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Extended Explorer Care Parent Handbook

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TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout Us & Our MissionCore Valuesdaily Schedule & RegistrationDrop-Off & Pick-UpCommunication & FeedbackMedical Policy2 week break CampsBehavior Managementstaff TrainingContact UsProgram FeesRefunds, Cancellations & Financial AssistanceDetails - FAQ's

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ABOUT USThe purpose of Washington Township Parks Department is to serve ourcommunity while contributing to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all of our visitors. Washington Township Parks currently manages andmaintains approximately 275 acres of property with a vast array of recreationopportunities. Our facilities, programming, preserved wooded areas, trails,and open green space provide opportunities for both structured andspontaneous play. The park system has three developed parks: WashingtonTownship Park, Pecar Park (including Pock Woods), and Murphy Park. Withinthese parks, you'll find covered picnic facilities, playgrounds, a nature centerwith an array of animals, sand volleyball, basketball, pickleball, three stockedfishing ponds, an outdoor amphitheater, a splash pad, a three-sectioned dogpark, miles of trails, the historic 1876 Whipple Iron Truss Bridge, and our newestaddition, an outdoor aquatic facility.Washington Township Parks Department provides year-round programmingfor all ages. These programs bring the community together through sharedinterests. In addition to programs, we also offer summer, fall, spring, and winterbreak camps as well as our Extended Care program at Avon Schools. Thesecamps provide educational opportunities through hands-on exploration of ourtreasured natural resources. Our programs offer flexible options forenrollment, affordable childcare, and an extensive array of activities eachday.

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Washington Township Parks Department believes personal and professionalvalues play a fundamental role in a department’s culture. The characteristicsof a successfully driven organization are shared mission and vision, stronginherent core values and culture, ethical practices, and ethical leadership. Tomove forward successfully, and to do so in the best interest of the communitywe serve, we ensure all employees are aware of, accept, and integrate thedepartment’s values into all decisions and behaviors. The core valuesidentified and defined below are intended to clarify how the parksdepartment will conduct its activities to achieve the department’s missionand vision.The inclusion of and respect for avariety of cultures, lifestyles andindividuals with varying abilities.Diversity CreativityBeing imaginative and innovativeso as to possess the ability tocreate rather than imitate.Being with family to enjoy bothquality and quantity of time.Family EfficiencyProducing results in a timelymanner with minimal waste,expense or unnecessary effortA willingness to help others;improving societyHelpfulness AdventureNew and challenging experiences;participation in excitingundertakings or enterprises.OUR CORE VALUES

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AM SCHEDULE - times vary by school6:30-7:30Sign In - Games - Homework7:30-7:45AM Movement7:45-8:30Organized Play (Gym or Playground)8:30-8:45Club Rally Time (Get Excited!)PM SCHEDULE - Times vary by school3:15-3:30Sign In Club Chat (SEL)3:30-4:00Group A Snack Group B Recess4:00-4:30Group B Snack Group A Recess4:30-5:15Homework5:15-6:00Club TimeHow To RegisterIf you do not have an account yet, please click on the purple box to createyour account. It will prompt you to enter your email address, then checkyour email for a message with a passcode. This is the first step to verifyyour EZChildTracK account.If you already made an account on EZChildTrack, then click the green boxfor existing parents.EZChildTracK will prompt you to register for what you are wanting to enrollfirst, then have you make your account. If you forget your password please select the “forgot password” buttonand you can reset it.If you are having trouble with registration, please emailWTexplorer@avonfd.orgAfter every registration, change on account, payment, etc. EZChildTrackwill email a notification of what was done on your account.To log in or make an account in EZChildTrack please CLICK HERE

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Fees for AM & PMMonthRegularPricew/Auto PayDiscountAugust$500$450September$400$360October$240$216November$360$324December$320$288January$320$288February$420$378March$220$198April$440$396May$360$324Fees for AM OR PMMonthRegularPricew/Auto PayDiscountAugust$250$225September$200$180October$120$108November$180$162December$160$144January$160$144February$210$189March$110$99April$220$198May$180$162Explorer Extended Care PricingPlease see our pricing details below. If parents/guardians choose to set upan auto pay account, they will receive a discount. This means that a savedcredit/debit card MUST be kept on file and used for payment. Pricing isbased on the number of days in the month.All Avon teachers and staff will receive a 20% discount on tuition fees. 10 visit pass - $1205 visit pass - $60 e-learning- $35

