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Brochure: Explore Lebanon

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Explore Lebanon With polarislebanon polarislebanon 96171644442 9611644442 www helmets on com

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We are a team of passionate riders who love to grow the O Road community Here is your best bet to experience freedom from the high mountains of Lebanon as you ride through some of the country s best o road trails cross smooth owing rivers and drive inside Lebanon s beau ful forests Go up and down steep slopes and steer the ghtest turns to reach breathtaking des na ons hidden inside Lebanon s wilderness Get enough to ll your adrenaline crave for weeks to come For quality Nme with the family laughs with friends or team building acNviNes Helmets On tours o ers a ordable and unforgePable experiences You will be accompanied with our experienced team of well trained guides while enjoying the newest and well maintained Polaris machines We are always well equipped for keeping you safe and worry free

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Our friendly team is happy to help you choose the perfect vehicle to t your tastes and skills with a proper safety brie ng about it You can ride the Polaris Ranger with 6 seats perfect for a promenade with family and friends or the RZR 4 seats for a sporNer ride We also o er the RZR 2 seats or ATV Touring 2 seats for couples loving an open view And if you feel like enjoying the beauNful scenery alone we ve got you covered with our ACE single seater Buggy As for the snow season we also got our Polaris Snowmobile line up to cater for families couples and professional riders

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Helmets On o ers tailor made tours for families beginners and experienced riders Go on a pure o road adventure or cruise and enjoy nature if that s what you like Choose exactly what suits your Nme and needs from our 3 renNng opNons 1 2 3 Half Day Rentals Full Day Rentals Special Two Day Events Includes Camping You have something else in mind from 1 hour tour to full day experiences let us know and we ll tailor a package that suits you best and create a memorable experience We know the best routes to get you there on me and back safely

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Half Day tours have Full Day tours gives you the Two day special events are campings everything you want to do compressed into around 3 30h opportunity to cover a full adventurous o road experience to one of many carefully chosen countryside trails and spectacular desNnaNons Each desNnaNon has a charm of its own Fully immerse yourself and experience what an o road adventure stands for organized by Helmets On throughout the summer We will drive you through the wildest o road routes No compromises no shortcuts with plenty of Nme to include a tasty lunch at the desNnaNon enjoy its beauty and socialize All you have to do is enjoy the moment It includes some great o road driving routes remarkable natural landmarks and amazing views along the way We take care of your meals for the two days and set up the tents bon res showers toilets and anything you might need to complete your adventure comfortably Keep an eye on the Events page on our website and social media for upcoming events

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Half Day Rentals Ouyoun El Simane

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1 Waterfall See a side of Kfardebian that many visitors miss A beauNful hidden waterfall is the best wild ride that leaves us with amazing photos to look back to The spring melt feeds streams and waterfalls through the months of April May and June Along the way we will stop at great landmarks to ll every moment of the experience

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Let s head to an adventure full of thrill and amusement to Chabrouh Dam above the village of Faraya You will cross your way on the o road tracks through the mountains enjoying breathtaking sceneries and experiencing the serenity of the natural peaks This experience is full of back to back amazing views 2 Chabrouh

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3 Sannine Mount Sannine is the mountain that can be clearly seen from Beirut the capital Why not reverse it This half day tour allows you to see Beirut from an alNtude of 2 628 meters StarNng from our Ouyoun Al Siman Base we drive inside the Sannine mountain range while passing steep rocky slopes with some pure o road driving The route leads to the top of mount Sannine where the view of the valley and the villages under it is just spectacular

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Waterfall Trip

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Chabrouh Trip

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Chabrouh Trip

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Chabrouh Trip

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Half Day Rentals LaqLouq

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1 Kniset El Rab Kniset El Rab located at the top of the mountain chain overlooking Tannourine is the highest church in the Middle East Standing there you can see an amazing panoramic view of all of Northern Lebanon from the Cedars of God to Zgharta to Tripoli On our way we stop by Nabaa El Rahwe where there is a stream known for its fresh Tannourine water

