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  • Cause and Effect

By: Ethan H.

The cause and effect of not brushing your teeth:

People don't brush their teeth because they are lazy and don't want to take the time.

Some effects are:

- Bad breath

- Tooth decay

- Gum disease

A cause of a tornado is high winds or cold and warm dry air mixed and some effects are:

-houses are destroyed 

-people are injured

Some causes for playing video games are:  It keeps some people out of trouble and it is a source of entertainment, some effects are:

- you can't sleep 

- you have trouble focusing

- your brain can't think

Cause and effect of a earthquake:

Some cause are the earth's core shifts and it causes an earthquake. And some effects are: 

- Injuries occur, even death

- Homes are destroyed, sometimes whole neighbourhoods

Cause and effect of smoking. Most people smoke because they think it is cool and think it's fun.  Some effects are:

- Lung cancer

- Bad breath

- Wrinkles

- trouble breathing and possibly even death

Cause and effect of not taking a shower after a physical activity.  Some effects are:

- Body odor

- You are dirty and sweaty 

- You feel bad

- pimples

Cause and effect of not eating healthy. People don't make healthy choices because it is quicker to cook foods that are bad for you.  It takes more time to make a healthy meal.  People may also eat unhealthy because they are sad or stressed.  Some effects of not eating healthy are:

- Your appearance 

- You can't do things you used to

- Weight gain and low energy

Cause and effect of not studying for a test. Most people don't study because they are too lazy and don't feel like it.  The effect of not studying are:

- You fail the test or get a bad mark.

- your teacher might not think that you are very smart or that you don't understand what they taught you.

Cause and effect of bullying. Kids who are bullies bully because they don't feel powerful or they are treated bad at home and they want to put everyone else in their misery.  Some effects of bullying are:

- The person who is bullied feels bad 

- The bullied person feels helpless and can become very sad 

This book is about causes and effects of things that happen in our daily life.