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REFUND POLICYCLICK HERE to request a refund.All 5, 10, and drop in visit passes are final sale, no refunds will begiven. Passes expire one year from the day they were purchased.When on the EEC monthly plan, if your student misses four or moreconsecutive days of EEC, a refund form may be submitted with adoctor’s note within (14) business days of absence and a credit willbe placed on your EZChildTrack account to be used for future use.Due to the discount that is given for the monthly plans - no refundswill be given for single days due to being sick or absent.To transfer services in EEC care, please email jdespain@avonfd.orgAll refunds are subject to approval by the Youth ServicesCoordinator or Youth Services Director. Late fees will be assessed to any pick ups after 6:00 PM - the chargeis $1.00 for every minute late, per child. Example: one child picked upat 6:04 PM equals a late charge of $4. This charge will beautomatically applied to your EZChildTrack account. Late Pick Up Fee FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEWashington Township Parks (WTP) seeks to provide opportunities forall to participate in the Explorer Extended Care (EEC) program byproviding scholarships to families currently attending the AvonCommunity School Corporation.Please use the link below to learn more and apply for assistance.Click to APPLY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE!To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, it is crucial thatparents communicate with EEC staff regarding their child'sattendance. Failure to do so will result in a $5.00 finder's fee, whichmust be paid before the child can attend the program again. Youcan notify staff of your child's status or any transportation changesvia text or voicemail on the staff phone. However, please keep inmind that staff can only check the phone during program hours(6:15-9:00 AM and 3:15-6:00 PM). Leaving a message during off-hoursis fine, and the staff member will see it when they arrive. Keep inmind that searching for a student takes staff members away fromthe program and other students, which can pose a safety issue.Safety is our top priority, and if communication issues persist, itcould result in the suspension or termination of EEC programming.Finder's Fee

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Each of the school sites will have the same core program componentswith each school customized to serve the best interests of the studentsand parents/guardians. Our program prioritizes a safe environment forevery student, thus providing parent/guardians a high level of confidencein our team. We also recognize that our program's success is driven bystudent voice and choice; therefore, we place a high level of importanceon listening to student input and acting upon student ideas. Students will have fun and build confidence in our Treehouse Clubs thatoffer fun ways to explore STEAM. After-school clubs can help studentsdevelop confidence, learn teamwork and cooperation, improve theiracademic performance and so much more. It is a fun and meaningful wayfor kids to work with each other in areas they enjoy. A few of our cluboptions will be Art Club, Lego Club, Cooking Club, Mixed Sports Club, CardGame Club and many more options!Curriculum & ActivitiesThe Explorer Extended Care program will provide time for your child(ren) towork on homework while at EEC every morning and afternoon. EEC willprovide supplies and a quiet space to students during the academicassistance portion of the afterschool program. EEC will providealternative activities and options to students who do not have homeworkor have already completed their homework.Students are responsible for bringing the necessary homework with themto the EEC program. Trips back to the classroom to retrieve work that wasleft behind is not always an option. Students are responsible for knowingwhat homework needs to be completed. Please ask your child’s ClubSupervisor about their policy on using Chromebooks or computers duringAcademic Assistance time. Please note that EEC does not offer one-on-one tutoring for participants,but staff are willing to step in and help when needed. Parents andguardians, please check your child’s homework at home to ensurecompletion and accuracy of work. Communicate with your child’s EECClub Supervisor if your homework preference has changed or if you haveany questions or concerns regarding your child’s homework. Academic Assistance TimePlease leave all toys and electronics at home. This includes cell phones,gaming systems, video games, toys, and trading cards. If a phone isneeded for emergencies it MUST be kept in the students backpack at alltimes or it will be confiscated by EEC staff. Electronics & Toys

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Clubs will happen at every EEC site from 5:15-6:00 PM daily. Clubs will be afun way to incorporate student ideas, self-lead activities, and learningopportunities. The same clubs will be offered M, W, F and another set ofclubs T, Th- each week the clubs will rotate site to site. Some examples ofclubs are Lego Club, Cooking Club, Book Club, Drawing Club, and so manymore! Tree House ClubsEach site will have a lost and found on site. Please ask your ClubSupervisor to check it your student is missing an item. EEC is notresponsible to lost or stolen items, students are responsible for keepingtrack of their items. Lost & FoundEEC staff and students will practice live emergency drills throughout theschool year simulating various emergencies to ensure proper preparationin the case of an actual crisis during the EEC program.Emergency ProceduresStudents report to school but school is cancelled: EEC will not run PMprogramming is school is canceled. We will work closely with ACSC staffand personal to ensure all students are sent home by the way of themethod their parent/guardian has indicated. 2 Hour Delay: EEC will also begin 2 hours later in the event of a 2 hourdelay. For example if we regularly begin at 6:30 AM, we will begin at 8:30AM in the event of a 2 hour delay. School is canceled and students do not report to school: In the event ofACSC school closure, EEC will not run AM or PM care. School’s Out Day Camps Delays and Cancellations: The decision to delayor cancel rests with the Youth Services Director. EEC staff will alert familiesof enrolled participants via email in the event of a delay or cancellation.Information can also be found on our park website and social media. Weather PolicyThere is one e-learning day for Avon Schools during the school year. EECwill offer programming for that day at Washington Township ParksPavilion Center. Students will be able to bring their laptop and completedschool work if they choose. If the student does not bring their laptopregular camp programming will be available. EEC staff will not be able toprovide one on one guidance with school work but will be available ifneeded for assistance. Limited spots will be available for these camps,and separate registration will need to be completed.E-Learning Days

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TRANSPORTATION CHANGESIf there is a change in transportation that is not your regular schedule youMUST notify the ACSC front office staff AND also text the site phone to letstaff know that your child(ren) will be attending. Please also text the sitephone to let staff know if your child will not be in attendance if theynormally attend EEC daily. COMMUNICATIONEach site has a site phone that the ClubSupervisor will check daily.Please note that site phones will stay onsite and only be checked during programhours: 6:30-8:30 AM and 3:15-6:00 PM(Monday- Friday).Parents/Guardians will receive a monthlynewsletter via the email on the account.Conformation emails for registration andbilling will be emailed directly fromEZChildTrack.If you need assistance during non-program hours, please email the YouthServices Coordinator PARENT FEEDBACKFamilies who use our services will receive an email evaluation twice a year(December & May) to help us continue to improve our programming.In addition, we have requested a yearly review by the Avon CommunitySchool Corporation. This will ensure that we continue to provide the bestprogram to the students of ACSC. In true partnership, we encourage ACSCto come to us with any suggestions for improvement at any timethroughout the year. sitephonedoorhoursCedar317-504-3436Door 8 AM - 6:30am-8:25amPM - 2:45pm-6:00pmHickory317-502-0910Door 6AM - 6:30am-9:25amPM - 3:45pm-6:00pmMaple317-502-9661Door15AM - 6:30am-8:25amPM - 2:45pm-6:00pmPine Tree317-504-3783Door 6AM - 6:30am-9:25amPM - 3:45pm-6:00pmRiver Birch317-508-1369Door 7AM - 6:30am-9:25amPM - 3:45pm-6:00pmSycamore317-499-1695Door 6AM - 6:30am-8:25amPM - 2:45pm-6:00pmAISEast/West317-499-3417EastDoor 8NO AM CAREPM - 2:10pm-6:00pm

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Each EEC site will have a specific door where the drop off and pick up locationwill be. The safety of your child is our number one priority- please bring a formof ID to pick up everyday.Please make sure that all allowed parties to pick up your child(ren) have beenadded to your account as preferred pick-ups. If there is someone that is NOTallowed to pick your child up please make sure this is provided in yourEzchildcare account. In order to pick up your child(ren), the assigned pick upperson must be 16 years old or above. Staff will have a list on site of unauthorized pickups for your child(ren) safety.Parents/Guardians will be asked to park their vehicle, enter through theassigned door, and sign their child(ren) out on the tablet. Parents/ Guardianswill create a four digit pin number in the EzChildTrack account. Be prepared toused that number each day. If you don’t know the pin number, a staff memberwill be able to assist you.To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, it is crucial that parentscommunicate with EEC staff regarding their child's attendance. Failure to do sowill result in a $5.00 finder's fee, which must be paid before the child canattend the program again. You can notify staff of your child's status or anytransportation changes via text or voicemail on the staff phone.Please keep in mind that staff can only check the phone during program hours(6:15-9:00 AM and 3:15-6:00 PM). Leaving a message during off-hours is fine, andthe staff member will see it when they arrive. Searching for a student takesstaff members away from the program and other students. Safety is our toppriority, if communication issues persist, it could result in the suspension ortermination of EEC programming.NOTE: If you are in a hurry please be sure to text the site phone 5-10 minutesbefore you arrive to ensure a quick pick up. Drop off and Pick up ProceduresDROP OFF & PICK UP POLICY

