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Music Magazine

How have i progressed since my Prelim task?

Prelim Task

Another key learning point for me was the colour schemes. This is very important in relating to the theme on the front cover, especially the image. For example i learnt the black and white associated nicely with my artist who is from an era of black and white photography and cameras. However the colour schemes of the School Magazine display no sense of purpose and are not well thought through.This looked poor in my opinion so i learnt a valuable lesson to ensure i had purpose behind each feature, and colour schemes were a very important feature in my opinion.

It is clear that the codes and conventions have improved since my early Prelim Task, everything has become alligned and kept even and precised; whereas in the Prelim Task it shows poor execution. For example the Berlin photos are overlapping onto the laptop which can look poorly finished and unproffesional. I learnt from this as a Media student, even if it is kept simple; execution and detail is what makes the piece look well constructed and proffesional 

Front Covers

It became clear to me that editing was hugely important for the piece to catch someones eye. For example the poorly structured cropping and no editing through filters on the prelim task meant it looked very basic and unproffesional. However when making my Music Magazine i discovered it was so important to engage your audience with editing that appeals to your genre and audience as it will draw them in. 

Photography improvements

My photography was something i learnt from massively. The bottom photo displays a rushed photo which was not entirely thought through. I found this was a huge factor to change for my Music Magazine as it can do so much for my piece. For example this top piece shown displays a shot that has been edited, cropped and tampered with. This photo then allows the audience to relate to it as i am aiming at older males mainly. Therefore black and white is something they would have been brought up with. The classic guitar (mise en scene) also implies my photos are planned out thoughtfully to always appeal to my audience. This is something i learnt more and more throughout as i decided the photos were a key point for attracting and engaging the audience as photos are not hard to focus on. 

Lessons learnt through the Contents Page

I learnt many features on making a much more professional contents page when moving on from my Prelim Task. For example the sense of allignment and precise measurments allowed my magazine to look far more excuted, whereas in my Prelim contents many features are not in line and have not been thought through properly. When doing this properly the contents becomes far more appealing, although i did learn also not to over complicate it. I understood that keeping everything well excecuted was sn important lesson in keeping my Music Magazine looking well constructed and put together.

I learnt throughout this development from my Prelim Task to Music Magazine that time keeping was key, as well as not over complicating things. My main lesson learnt was the understanding that execution and quality is better than an over filled and poorly designed piece. I have improved in ways such as editing, structure and most of all my understanding of how to construct a well thought out piece of work; which in this case is the music magazine.