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Wild Thoughts aims at bringing creativity, peace, democracy and inspiration to individuals and organizations. We hold workshops, events, and one to one sessions

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Wild Thoughts 

Wild Thoughts aims to bring creativity, democracy and inspiration to individuals and organizations.


We hold learning events and workshops, as well as one to one sessions.

Our aim is to be accessible and inclusive. Our core values are democracy, sustainability and creativity.




Do you consider the UK to be your home?


Do you consider yourself European and/or British beyond your citizen status? 

Are you worried about the changes that lie ahead?

Are you puzzled, excited, disheartened or angry about the recent referendum results? 

Are you interested in the connection between leadership, power and groups? 


Would you like to take part into a 'cultural experiment'? 


in the


4th of August 2016

RA RA, Unit 2, Grosvenor Way, E5 9ND, London, UK

Fees: £20, £10 concessions for the low waged

Light refreshments provided

Booking at:


Europe in the mind is the first in a series of experiential workshops. We want to explore experiences, thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of a historical referendum; one which is likely to change the U.K.'s position in the European community and possibly the life of British and European citizens living in the UK.



Since the announcement of the referendum results we have witnessed the emergence of complex feelings and a multitude of voices concerned with the ideas of identity, belonging, inclusion, exclusion, displacement, authority, leadership, accountability, responsibility and ultimately truth.

This is a crucial time to explore the way in which as individuals we relate to others and our roles within the groups, communities and organisations in which we belong. 




We believe that experiences in groups provide an opportunity to understand our identity and our behaviour in micro and macro social environments. 


Each group of participants will form a temporary learning community, where individuals have an opportunity to explore their role and contribution to the group. 

As consultants we will assist with learning, and provide a setting for a variety of perspectives to emerge and be shared. 


We are a team of social scientists, psychologists and organisational consultants trained in the Tavistock Tradition of Human Relations.


We share a common interest in socioanalytic methods, group psychoanalysis, community development, organisational dynamics and and social change. We want to open a field for discussion, reflection and transformation to all those who have an interest in thinking, sharing and changing perspectives, regardless of their opinion, identity, social or cultural status. 


Our Team


Hanna Fisher


Founding Partner of Wild Thoughts. Born in Milan, she graduated in clinical psychology at Bicocca University, Milan, and trained in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy at the Tavistock Centre, UK. She has lived and worked in London since 2006. She currently works as a therapist for Growing Together, an NHS specialist service for parents. She also facilitates parent-infant observation seminars and teaches psychoanalytic theory at the Anna Freud Centre in London. She has worked in several Group Relation Conferences both in Italy and in the UK as a member, translator and consultant.  Her main areas of interest are the relation between gender dynamics and creative processes both in professional and personal contexts, parenthood, work-life balance and the application of group relation work to social change.



Mónica Velarde Lazarte (MBPsS)

Founding Partner of Wild Thoughts. President of Hope of the Amazon Civil Association. She was born in Lima, Peru and lived and worked internationally as an Organisational Consultant in both private and public sectors.  She is an experienced director, consultant and administrator of Group Relations Conferences in America, Europe and Asia.  She is a Doctoral Candidate at Tavistock and Portman NHS and Certified Consultant Tavistock and Portman NHS.  Her main areas of interest are personal and professional development, social inclusion and mental health prevention. She has a particular interest about the interaction between personal biography and historical trauma.


Tim Dartington 

Group and organisational consultant working in health and social care.  He has a background in social research, carrying out action research projects on institutional and community-based care for vulnerable citizens, including hospitalized children, those with disabilities and the elderly. Tim has a special interest in the management of not-for-profit organisations.  He is an experienced Tavistock group relations consultant and director.

Tim works as an individual coach and as a research supervisor.  Currently Tim is employed by various NHS mental health trusts, consulting on the development of appropriate services in a culture of care and compassion.





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