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Five of the most extreme snow sports

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Extreme Snow Sports 

By Max Miller









Ice Climbing.....................................11


Ice Scuba Diving.........................................17


Ski Biking.....................................22


Speed Riding........................................ 27

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There are lots of different forms of extreme sports, which are all thrilling, exciting, and dangerous, ad take palce in the most death-defying places on earth. Speed riders, jump out of helicopter, on extreme summits and paraglide and ski at the same time.









Snocross is motocross, but instead of a motorbike, you use snowmobiles. All of these sport require, musscle, nerve, and human ability, to perform these gravity defying sports. If you are any of these characteristics, gear up, and set off on an, adventure that can take you anywhere.

Living On The Edge 




Henry led early but then, Wazney cut under him in a corner to grab the lead! Henry grabbed it back on the down hill. Then Wazney reclaimed the point in a corner. It didn't last long. On a straight, Henry's ski got into Wazney’s track- it's unclear if Henry was moving out or if Wazney was cutting in. Either way Wazneys’ ski-doo took a hard left, and tipped over, ejecting the driver. A game Wazney hopped back into his sled, and refired but he'd be stuck deep in the field. The contact slowed Henry enough where suddenly Goodwin was all over him. Like the battle with Wazney, Goodwin took the lead momentarily from Henry, but Henry claimed it back. Shultz was coming in fast, clearly running the fastest laps on the track, He got Goodwin with two laps left, then caught Henry as the two sleds were taking the white flag. Shultz then grabbed the lead and ran away to collect another gold with a 1.2 second gap over silver earning Henry, with Goodwin grabbing a hard-fought X-Games bronze.



Motorcross On Snow

     Snocross is simply motocross on snow. Instead of motorcycles however, they use snowmobiles, but just as competitive. Fearless riders speed their machines at 60 mph+ while performing jumps that travel up 75 feet in length and soar 20 feet in the air! Thats a lot! Drivers complete with race-prepared snowmobiles, weighing in at 400-plus pounds. If you are intrested in the rules, the next page will answe all your questions.



The rules of snocross aren’t as complicated as you think, races start with the drivers forming a line at the start line just like motocross. The event begins with either a drop of a green flag by the starter, or by the starter turning on a light. During the race, the race may be stopped for a dangerous condition. If this happens, the snowmobiles are lined up to restart in their position in the race, with the drivers involved in the dangerous condition the back. The winner of the event is the rider who finishes first, in the feature event. Like other sports that are the same as cross country winning, the winner is often the rider with the best holeshot. A holeshot is a motorsport description to describe a driver who has the strongest start to get up to racing speed. If you want to participate in this sport than here are some requirements you will need.


Racing suits must have a minimum of 144 square inches, or orange on front, and back of the suit. You need gloves, goggles/eye protection, so snow doesn't get in your eyes, leather boots, because they are great for snow, shin guards, if you fall, elbow pads, neck braces, knee guards, and upper body protection are required for your protection, just in case something goes wrong. Next, i am going to show you some of the events wehre snocross takes place.

There are lots of requirements for this complex sport, Tracks are located in higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere, since temperatures below freezing are required to maintain the frozen track surface. Drivers are required to wear a helmet with a minimum of 50% orange color. 


There are lots of race events, for snocross. In this section, it is going to talk about most of the snocross race events. First of all, one of the most famous snocross events, is the X -Games, which attracts well over 10,000 spectators! Thats a lot! another event is at Duluth, Minnesota, held the weekend, after thanksgiving every year since inception. Snocross world cup at Riksskid stadium in Falun Sweden, is also one of the most famous snocross events, and is lots of fun. At the Grand Prix Ski-Doo in Valcourt, The snocross track is always a challenge to competitors as it is continually changing. Bumps are endlessly modified by the passage of snowmobiles. The appearance is also modified after each practice, which makes this an excellent event location. If you've been wonderig about the history of this sport, than go to the next page.



Have you ever wondered, where did snocross evolve from? well this paragraph will answer all your questions about the history of snocross. First snocross was obtained  from the sport of motocross.  The name Snocross, is a mix of the word “snowmobile” and motocross. In 1937, Joseph-Armand Ombardier of Canada was granted a patent  for a vehicle that traveled over snow, which he named the B7 snowmobile. In addition snocross was added to the winter X- Games in 1998.



Nine daredevils have gone over Niagara Falls in barrels and lived to tell the tale. Ice climbers Will Gadd  and Sarah Hueniken became the first to reverse the trip. The pair became the first to ascend the world-famous falls, following a 30-foot-wide strip of rotten spray ice that formed along the left edge of Horseshoe Falls, which rises up 150 feet as it straddles the border between the United States and Canada. Horseshoe Falls is the largest of Niagara's three major sections, or cataracts, and is considered the most powerful waterfall in the world. "It vibrates your intestines and makes you feel very, very small," said Gadd of the thunderous falls. "I've never experienced anything like it."

Gadd, 47, led the overhanging ice climb belayed by Hueniken, 34, who spent hours huddled in an ice cave part way up the route to avoid being hit with chunks of ice.

"The power of the falls is staggering," Gadd said after reaching the top.


Climbing Isicles?


Ice climbing is exactly like rock climbing but on ice and in harsh conditions. It is one of the most challenging extreme sports because of its skill requirement. Ice climbing is the activity of climbing steep ice formations.









Usually ice climbing refers to roped and protected climbing of features such as icefalls, frozen waterfalls and cliffs covered in snow.


Climbers use and ice axe themselves up, for steeper, and higher slopes. Climbers also wear something called crampons, which go on your feet, and have spikes on the bottom so you can keep your feet into the slope, and not fall. In order to create grippy anchors, sharp-tipped ice screws are placed in the ice which also prevents you from falling. Just like regular rock climbing, ice climbing uses a harness, rope, and a belay. The belay helps the person climbing, climb the mountain easier and without falling using its neat little mechanism. Also it's important to stay in fit, and healthy climbing shape for this sport, so be sure to hit an indoor gym, before going into the wild.  


There are two types of ice climbing, the first involves climbing waterfalls, while the second kind of ice climbing is on snow, frozen to a mountain.










One technique you need to know before ice climbing is how to use directionals. There are three main purposes where you might need a directional: Top roping, rappelling, or traversing.


These are some of the best locations to go ice climbing  so if you need somewher eto ice climb this is perfect for you. One of the best and beautiful place to go ice climbing is the Swiss Alps where the mountains are huge and have lots of frozen waterfalls. Another great place to go ice climbing is The Rocky Mountains, Canada Which stretches 3,000 miles and has great frozen terrain and is also great for hiking. Also Mount Washington in New Hampshire, is the highest peak in Northeastern United States at 6,288 feet and the most important mountain east of the mississippi river.









Another location is Mammoth Lakes, California where the average temperature is 27 degrees fahrenheit and the mountain has an elevation of 7,880 ft which makes it another great place to ice climb. The final great place to ice climb is Helmcken falls, Canada which is a 141 meter Waterfall which when freezes during the winter is on of the best places to go extreme ice climbing.


Originally developed when mountaineers had to find ways to climb dangerous ice patches along there high-altitude adventures. Since then, special tools and equipment have been invented to help ascend the lines of 100 ft waterfalls.







The sport evolved from adventures trying to up icy waterfalls, to a sport that is done for fun. Ice climbing was originally climbed on steep, icy terrain, then as waterfalls that we see today.



On my first Sunday dive, I got to be the up rope diver. It took a bit, but I did finally get the hang of it. Thanks to Paul for being the down rope diver on my first try. We settled into a similar rotation as on Saturday. Later I got to dive up rope again with Gary, and finally with Rick in his wetsuit.







