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External Exam Candidate – Entry Form Summer 2017 GCE Science
GCE A-Level Biology & Chemistry
Whitley Bay High School is aware that it can be extremely hard for external candidates to find centres that will accept their
entries for GCE Science A-Level Qualifications. New Specifications have been introduced for these courses which include a
number of practical endorsements which Exam Boards have stated must be taken by students completing the course to give
them the necessary knowledge to take the examinations.
For these reasons, our School will offer 12 night classes to help students work through the practical endorsements.
During academic year 2016/2017, the school will be offering AQA Biology and Chemistry A-Level qualifications via this route
please note that the official title, codes and finalised exam dates of the courses are:
AQA A-Level Biology 7402 -
7402/1 Paper 1 Monday 12
June 2017 1.30pm 2 hour duration
7402/2 Paper 2 Tuesday 20
June 2017 9am 2 hour duration
7402/3 Paper 3 Monday 26
June 2017 9am 2 hour duration
AQA A-Level Chemistry 7405 -
7405/1 Paper 1 Tuesday 13
June 2017 1.30pm 2 hour duration
7405/2 Paper 2 Monday 19
June 2017 9am 2 hour duration
7405/3 Paper 3 Tuesday 27
June 2017 9am 2 hour duration
Paper 3 of each course is assessed on knowledge gained from students completing 12 practical experiments. These practical
teaching sessions will be taught by school staff on a weekly basis via a 3 hour evening class on Monday nights start in January
2017. Each of the weekly sessions will be split into three sections: introduction and context; practical activity; and follow-up
exam questions and discussion. The dates for the 12 sessions are as follows:
5.30pm – 8.30pm at Whitley Bay High School
9th January 2017 16th January 2017 23rd January 2017 30th January 2017 6th February 2017
13th February 2017 27th February 2017 6th March 2017 13th March 2017 20th March 2017
27th March 2017 3rd April 2017
Please note that the Biology and Chemistry A-Level night classes will be ran at the same time and so candidates can not do both
qualifications during the same academic year.
By completing all sessions, staff will be able to award students the practical endorsement which is a requirement for a large
number of university courses. Attendance at each session will be mandatory. In the event of missing one session, a catch-up
session will be organized at the end of April 2017 at the discretion of the subject teachers. Attendance at the sessions is not a
guarantee of success. However, all students need to attend each session to meet the school’s compliance criteria for the exam
Whitley Bay High School has received outstanding ratings in its two most recent Ofsted Inspections. The school has one of the
largest sixth form science departments in the area – helping in excess of 150 students achieve A-levels in Science each academic
year. The Biology course will be taught by Sophie Pearson with the Chemistry course led by Andy Gray. Both staff are
experienced teachers with a combined total of over 20 teaching years. They are part of a group of 18 science teachers at our
school offering a great deal of experience and research in their subjects.
Eligibility criteria for students
Students must have a minimum of a ‘B’ grade GCSE (or equivalency) in Science and Maths. Proof of qualification must be
provided at time of application. Please discuss this matter with the Exams Officer if you have any questions or queries.
The total fee for each course is £1,000. This covers all aspects of the course including the night classes, exam entries,
invigilation and administration costs. Please note that no refunds will be offered after 12
December 2016.
Full payment is required at the time of entry; (Note: payment plans may be available on a case by case basis please contact the
Exams Officer if applicable). Payment may be made by cash or chequeunfortunately Whitley Bay High School does not
accept credit\debit cards or money transfer. Cheques must be made payable to ‘Whitley Bay High School’.
External Exam Candidate – Entry Form Summer 2017 GCE Science
Deadline for Entry
The deadline for registering for the course is Monday 12
December 2016. Please note that in order for the course to take
place, the school requires a minimum of six candidates per subject, or 10 candidates across the two subjects. We expect to
reach these figures but the courses will not run if we do not receive this level of sign-up by the required date.
A final decision as to whether the school will be running the courses will be made on 12
December and communicated to all
entrants that day.
Should the courses not go ahead any payments made via cheque will be returned to candidates via post with cash entrants
needing to be collected in person by candidates from the school.
Making the Entry
Please fill in the application form indicating which subject you wish to enter for. If you are making entries for the first time as an
External Candidate, you must arrange a meeting with the Exam Officer to complete your form. Apart from reasons of
identification, this will also enable the Exam Officer to go through your form with you and check all the codes etc. Thereafter, all
future entries may be completed and posted to the Exam Officer – if you still wish to make entries in person then the Exams
Officer will do their best to accommodate this, but be appreciative that this may not be possible close to deadline dates. Once
the entry form has been accepted, you will be given a receipted copy.
The schools Exam Officer, Mr Peter Lilley, can be contacted via 0191 200 8800 or
Special Exam Arrangements
In line with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) rules, Whitley Bay High School will support external candidates who
require special exam arrangements.
Special Exam Arrangements can only be applied for by a Centre and we have an application form which must be completed in
order to request our assistance with arrangements. The form asks a number of basic questions focusing on whether this is the
first time such arrangements have been applied for, or whether you have had a previous set of arrangements, which may have
been with Whitley Bay High School or with another centre. The form will also ask you to provide a brief overview of what
persistent & significant difficulties you face when accessing academic curriculums and/or course specifications When returning
your form to the school, we ask that you also provide us with any relevant paperwork or medical information you have which
you believe may be relevant to the application (please send us copies of any official letters/reports). This information will then
by analysed by our Learning Support Department who will decide whether there is enough information to support an application
being made, or whether further assessment will be required (in almost all cases a new application will be required). Our
Learning Support Department charge £32.50 per hour and at this point we will contact you and let you know what we will
charge to carry out any necessary assessments or to carry out the administration necessary to process your application. In
general, new assessments and associated administration work takes two hours to complete.
