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Extreme Rides

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 Extreme Rides


 By Rosemary




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Kingda Ka................................................................4

Fury 325....................................................................8

Insano Water Slide..........................................12

L2 Extreme Water Slide...............................16









Scary enough to make you cry. High enough in the air for you to almost reach out and touch the clouds. It makes screams fill the air. That's what all of these rides can do. And they are not for wimps. They go up and down, side to side, loops and turns. All of these rides are definitely scary. And they are some of the most petrifying and most extreme in the entire world.



The Kingda Ka is loved (and hated) for being one of the most horrifying, and intimidating rides in the United States, and the world. This is an extremely scary roller coaster. This ride is definitely a king. It’s not just your classic “scary” roller coaster. After all, it is the tallest roller coaster in North America. And it’s not for wimps. 


Kingda Ka 



The Kingda Ka goes way up in the air and you’ll have to strain your neck just to see it.  After you look at the Kingda Ka, you may change your mind.



 It’s way up in the air at an exceptionally high elevation of 456 feet. Four-hundred and fifty-six! Thats 45 stories high. You will get dizzy just from looking up at it.


Everyone who goes on it has no idea what they are actually experiencing. They are about to experience one of the most nerve racking and extreme roller coasters in all of North America. Sitting at the bottom of the ride in your seat, everyone has no idea how extreme the Kingda Ka actually is.





When the ride starts, no one can stop screaming. To get to the top, you’ll go 90 degrees up. Straight up!



And not slowly like most ordinary roller coasters. You’ll go from 0 to 128 miles per hour in an astonishing 3 seconds. That’s barely enough time to think! It’s definitely intense. As you shoot up, your heart will be pounding out of your chest and beating like a drum. That’s why the Kingda Ka is also the fastest roller coaster in North America.



While going down and hearing the screams around you (and from yourself of course) it will all get louder as you shoot right back down down in a vertical / spiral spin that will indeed make you lightheaded.





Unless you don’t get dizzy from spinning 270 degrees sideways. Just hang on tight. You think you’re done right? Wrong!  




To finish the ride off, you’ll go up and back down again on a 129 ft drop. It’s not as intense as the beginning, but still very scary! On the theme parks scariness scale, this ride is MAXIMUM.



The Kingda Ka is located in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey along with many other scary rides, and they will all have your heart pounding. But there is no doubt that this one is the most bone chilling of them all! 



Fury means anger, and this ride definitely shows how you feel when you're angry. The Fury 325 is a wild experience, and throws you around as if you were violently angry. Have you ever seen a hornet flying in the air? A hornet shoots through the air quickly, and there is no chance you can outrun a hornet. The Fury 325 is full of anger, and is meant to simulate the flight path of an angry hornet chasing something, and this ride has everyone screaming. It’s not just another wimpy roller coaster either.



It goes way up into the air just like a hornet. It goes 30 stories high (about 325 feet). The name of this ride suits it perfectly. 

Fury 325


The Fury 325 is very harsh and definitely not for cowards. It doesn’t just go very high. It also goes extremely fast. 



Faster than a cheetah, it goes 95 miles per hour. That’s so fast you barely have time to think. It’s a little long, at 6,602 feet long but that doesn’t stop it from going super fast.



The name makes a ton of sense, considering that this ride is 3 minutes and 25 seconds long. That doesn’t stop it from being really scary!





















The extreme roller coaster is located in Carowinds Theme Park. Carowinds Theme Park is located in the Carolinas. Half is in North Carolina while the other half is in South Carolina.



Because the height requirement is only 54 inches, you would expect it to not be scary, but that is completely untrue.  It's too scary for anyone who is 54 inches!!


You’ll go up high into the air nice and peacefully, and when you least expect it, you go right back down twisting side to side, with the feeling of falling off! For a few seconds it goes dark as you do an underground dive beneath a bridge. 





And after just 3 minutes and 25 seconds, it will all be over. 


Before you know it you'll be finished. Slowing down at the end, your voice will be soft after all the screaming. Now you know what the flight path of a furious, speeding hornet is. Absolutely horrifying. You can't out run a cheetah, and a cheetah can't out run this ride. So you definitely cannot out run a hornet. So don't get a hornet angry, becuase you won't even see it coming.

 Insano Water Slide



Travel to Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil and you're expecting a peaceful vacation, until you look up and see the Insano Water Slide high up in the air. The Insano is world renouned for previously being the tallest water slide in the world. As you look up in the sky your jaw will drop. The Insano Water Slide is 41 meters, 14 stories high. That's taller than some buildings. It's one of the tallest water slides in the whole world. It goes straight down, and was previously listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. 





The ride is so steep you are basically flying. You are almost airborn.



You hear crashing waves of the ocean and look over to the side and see spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.


The view is quite pretty, until you hear all the screams from the rider before you. That will snap you out of your daydream and make you much, much more nervous!! 







It's so scary that workers say that some tourists actually cry and have panic attacks. There is no doubt that everyone yelps and screams while on the slide. 



Because the ride speed is so fast, 65 miles per hour, the ride only lasts for about 5 seconds. It's over before you know it. They probably wouldn't have anyone ride it if it was any longer. It is already too scary for most.




It's a good thing they have life guards at the top operating the slide. The Insano is up up up in the air and if you fell down it, you could, and would get seriously hurt.

You will certainly not want to look down.

Once your finished shooting down at an incredible rate, you'll be deposited into a safe, calm pool. Suddenly, you will feel much better. You're voice will be hoarse from all the screaming

you just did. And it

was definitely a

thrilling ride. Fearfull

too, but all of the

panicking was totally

worth it.

After all, it wasn't

called the Insano for




 L2 Extreme Water Slide


The L2 Extreme Water Slide is known about world wide for being the first ever double looping water slide. The name of this slide says it all. There is just about nothing that can prepare you for this one-of-a-kind slide. There are no others like it. The L2 Extreme Water Slide is the world's first and only double looping water slide.


It is 129 meters long and 40 stories high! The L2 is so wild that it has crazy safety standards.




Not only does it have workers at the top, but it has a video moniter AND an escape hatch in case you have to evacuate. Yes, its that dangerous. Hopefully no one will ever have to use it. 


This slide is located in Worgler Wasserwelt in Tyrol, Austria, but there's one catch. The L2 is so dangerous that to ride, you must be 14 years old. To make sure you're not lying about your age, the workers check your photo ID, so don't waste your time faking it.
















 Top of L2 Extreme Water Slide



 From inside the top of the slide, you'll see gorgeous views of mountains and they are quite calming.


From outside the trap door, an operator will press a button and then BAM! You'll go shooting down at 40 miles per hour. It happens so fast you don't even know what happens. Then you'll go side to side, twisting and turning. All of a sudden you'll make a loop.







The next thing you know you'll be lying down at the bottom of the slide, heart still pounding. You'll climb out of the slide feeling very accomplished (at least you should). You just completed and conquered the world's first ever double looping water slide. Hopefully you didn't panic too much at the top.


If you choose to take this risk, go on the L2 Extreme Water Slide it will not disappoint. It will be one of the most extreme, thrilling, and breathtaking things you will ever experience in your entire life.


Being shot way up into the air isn't the image that comes into your head when you think of a slingshot, but that's what happens on this ride. This ride is a real slingshot. So strap in and hold on! It’s not the only slingshot in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most intense.


In the past, people have passed out before the ride because it was so scary! Slingshot is the tallest slingshot ride in the entire world, and you will definitely not want to eat too much before going on it.





On Slingshot, after making sure your seat belt is very secure and you won’t fall out, you will be lowered into a volcano. Ok, not a real volcano. After all, there are no real volcanoes in Florida.


Slingshot is located in the Magical Midway theme park in Orlando, Florida.


You’ll be sitting inside the “volcano” and all of a sudden, it shoots you up high into the sky as it's "errupting".




After shooting you high up into the air at a crazy elevation of  390 feet, the tallest slinshot in the world!! From high up in the air you will see beautiful veiws of all over Orlando, if you dare to open your eyes on this crazy ride.


You'll be high up in the air shaking side to side, bouncing up and down, making loops and turns in the air. It's absolutely terrifying. 



Slingshot is one of the most frightening and craziest rides out there. And it's not for the person who is scared of heights. Whether or not you are scared of heights, this ride still might be too much for you. After all, at the height of 390 feet, you can almost reach out and touch the clouds.


There is no way you will be prepared for this. So if you choose to be daring and try it, you will just have to expect the worst and go for it. Only the brave can go on this ride. After all, you'll never know until you try!!

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Did you change your mind about heights or any of these rides? Or do you want to go on any of these rides? Maybe you're fearless, and would go on any of these. Or maybe your too afraid and would never go on any. Either way, at least you know what you would be getting your self into. So if you choose to go on these rides, go ahead! Just hold on tight!!






Double Looping: Two consecutive vertical loops.



Flight Path: actual or planned course of a flying object like a plane



Fury: Wild or violent anger



Guinness Book Of World Records:

Book listing world records







Worgler Wasserwelt: A resort/water park in Austria



Yelps: a sharp short cry.






 Fury 325: 8-11


Insano Water Slide: 12-15


Kingda Ka: 4-7


L2 Extreme Water Slide:16-19


Slingshot 20-23



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