We all got in about five dives (two beyond what was required for the Ice Diver certification), and saw some beautiful coral reefs, and were surprised of how the fish survived the freezing temperatures, then it was time to go. We packed everything up, pushed all the ice blocks back into the hole to help it freeze over more quickly, left three palettes out on the ice to mark the hole as it was freezing (Rick would remove these later), and headed back into town. Exhausted, but happy.


This Is Not Your Average Scuba Dive

Ice diving is one of the most dangerous but thrilling extreme snow sports. It is a special type of diving, where the dive takes place underwater, in freezing cold water under ice, with only one way in, and one way out.










Under the ice there are beautiful creatures, and sites under the freezing, cold ice. Before i go on, you need to learn what you even need to ice scuba diving so here it is.



This is a specialized form of scuba diving that demands training beyond the regular diving certification, so if you want to try ice scuba diving, you should first master basic scuba diving. It could reach cold temperatures, which are pretty cold, so you need some warm equipment, which you're about to learn. Some equipment you need for ice scuba diving, is a diving regulator suitable for the cold-waters, a full-face diving mask to eliminate any contact with the cold waters and a wetsuit to keep you warm. For above the water, all you need is a harness, and tether, so the diver doesn’t drift away, and hole-cutting equipment so the diver can actually perform the sport and get in and out of the water. 


 One of the best locations is Silfra Rift, Iceland, which is a beautiful location between the North American and Eurasian continents, meaning that you dive or snorkel right where the continental plates meet and drift apart 2 cm per year.












It also has cold temperature water between 2 degrees celsius to 4 degrees celsius, and is right next to a glacier, which makes it perfect for ice diving. Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in the russian region of Siberia, and is the world's deepest lakes. During the winter, the whole lake freezes, which reveals a magical place under the ice with many beautiful plants and creatures, which you can experience while ice diving.





The history of this difficult sport, went back actually quite a long time ago so here it is. Willy Hendrich was the first person in the world to dive under the arctic ice on 1902. Soon, a single open-circuit scuba dive under the ice in antarctica occurred in 1961 by diver Jim Thorne.











After this ice scuba diving advanced after going on for 100 years and is quickly advancing, from when it used to be where you would wear just a bathing suit and hope for the best, into what is ice scuba diving is today.





“ You get your butt out to the side and slide back ski, like hockey stop on ice skates” instructs Rick Frost, loons adventure activities director. A rental shop Employee recommends a couple of runs on the bunny slope, so up i go. Within seconds i'm getting stares. First, i’m told to ride the chair alone with the bike across my lap. As i run---yes, run---off the chair at the top of carrying my ski bike, a couple of guys on snowboards look me over. “whoa, what do we got her?” “is that thing hard to ride?” I tell them i’ve never been on before, and will let them know in a minute. I sit on the bike, give a gentle push and put my feet on the pegs. “At first i slowly go down the mountain but start to speed up. I am going to fast. I instinctively put my feet down, a move that fails to slow me. I’m on the verge of losing control when i remember Frosts instructions. I throw my hips out to the right, Bingo! the rear ski slides out and i slide to a stop. I learned a lesson: I’d better learn to control my speed.


Bikes And Ski's

Ski biking is one of the easiest extreme sports. Bike wheels are replaced with ski’s and the resulting vehicle is used to steer, so don't build one with your new bike, because it would never be a regular bike ever again.











Learning the sport is easy and fun because you glide down the hill/mountain with a low center of gravity, which makes you feel as light as a feather. There are many brands of ski bikes, so you can either build your own or buy a ski bike.


If you want a ski bike you need a regular everyday bike -a small bike is the best-. For ski biking you need the normal gear for regular biking like a helmet.













The difference though is that you need appropriate winter close, a leash for steep slopes, and foot skis for lifts.


Foot Skis

A great place to ski bike is in the Arctic Valley, Alaska which is a very nice a steep valley to ski bike, but require a leash,metal bike frame and bike exception. Also Arapahoe Basin, Colorado is an alpine ski area in the Rocky Mountains of the United States with great steep trails, but require a leash.