Where candidates are deemed to require a reader/scribe to support them during exams, an additional charge of £15 per exam
hour will be made by the school to enable us to provide you with this specialist support.
To request the application form, or if you have any further questions or queries, please contact the Exams Officer.
Identification of and receipt of References for Candidates (
for First Time entries only
Candidates making an entry for the first time at Whitley Bay High School must bring with them a current photo ID such as
driving licence or passport. Note: this will be photocopied and kept on file at Whitley Bay High School. Ex- Whitley Bay High
School students, who have left within the previous 12 months, may use their school ID card if they have it.
Candidates who do not have any form of photo ID should bring two passport styles photographs to the school when attending
to make their entry. The photographs should be countersigned on the reverse by a suitable person not related to the candidate.
One of the witnessed photographs must then be brought by the candidate to every exam to act as identification.
Where appropriate, you must agree to the arrangements for identifying candidates wearing religious clothing, such as a veil, as
described in the JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations (available from
Furthermore, candidates making an entry for the first time must provide the e-mail address and telephone number for a referee
(preferably a professional, but where this is not possible then the referee must not be a family relation) who we will contact and
ask for a short reference. This will be completed as part of the school’s safeguarding procedures. The school reserves the right
to refuse and/or withdraw any entries where an unsatisfactory reference, or no reference, is received. In these situations,
refunds will only be given if the Exam Boards are still offering refunds for the chosen qualification (a process which only takes
place at the beginning of an exam season) – please speak with the Exams Officer for more information regarding this.
Attending the Evening Classes
All students must meet in the school reception for 5.25pm on each night. Please note that the reception may be unstaffed if you
arrive early so please wait in the reception until a member of staff comes to meet you. Parking facilities are available for visitors
on the school site. Please follow the signage on arrival at the site. During the first session, a Health & Safety briefing will be given
outlining procedures for emergencies and location of welfare facilities including toilets.
External Exam Candidate – Entry Form Summer 2017 GCE Science
Issuing of Exam Timetables
Nearer the time of the three exams in summer 2017 you will receive an Exam Timetable detailing exact start times, exam room
and seat numbers.
Accompanying the timetable will be the official Notice to Candidates as issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications. It is
imperative that you read this notice, and that you are prepared to abide by the regulations laid out in it.
On the day of the exams
You must bring current photo ID with you to each exam.
Arrive at the school 15 minutes before the start of your exam. Report to Main Reception, you will be given a Visitors badge
which must be worn whilst you are on the school site.
You will be escorted to your exam room by a member of staff. You must remain under supervision for the duration of the
exam. You must not have with you, at your exam desk, any electronic equipment, mobile phone etc.
The invigilator in charge of the room will read the warning notice and emergency procedures. Please listen carefully.
The invigilator will end the exam and collect the papers. You will be escorted back to Main Reception where you will sign out.
Please leave the school site directly.
Please note that all GCE results will be released on Thursday 17
August 2017.
We recommend that you receive your results via e-mail. If you do not have access to an e-mail address then please discuss this
with the Exams Officer at time of entry
There is post results services available enabling you to apply for a review of marking of your exam script or the return of your
completed paper. Further information on these services will be given to you when you receive your results.
Certificates will be available from 1
December 2017.
Certificates must be collected and signed for in person from the Exams Office. If you would like someone else to collect your
certificates on your behalf, they must have a signed letter of authorisation from you. We keep certificates at the centre for five
years – so there is no requirement that you must collect certificates immediately after they become available.
GCE A-Level Physics and AS qualifications for all sciences
Please note that we are not able to offer A-level Physics during this academic year.
Please note that candidates can enter for AS Biology/Chemistry/Physics qualifications if they wish to. These courses are assessed
only by timetabled-examinations and are not linked to the A-level courses. If you wish to take these qualifications please speak
to the Exams Officer.
External Exam Candidate – Entry Form Summer 2017 GCE Science
Complete all WHITE boxes – grey boxes will be completed by WHITLEY BAY HIGH SCHOOL
Date of Birth / /
hitley Bay High School
Y / N
Unique Candidate Identifier
(if known)
Copy of Photo ID supplied
Y / N
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Number:
Home Tel
ile Tel
Qualification – Please tick either Biology
or Chemistry
Candidate Signature to confirm intention to enter
In order to provide some background information on you for your teacher, please answer the following questions:
What previous lab experience do you have?
For what reasons do you wish to complete the course? Are you working to a particular career or job goal?
Do you use any scientific equipment or skills within your current employment/studies?
Eligibility criteria for students
Please tick the following two boxes to confirm that you have previously achieved a minimum of a ‘B’ grade GCSE (or equivalency)
in Science and Maths. Proof of qualification must be provided at time of application.
Maths ‘B’ grade GCSE (or equivalent)
Science ‘B’ grade GCSE (or equivalent)
Total Fee
Chqs payable to Whitley Bay High School please
Recd by
Whitley Bay High School
These will be
to your
above stated
address on t
he publication date
Results will be published on:
Certificates wi
ll be available for
collection by:
Whitley Bay High School Exams Office Use Only
Entries Made Previous Maths & Science qualifications seen? Exam TT Issued Results Issued Notes
External Exam Candidate – Entry Form Summer 2017 GCE Science
Summer 201
Referee Information – First Time Entries Only
As part of our entry rules we ask that you provide us with the e-
mail address and telephone
number for a referee (preferably a professio
nal, but where this is not possible then the
referee must not be a family relation) who we may contact as part of the school’s external
candidate entry process.
Name of Referee:
Telephone Number:
mail Address:
Relationship to you:
Length of time you have
known this person: