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Here comes Suarez running down the field.He passes it to me i take a fake shot and lay a ball to the legend himself neymar. He takes a shot outside the box bang goal I saw his unique skill in finishing and scoring goals. right into the top left corner.THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!Neymar was remembering his childhood as he took the shot.We get the ball and put the ball in the center of the field so we do not waste time.I chop the ball away from the left wing andANd Neymar laws a perfect ball to me I was mesmerized by his flawless skill, We had won the leliga championship for the 8th time.



Messi P.O.V. By:Ethan

      Neymar Da Silva Santos Jr was born on Febuary 5 ,1992 in mogi das cruzes. sao paulo Brazil.I honestly like they were at the size of that I think you were over past measuring not another tire, and he is a very unfair. I was watching what is Neymar's games and I was surprised that is potentially over there I'm hoping you'll be a good one day. But I'm no more favorite things to do as a kid his place it's off of table soccer bold Berry have your bowl. I also think that's all it is so funny It is a type of soccer with the small field and you cannot go and a half circle front of the goal of Airhead able to have the same for you. So you can keep it on the ground. What's what's up 1 of Neymar's first types of document as a kid maybe I don't know if you played soccer before make a lot of sense cuz he is honestly really good at soccer. I said things Futsal when I was around eight to nine years old I prayed for my first club team and we wanted without losing again the whole year and winter is the season where Futsal is mostly played in door. My favorite type of soccer played was Futsal. Neymar play for Santos FC junior team at 8:11. I thought that was was amazing did you? I thought it was amazing because he is only 11 and playing for amazing game.


Photo of Neymar when he was younger.

When Neymar was 11 years old he moved to barcelona spain to play soccer! Thats crazy! My mom and dad would never let me do that. In 2014 A famous forward joined barcelona, Suarez. The 3 wonders quickly became the spotlight of Barcelona. But when neymar was younger he almost got a deal with spanish powerhouse - Real Madrid. What would happen if Neymar went to Real Madrid? Would Neymar Know Messi? I would think not because He would never of met messi. Neymar also scored his 100th goal on his 20th birthday!! Wow he scores 100 goals in 20 years! When suarez joined barca people started to call them the NMS (Messi,Neymar,Suarez) trio. I wonder why Suarez joined Barcalona? Perhaps to become more famous, I hope I am that good to just get moved to a great team.

Road To Barcelona

Neymar, Messi, and Suarez.

Most people think Neymar will score more goals than the legend himself Pele. Neymar Scored 5 single goals in one match against china.CRAZY!!!! Can you believe that he is also the 11th highest brazilian scorer in the history of brazil. But he is still not done scoring!! The way brazil plays is a quick game not trying to wast time they work till the end they do not stop to waste time. I like the way brazil plays because they go go go until the end most teams the wast time to win Brazil does not do that the never waste time they work the whole game. And they are not afraid to shoot at any place on the field.Perhaps Neymar scores different goals because he wants to try something new. I hope i will be that good so I can do that.

 Neymar's Goals

Photo of Neymar doing a hard move to score a goal.

      Neymar has made many soccer cleats but nothing like these cleats!! He made cleats with Jorden!! I have these cleats They are my best cleats i have owned THey are the best cleats i have owned because they have a built in  part that holds your shin guard in!! This helps a lot because it does not let your shin guard come out!! Perhaps Neymar decided to make cleats with Jordan because he likes watching Jordan as a basketball player? I hope i will be good enough where famous people. Why did Neymar decide to make cleats with a soccer player? Was it to just wanting to have fun.Or because he wanted to try something different. I wonder if Neymar has made any other cleats with famous people? He could have done it with a lot of people. Have you ever wondered why Neymar has made cleats with other famous people?


Neymar's jordan cleats.