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White Tailed Deer

Upon first glance, it may be difficult to tell, but this swamp is home to an abundance of life. Behind every corner and in every nook and cranny a little critter is going about its daily routine. Sometimes if you look extra carefully and you’re extra lucky, one of those little critters might just show its face.

Shhh! There’s one now. It’s a white tailed deer and her fawn. The mother daughter duo is moving silently and gracefully through the grassy swamp. The two deer have emerged from their hidings amongst the trees to feast on the grasses that surround them. The swamp that provides their home is covered in an abundance of tasty greens which make up the deer’s diet. As consumers, the deer’s spend a lot of time grazing. As the deer’s move from place to place you can her the slooosh, slaaash of the water below them

It is summer time, so the mother deer’s coat has changed from a grey to a reddish brown. Baby deer looks much different from her mother in that she has small white spots that cover her body. Soon, the little baby deer will lose those spots and will take on a coat more like it’s mother’s and will even have the white under belly which is characteristics of the species

Look! Mother deer has heard a potential threat, she is frozen, tail raises, ears poised for listening. She waits and listens intently. Then, just like that mother and baby are gone. They race through the water and grasses below them, and before you know it they’re out of sight. Their fur blends into the trees around them and once again they are safe from attack.


Although they enjoy their feast, mother deer is always on alert, listening for potential threats. Her fawn was born only two months ago in May, and mama deer will do anything to protect her. The mother and daughter will remain together for two years at which time the little baby, now all grown up, will wander out on her own.