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BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENTarrive and remain at camp with a positive attitude, open to meeting newpeople and trying new with their counselors and fellow campers towards creating anenvironment that is safe and welcoming for each of us.understand that doing intentional harm or bullying another camper,either physically or emotionally is grounds for dismissal.understand that although they may be able to solve some conflicts on myown, the counselors are always ready to listen and assist if there is aproblem. I understand that my counselors and all of the camp staff needand want to help but can only do so if I am willing to share any concernsthat I have with them. remain with their counselor and partake in the activities of my session asrequired.use appropriate language and understand that the use of excessive,deliberate, profane language will not be accepted.leave their cell phone and other electronic devices at home andunderstand that if there is an emergency the camp staff will be happy toallow me to use the phone and will pass on any urgent messages respectful of the EEC and ACSC property and personal space of othercampers and camp staff.not possess smoking materials, lighters, matches, illegal drugs, alcohol orweapons of any kind at ECC programming and ACSC property. Students in the EEC program must be able to:We expect staff and participants to demonstrate principles of respect,integrity, caring, excellence and responsibility. Students who fail to exhibitthese character traits will be counseled by our staff. All staff will have trainingin how to use positive discipline approaches, to modify behavior includingredirection, personal reflection time, mindfulness exercises, and removal fromactivity until more positive choices can be displayed. We deeply respectchildren and will never participate in any forms of physical or corporalpunishment of any kind.Our goal is to keep parents informed of their student’s choices, both positiveand areas of improvement. Chronic or severe behaviors that requireimprovement to safely participate in our program will be shared through anemailed behavior report and a subsequent phone call, if warranted.Washington Township Parks EEC program will not be able to provided one onone support to a student. We also have a behavior consequence rubric that isused to support parents, staff, and students.

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STAFF TRAININGRedwood Group’s online counselor training videos in association with theAmerican Camp AssociationBehavior ManagementPlayground Safety and Programming at CampBullying PreventionPeer to Peer Sexual Abuse PreventionCPR/First Aid certified through Washington Township Fire Department Positive Behavior Supports: Setting Kids up for Success Training by AprilBarnes - Director of Special Education for KIPP IndyIndiana Department of Child Services- Report Child Abuse and Neglectonline trainingContinued education trainings are provided during employment eachschool year through Indiana Youth Convention and American CampAssociation Conferences.Staff will receive training in the following areas:All EEC sites will have a Club Supervisor and Club Counselors; staff ratiowill be 1 staff member to 15 students. Each staff member is required to passa background check through E-verify and a check through the NationalSex Offender registry.Each employee must pass a drug screen through Hendricks RegionalHealth. Any inconsistencies will be reported to the Park Director, TownshipTrustee, and Avon Community School Corporation.

