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Famous Animator:     Hayao Miyazaki

by Alex Andrews


The reason I chose Hayao Miyazaki was because he has created some amazing movies and most people don't even know about him and even though they know about his movies, so I thought that I would shine some light on this case.

Hayao Miyazaki is a pioneer in animation because he made the first anime film to win an Acadamy Award with the movie Spirited Away.

Miyazaki's career has lasted for over fifty year and has made some movies that have won awards. His first full length movie was The Castle Of Cagliostro, which he made in 1979.  His movie Spirited Away was the first animated movie to win an Acadamy Award, it came out in 2001.  My favorite movie made by him would be Ponyo, which was made in 2008.  My Dad's favorite movie would be Princess Mononoke, which was made in 1997.