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Tim Burton let me talk about him. Let me see... 

Tim Burton



By: Evan DeHaven

Tim Burton has created a ton of movies such as frakenweenie but over all he is my all time favorite he has created more than just that he is intelegent and outgoing he has 2 kids and is divorced i believe he has also created more than animated movies as well he was also apart of a couple short films. Although not many pepole have heard of him at least i have and i am here to spread the word about Tim Burton to everyone all of his movies have been hits almost all of his movies such as alice and the wonderland have included Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is always gladly to be apart of his films. Although Yall might not have heard of Tim Burton i am here to spread the word

 Tim Burton

 Tim Burton Has movies you might not know he created like alice and the wonderland or frakenwennie. AS you all may know he has been a real game changer in the animators department. He is a well known aniumator not all will know of him but soon you will realize what he has done to help the world of animation

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