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Cost of Production for my final project:

Family and Friends are important to me!


It took me approximately 4 hours to put this project together.  I used Toggl to help me track my time.  I put it all together on WeVideo with Audacity and an iphone 6.



I spent about 30 minutes on Audacity.  I already has Audacity set up on my computer from an earlier project.  I tried playing with the volume until I could here my voice, this took most of my 30 minutes.  I planned to talk more but couldn't get it to line up correctly on my video.



I spent about 30 minutes on the video for this project.  I took about 3 videos which were all about 15-20 seconds long.  I had to pick only one to use in my project because of all the pictures I was using.  I also had to edit the video down because 15 seconds in a minute and a half project is a lot.

I used an iphone 6 to video my dog Pepper smelling her favorite plant.


Graphic Design:

I spent about 3 hours on taking and looking through the pictures I wanted to use on this project.  I chose about 50 photos and 3 videos and played around with them until I was happy.  Once I had the project complete I realized I was over the time limit and had to do more editing.  It was so hard to pick which photos and video to delete.

An iphone 6 to take the photos in this project.


If a professional had made this project some of the equipment used would be:

The Peluso P-87 Multi Pattern Microphone for $994.00 on sale


An Adam A5X Powered Studio Monitor for $549.99


A professional camera with video/Sony Alpha A7RII for $3,095.00


ProTools for $599.00


Final Cut Pro for $299.99


I used the median hourly rate to come up with the pay for the following designers:


Graphic designers - $22.55/hour so my project would be $67.65

Video editors - $29.69/hour so my project would be $14.88

Audio engineers - $25.64 so my project would be $12.82


Total for my project professionally would be: $5,633.33





Conclusion:  Equipment is an investment for these professionals.  It is a lot up front and takes them a while to become established to pay for the equipment and start making profits.

 Dedicated to Bailey

    my best friend's dog who passed away 2 weeks ago

By: Rasy Groesbeck