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"Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world."

The Federal Aviation Administration (FDA) is a relief agency.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Important dates for the FAA are:

  • 1958- The year it was created
  • November 1, 1958- January 20, 1961, were the years of the first administrator's years, he was Elwood Quesada
  • June 1, 1972, was the first contract FAA ever made with the National Labor Unions
  • In 1961 the first series of plane hijackings ever happened in the United States causing the FAA to have armed personnel aboard some planes
  • August 3, 1981, the National Labor Union and FAA fail to make agreement causing a strike by 13,500 of 15,000 people grounding almost all flights.


The purpose of the Federal Aviation Administration is to relief. It is a relief program because it can provide citizens who plan on traveling in the air with a relief that their flight will be safe. A few of the actual purposes of the FAA are, to regulate the commercial space transportation, issuing or suspending a pilot's license, keep all planes safe, and to develop plans to control airplane noise and to figure out ways to protect the environment even more.

Trey Giannini

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Confidence Building, Role of Government: Up

Per Capita Income: Up

Specific Population Groups Affected: Japanese

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The Federal Aviation Administration was created for the well-being of our citizens of the United States. It is the department of transportation responsible for the regulation of civil aviation in the U.S. Their duty as the FAA is to keep the airways safe. Also, the FAA is responsible for a few other things, Air Space and Air traffic management, Air navigation facilities, civil aviation abroad, commercial space transportation, and aeronautical research and development.



The Federal Aviation Administration is still up and running today, protecting the people flying in the United States.