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We request a parent/guardian to complete a Medication Permission Log(please download below, print, and return to site) which will serve as theparent’s permission to give the medication as well as serve as a log for whenstaff administer the medication.A copy of the medication permission log can also be found on our website. Any medication participants need while enrolled in EEC should be provided inthe original container. Unless the medication is utilized for quick-relief,emergency purposes, the medication will be locked and stored on-site at EEC.Emergency medications will stay with the adults supervising the child forwhom the medication belongs.With the parent’s permission, older children may self-carry emergencymedications. EEC must receive a child’s medication for exclusive use duringthe program.We are unable to access the nurse’s station after school hours.Illness/Injury:Whether a participant needs to take medication regularly after-school or needstheir emergency medicine close at hand during the program, our staff have itcovered.MEDICAL POLICYPlease contact the Club Supervisor if your child has any outstanding medicalneeds and/or allergies. We work with each family on a case-by-case basis toensure safe participation.EEC appreciates parents/guardians providing the Club Supervisor any schoolforms related to health (i.e., asthma action plan, seizure action plan, etc.).EEC does not provide over-the-counter (OTC) medication (e.g. Benadryl,Tylenol, etc). Parents/guardians may provide OTC medication for their child’sexclusive use at EEC with a completed Medication Permission Log. If your child is ill, has a fever, constant cough, vomiting or diarrhea within thelast 24 hours please keep your child home. Please do not bring children if theyhave lice, or an injury that will keep them from participating in activities. Ifyour student is absent from school they are not allowed to attend EECprogramming. Allergies:Children’s allergies are disclosed by the parent/guardian at the time ofenrollment. Staff keep a running list of all participants with allergies and arediligent in keeping these children safe by monitoring them and all their EECactivities.

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Spring Break CampAges: 5-11Where: Pavilion CenterWhen: 7:00am-6:00pm | Mon-FriDaily Rate: $37 | Weekly Rate: $175Activities: outdoor fun, hiking,playground time, outdoorobstacle course, crafts, boardgames, large group games,science experiments, cookingFall Break CampAges: 5-11Where: Pavilion CenterWhen: 7:00am-6:00pm | Mon-FriDaily Rate: $37 | Weekly Rate: $175Activities: outdoor fun, hiking,playground time, obstacle course,gaga ball, large group games,cooking, crafts, and sportsWinter Break CampAges: 5-11Where: Pavilion CenterWhen: 7:00am-6:00pm | Mon-FriDaily Rate: $37 | Weekly Rate: $175Activities: playing in the snow,sledding, hiking, playing classicboard games, large group games,crafts and science experiments2 WEEK BREAK CAMPSFor over a decade, we have grown our camp services with a focus on campsat an affordable rate to families. We take pride in our program and believethat the camp experience is essential to every child’s growth. We provide aninclusive space where campers can find their place in nature, explore, takerisks, embrace their unique selves, grow relationships with peers, learn newskills, build resilience, and be inspired by positive role models. As parentsourselves, we understand how hard it can be to find a program for your kidsthat is trustworthy, affordable, and a place your kids will love to go.Washington Township accomplishes all three with our camp programs.The Washington Township Parks Department offers several different campsthroughout the year. Below are our current camp options:

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Little Explorers'Preschool Camp Jr. NaturalistCamp Murphy AquaticSwim CampExplorerSummer CampSUMMER BREAK CAMPSLittle Explorers' Preschool CampAges: 3-5Where: Lower Park of WashingtonTownship at the BlueJay Shelter near thesplash pad.When: 9:00 - 12:00 |Tues. & Thurs.Activities: organized games, story time, art,and nature explorationJr. Naturalist Camp(3 weekly themes)Ages: 7-12Where: Pecar Nature CenterWhen: 10:00am-2:00pm | Mon-Fri.Weekly Rate: $125Activities: hands-on science discovery,journaling, and art. Explorer Summer CampAges: 5-8 and 9-12Where: Washington Township ParkWhen: 7:00am-6:00pm | Mon-FriDaily and Weekly Rates AvailableActivities: Ten themed weeks with activitiessuch as sports, health and wellness, crafts,nature, science and large group.Explorer Swim CampAges: 7-12Where: Murphy Aquatic ParkWhen: 10:30am-2:30pm | Mon.-Thurs.Activities: Explore our new water park.Children will be supervised by ourcounselors while having fun in the sun!Visit our camp website

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5203 East CR 150 N.Avon, IN 46123Nature center, campgrounds,and Pock Woods-753 South CR 625 E.Avon, IN 46123Outdoor aquatic facility andinclusive focused playground-115 South CR 575 EastAvon, IN 46123Trails, play features, splash pad,and event venues-Follow uson FacebookCONTACT USYouth Services Director: Melissa Thompsonmtthompson@wtparks.org317-745-0785 ext. 424Youth Services coordinator: Jennifer Despainjdespain@wtparks.org317-745-0785 ext. to ourPark eNewsletterRegister yourchild for EEC