Another place to ski bike is Pajarito, New Mexico which has big, elevated trails, and barely any crowd so it’s a nice and peaceful ski resort, and only requires a leash on the lift. Lastly Mount Baker is only for the most extreme snow bikers, because the ski resort lies on an active Galicar, called Kulshan!



The early origins of the ski bike (A.K.A snow bike, or ski bob) date back 150 years ago. early ski bobs, where large, wooded, and heavy. In 1949 Austrian Engelbert Brenter won a patent for his sit-ski, which had real ski’s and suspension, unlike the old ones.











Ski biking grew in Europe throughout the 1970’s at one time supporting 70 manufacturers. Now some resorts are quietly feeding the small interest. 


This is a world record for the longest speed riding attempt so enjoy.

Finally, the hard work has paid off, as Armin’s attempt to break the world record has been successful. 19. March 2015, Armin had amazingly broken the previous record which was held by Francoise Bon, as he has completed his speedriding by 152,9 km/h from the top of the 3859 m high Königspitze Mountain.


Speed Is Key

Speed riding is downhill skiing, with a parachute-like fabric wing. often dropped by helicopter on distant summits. Participants then, sail down mountains, -similar to paragliding- with the comfort that, they can ski, when their feet are close enough to the ground.











So basically, speed riding is a combination of skiing, and paragliding. people usually mix up speed riding, and speed flying, but they are two different things. Speed flying is similar to speed riding, but in speed flying you don't use ski’s to launch yourself, while in speed riding you do use ski’s to launch yourself.


Speed riding is possibly the most dangerous, thrilling and exciting extreme sport. At over 90 mph, you have to dodge extreme elements like, trees and, ravines. Speed riding is a really good sport, with lots of thrilling things. Speed riding also gives you the feeling resembling wing suit flying, and speed hang gliding, but with some of its own sweets, and treats, of adrenaline candies.










It's maneuverability and small size, allows you to go in tight, magical places.

The beauty that you can combine skiing with flying, improves the feeling of freedom even more.

Why Is It Extreme?

For this extreme sport, there are lots of requirements for your safety, so pay attention! The first thing you need for this sport is the knowledge of how to paraglide, and ski. Another requirement you need to speed ride, is you must be well suited for the environment, and heart  thrilling experience. You also should know your environment, for example, mountain climate, and equipment conditions. Speed riding is for experts only! lastly you must be in good shape, and fit for speed riding. You will need a special, little paraglider which is compact for speed riding.



These are some locations that are pretty great if you want to try speed riding, or are experienced. One good place to go speed riding in Chamonix, France is a resort near the meeting point of France, Switzerland and Italy, is known for its alpine skiing. its at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the world, so expect a thrilling ride. that is probably why it’s a great place to speed ride. Another great area to go speed riding is Gudauri, Georgia. Guduri is a ski resort located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range in Georgia,which has huge mountains perfect, steep, and great platform for speed riding. In conclusion the last location is Treble Cone, New Zealand is the largest ski area in the South Island, Which be far has the longest vertical rise in the Queenstown Southern Lakes District, so as you go down you feel as fast as a bullet!



The history of speed riding is pretty cool and started less extreme than it is know. At first, French mountaineers, began launching parachutes from steep mountains on foot. Later an american team of stunt parachutists, expanded the sport, making stunt video’s skimming mountain slopes on the alps.










 Speed riding has roots in the 70’s in france when two mountaineers started experimenting, by launching themselves from steep mountain slopes. Lastly they started modifying, the wings and giving them more a sleek, kite designs.



Extreme sports are all about thrill, and fun, which all of these sports have, so if you ever decide to play any of these sports, remember this advise and have a  great time. If you want to learn more about these sports go to the next page.


Inception- the establishment or starting point


Patent- easily recognizable; obvious


Top roping- To travel through or across.


Rappelling- The controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope.


Traversing- Used for climbers safety, in which a rope, runs from the belayer to the pulley type of system at the top of the route and holds the climber up.


Diving Regulator- Connected to a tank which supplys air


Summit- the highest point of a hill or mountain.