everywhere In our nation majority decisions are resolved through our government system It s the foundation of our nation The democracy has and probably always will be highly favored among our leaders The hard truth is it s time for us to match their energy Your vote is the foundation of our democracy Looking at previous elections shows the importance of voting at all levels including state and local But with the presidential election just under 3 months away we ll look at the 2000 Presidential Election Al Gore versus George W Bush This close call election may have ended with a different president if 537 Liberals 0 009 turned up for their candidate to cast their vote Looking at the most recent 2016 election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump where Clinton secured the popular votes and Trump won swing states Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania giving him the win There is much at stake with presidential elections beyond popularity contests and who can perform better in a debate Decisions about gun regulation police reform student loans quality pay for educators and resources for low income communities are all determined by your vote But you must remember it s not only about what you re going through currently but what you will also go through the following 4 years About what happens to your family and friends within the following 4 years Consider the unexpected emergencies or plans that don t go accordingly and how the elected officials will either help or hinder your life outcome Before you judge a candidate you must know what you are looking for Then research political candidates on the ballots to gather information about them Evaluate what they have to say about all policies not just the three which pertain to you as of the last 9 months of your life It s also about learning how others view candidates too Yes you should listen to the opposing sides to receive as much of an unbiased opinion as you can This entanglement isn t one to be worked out in a matter of minutes The government is a twister of loop holing and they re quite good at covering it ahem gaslighting But we are intelligent enough to sort it all out with a bit of added effort Resources like BallotPedia org breakdown candidates and proposed policies on one page for easy comparison If you set aside 1 hour a week to research all candidates until the election then you will confidently make an informed decision come Nov 3 Your vote matters more than you think 5

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FACE Column THE QUARANTINE 15 DETOX For many this year will bring horrific memories for a myriad of reasons Mine will be my expanded waistline My forever fluctuating body could not handle the heat of 2020 and is now composed of Wheat Thins and Insomnia Cookie binders induced by my self diagnosed emotional eating disorder While I m not completely bothered by a few additional pounds I do prefer a life of balance Here is my strategy to getting back on track and maintaining my balance You Can Lose the Weight Before you delve deep into focusing your energy on the weight loss keep a reminder at the forefront of your mind that the weight can come off and it will come off with consistency patience and self love With the proper combination of a rebalanced diet an increase in physical activity quality sleep and steady stress levels you will get back to feeling like your best self TI OD NAC UOY Give Yourself a Plan A healthy weight loss approach allows 1 2 pounds gone a week Try this hypothetical your starting weight was 147lbs and then you went into lockdown mid March In a 3 month stretch you gained 12lbs and now sit at 159lbs respectfully While some of us are enjoying our new COVID curves some of us feel it would be nice to even out and reach a realistic maintenance weight For this hypothetical we want to lose 7lbs to rest at 152lbs respectfully Let s see how Routine Start with waking up and going to bed at the same time whatever that may be for you The first thing we lost to COVID 19 was our routine and sense of normalcy Regardless of if you re working from home or back in your office you should aim to get 6 8 good hours of sleep I know you have heard this plenty before But listen when the body is losing weight a hormone called Leptin is released from fat cells Leptin communicates with the brain to signal hunger and fullness When the body does not get enough sleep it produces less Leptin which increases your appetite And if you re awake with an appetite you re going to eat Experiment with Cooking Food is the culprit of weight gain but you obviously can t go without that The idea is to remain aware of what is now going into your body and the amount Exploring new tastes keeps eating fun and dividing portions is easier when following a recipe This promotes mindful eating while preventing wasting food if the recipe goes bad Set small goals like trying to incorporate each food group at least once a day or start a streak of eating fresh fruit twice a day Don t try to hit each food group with every meal Have water and fruit with your breakfast then enjoy a soda with a side salad and your choice entr e for lunch and a heavy protein with grains for dinner It s about balance Once you get all your necessary goodies feel free to go hard for dessert We are still in the middle of a pandemic after all No need to get super crazy about it Manage Your Stress Release that pent up energy somehow You can do this through meditation exercise yoga or practicing controlled breathing for a period of time When the body holds stress other health issues develop Unresolved anger is stored in the lower back fear hides in the stomach and intestines hurt feelings hurt your chest and loss of control is what keeps giving you all those headaches you can t explain You need to let it go sis 6

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FACE Column Let s Talk e c n a n Fi THE DAYS OF WOMEN STAYING SILENT ABOUT MONEY ARE OVER MY HOLY GRAIL MONEY HACKS TO KEEPING MY ACCOUNTS IN CHECK Don t spend more than a paycheck on one thing It s okay to enjoy spontaneous road trips with the girls but don t make the treat sweeter than necessary If you re living paycheck to paycheck or close enough to it the last thing you need is to be in a ditch of your own digging Practice financial maturity by disciplining your spending and keeping a balance in your account You should always know 3 numbers There are 3 numbers I know off the top of my head 1 monthly income this can be a fixed income or a fluctuating number but either way there is a margin you hit monthly Know that margin 2 fixed expenses phone insurance rent mortgage and any other bill with a set due amount should be totaled together and subtracted from your monthly income for a realistic view of your financial standing 3 average paycheck knowing how much money is coming in on a weekly or bi weekly basis is the easiest way to keep track of your expenses There is no need for a ledger unless you re big on visuals Keep your money in different places The biggest financial mistake you can make is keeping all your money in one account Big no Instead spread your money across checking savings investments and credit Yes you should have a credit card even if only for emergencies Yes you should invest even if it s spare change through a phone app You ll be grateful to have multiple places to look for money when you need it

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FACE Hall of FACE HALL OF FACE The Beauty Counter That Fights for More Than Just Clean Beauty MEET BEAUTYCOUNTER LEADERS OF CLEAN BEAUTY Most consumers assume cosmetic companies have their best interests in mind when formulating a product You are wrong to make that assumption Beautycounter proudly refuses ingredients which are harmful to the human body causing cancers fertility issues and other health defects Voices at Beautycounter have collectively met called and emailed government officials to advocate for cleaner cosmetic policies moving them to the top of political agendas As cosmetics go unregulated Beautycounter has made the testing of personal care products easier As of today more than 2 4 million has been donated to women s empowerment breast cancer research and more 9 4 That is why I am honored to induct Beautycounter into our Hall of FACE GIVING BACK ks a M l a i c aF l a o c r a h C r et n u o C Insert Beautycounter created by wife and mother Gregg Renfrew who s mission is to make cosmetics safer for everyone From sharing company Social Mission Reports on the website to creating a Never List comprised of more than 1 800 ingredients never used in product formulation Beautycounter is more than dedicated to leaving the beauty industry better 8

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