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y characters and their world have been the focus of my
aention since 2011. Ever since I challenged myself to
write a novel, and wrote the sentence:
All I ever wanted to be was a lile extraordinary,
I have been slowly but surely drawn into their world.
As I entered into the mind space of the character who
spoke to me (Cassie Stone) the magic began to happen. Soon
Cassie met Alex and Amaia Grayson, and the Star Kin
Chronicles were born.
As her story progressed, new characters appeared, weaving
their way into the hearts of the existing characters, and into
mine. Writing became my "happy place"; I could escape my
often dicult reality and spend time inside my characters
heads instead of my own.
By 2012, I had completed four manuscripts (2 two-part
novels), had ve partially drafted manuscripts, and had ideas
in my head and on paper for a total of 13 novels.
initially self-published the rst book and released it in
2013 as Extraordinary Part 1. This book told the rst half of
Cassie's story. I was working to have Extraordinary Part 2
released later but, while working on its preparation, I decided
to start a writing course.
I enrolled in University and, between 2013 and 2016, and
completed a Diploma in Arts (English). I intended to complete a
Bachelor's Degree with Honors, before moving into a Masters in
Creative Writing. But, as often happens, life got in the way.
By the time I was halfway through my first semester of
University, my already tenuous 10-year marriage had crumbled.
I was living alone, surviving on part-time work (which barely
covered my rent), and struggling with my mental health. Due to
the stress, following a minor breakdown and suicide attempt, I
dropped out of my first semester in favor of getting my life back
on track.
The following semester, I re-enrolled with the support of my
friends (including my now current partner) for part-time study. I
buckled down, studied hard, worked hard, and put my writing
aside. To my surprise, I achieved high grades. I enrolled for the
next semester as a full-time student. Again I graded highly. I
missed my writing but figured I would get back to it during
holiday breaks and Summer breaks. Instead, I took a Summer
class so I could complete my first year with sufficient papers (I
wasn't procrastinating, honestly!).
hen, during 2015, I discovered I was pregnant. Having
years of infertility behind me, I thought it was an
impossibility—one I had come to terms with. Of course, I was
thrilled, but it made me reassess my planned future. Because
of health issues, and my age, it was a high-risk pregnancy. I
ended up with pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized from 30
weeks gestation, through to 33 weeks when my lile girl was
I had enrolled in a further summer school paper, started it
while in hospital, and completed it in the rst few weeks she
was home. Yes, I was addled with baby-brain and Mommy-
brain, but I passed with an A grade! I had sucient papers to
complete my Diploma.
The Star Kin Chronicles had been patient with mebut
there were stories burning in my head, and I needed to turn
my aention to them.
I learned plenty during my courses at University
enough to know that I needed to rework, rewrite and update
the two books. So I set to it. Despite many bumps along the
way (new parenthood, moving house three times, and
another mental health breakdown and recovery during
2016/2017), I managed to restructure, rewrite, and begin
editing parts of Extraordinary. In the process, I decided to re-
market them as a trilogy:
The Heart Stone Trilogy.
Part 1: Star Kin is the story that Extrao rdinary Part 1
told, with some major changes to certain scenes and when
certain events occur. It also takes the story a bit further than
Part 1 did.
Part 2: Celestial Keeper continues where Sta r Kin leaves
o. It covers Cassie's confrontation with her own personal
nemesis, and the discovery of several secrets, both
personal and within her family history.
Part 3: Phoenix Rising covers Cassie's journey
to accepting her role in the Graysons world, solidifying her
belief in her abilities, and nding her way to consolidate her
human life with her Star Kin role. It covers the nal bale
with the Graysonsenemy, the transformation of our heroine,
and the sealing of the prophecy about her chosen destiny.
ow I am at the point where professional editing, cover
art, website upgrade and marketing skills are needed to
produce the best, most polished work for sale, and to
successfully market my books. I'm doing some fundraising, to
help me cover the costs for Part 1: Star Kin. More info on that
HERE (go check it out, there are some great rewards for those
who help me out!)
Once I have raised enough funds to get Star Kin nice
and shiny, I will be puing her up on Amazon, Smashwords
(so we get a lovely range of le types for all those dierent
e-readers out there), and will be checking out other eBook
markets, too. I'll also be preparing a paperback version of
the book to sell via Amazon's CreateSpace in both regular
and large print.
Then I'll be working on sales and fundraising for
preparation of Part 2: Celestial Keeper.
In the meantime, I'm writing some novellas and working
on the rest of my planned novels (which have increased
from 13 to 16 novels). You can nd out about planned books
in the series on my BOOKS page. You'll also nd book
excerpts and information about the characters here.
I'll be posting to my blog, EVIE'S THOUGHTS. This will
be a random collection of thoughts, inspiration, insights
from my journey to date, and possibly some quotes from
people much more famous than I am.
My NEWS AND EVENTS page will be updated as
progress is made on writing, preparing, and publishing my
books. Keep a look out for giveaways, cover reveals, and
oers here, or via my emails.
There is a CONTACT EVIE page, where you can get in
touch with me, and sign up for my emails (for advance
notice on new books, giveaways, and updates). I welcome
your comments, follows, emails, and reviews (even reviews
of Extrao rd inary; every review helps). You can also send me
a tweet, like my Facebook Page, and visit my Amazon and
Pinterest sites through the Social Bar at the top of my site.
My Fans and Followers are my biggest support, and I
love hearing from you. I will read every comment, email,
and tweet, and will try to reply as soon as I can.
ho knows? Only time and destiny will reveal that to
us. But thank you, all the same, for joining me on this
journey. Hopefully our path together will be a long, and
adventurous one, lled with:
Cassie, the Graysons, and I will see you again, soon!
Evie Asterwyn is from Waikato, New Zealand. She lives with
her partner, her young daughter, her cats, and her Labrador x
Huntaway who is the inspiration behind Astra.
She holds a Diploma in Arts from Massey University which focused
on Creative Arts/English and Classical History. Her favourite
genres to read are mysteries, thrillers, fantasy and science-ction,
and speculative ction. Some of her favourite authors include:
Agatha Christie, Anne and Todd McCarey, Dan Brown, Dean
Koon, Janet Evanovich, and J.R.R. Tolkien. She also likes to read
and review work by independent authors.