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2 Leaving from our Laqlouq branch and riding south we reach the Afqa Waterfall and cave Afqa is the source of River Adonis emerging from a large limestone cave creaNng an incredible landmark The journey there is equally beauNful our guides will take you there through the best o road trails compleNng the experience Afqa

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Kniset El Rab Trip

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Full Day Rentals

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1 Baatara The trip to Baatara is great for water lovers It starts from our base in Ouyoun El Siman or Laqlouq passing through Afqa where we stop and view the Afqa cave bridge and river Then we head to the amazing Balou Balaa waterfall in Baatara Balou Balaa is a breathtaking waterfall that drops for 255 meters passing through three natural bridges For lunch we will take you to a great meal and drive back to base

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2 Chouwen Chouwen is an amazing valley located inside the Jabal Moussa Biosphere reserve which covers 6 500 hectares of protected natural and cultural heritage It is known from its greenery and the Nahr Brahim river owing through the valley where we will take you on the o road trails between the trees The trip includes a tradiNonal lunch in the area afer which we will enjoy the drive back

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3 Ouyoun Orghosh Ouyoun Orghosh is a cluster of lakes located in the north Bekaa Valley Lebanon s ferNle agricultural land known for its vine yards To arrive there we drive down the steep mountains to the water rich valley Restaurants there are known for their delicious sh fresh from lakes for you to enjoy Afer that we climb up the mountains and head back

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4 Berdawni The route to Berdawni passes from Kfardebian under the high Sannine mountain and then down to Zahle the city where Berdawni River ows Zahle is the 4th largest city in Lebanon and one of the oldest The banks of the Berdawni River have long been a place where people of Zahl and other parts of Lebanon come to socialize We will have a tradiNonal lunch in a restaurant at the river bank Afer a good rest its Nme for the acNon lled drive back

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Baatara Trip

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Chouwen Trip

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Ouyoun Orghosh Trip

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Berdawni Trip

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Two Day Events

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Bisri Camping Trip

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Batroun Camping Trip

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Bisri Camping Trip

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Bisri Camping Trip

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Worth Men oning Lebanon is full of amazing Ehden is one of the longest rides from Cornet El Sawda highest summit in natural wonders which we could not t in this brochure Popular desNnaNons also worth menNoning Ehden Cornet El Sawda Zaarour Nabeh El Safa Knaiseh Falougha Arz Tannourine Arz Al Barouk Kaa Al Reem Wadi Kannoubine Wadi LaMar ne and Mayrouba Woodhills Resort our base in Ouyoun El Siman A beauNful city renowned for its healthy environment moderate dry climate natural fresh water and Ehden Forest a vital natural forestry reserve with a variety of trees plants owers and rare animals It is one of the main summer locaNons in Lebanon with lots of famous quality restaurants known for their hospitality their delicious tradiNonal meals and their generosity Afer a graNfying lunch we head back to make it on Nme before sunset Lebanon and the Levant surrounded by an extraordinary spectacle A perfect spot for panoramic shots At 3 088 meters above sea level patches of packed and frozen snow remain all the year round On a clear day you can even see the Nps of the Trodos Mountains in Cyprus Afer being taken by the beauty and harmony of this place we will enjoy a good lunch in Ehden or Cedars and head back to the base

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We have come a long way and expanded our premises to serve you bePer Helmets On expanded to new branches in aPracNve recreaNonal areas such as Ouyoun El Simane Mayrouba Located in Woodhills Resort Laqlouq and soon in Zaarour Our tours depart from any of those branches depending on the routes des na ons and customer s preferences Join us on our journey to explore Lebanon s hidden natural wonders WoodHills

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Wait for our snow experience in the winter season

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www helmets on com polarislebanon polarislebanon 96171644442 9611644442 Polaris Showroom Helmets On SARL Ouyoun El Simane Keserwan Lebanon