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This pamphlet is to inform about the effects, causes, and saftey procedures of flooding.


 By Josh And Ethan


Conditions during flooding are


harsh. Water currents are strong


and can easily take large objects


With them. During the beginning,


heavy rainfall will countinue. High 


wind are also likely during these


floods. Sometimes, flooding is 


caused by hurricanes or trocial 


cyclones. Conditions vary between


different types of floods.



Floods can happen at any time


but mainly during rainy


months. Most rainy months 


in spring months such as April


or May. Vulnurable areas


are riverbanks, and streams.



When do floods occur? 


The damages of flooding are


severe. Flooding can destory 


destory structure and wash 


away cars and large objects.


Floods can cause death in


many different ways.


Drowning, electricution, and 


blunt force trauma. Make


sure you know how to stay 


safe! Read about it in the next



Damage of flooding 


Saftey Precautions for floods


are important to know.


Move to higher ground.


Water is less likely to reach


you there. Stay off wet roads.


They are slippery and will


bring no good. If your vehicle


becomes trapped, make sure


to abandon it. You are more 


important than your car.





 Flooding Saftey Precautions

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