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Beemo was created and after that the Earth he lived in never was the same.

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      Beemo The Erbium Hero


Beemo was a normal boy, and was walking in a alleyway in Sweden. There was a huge science lab building right next to him(called the SciLifeLab) . At that precise moment, when he walked by a trash can, he was curious and looked inside of the container. The scientist threw out about 200 lbs of Erbium out the window, it all landed on his head....

From such an unlikely confluence of events there could only emerge a new superhero, with impressive superpowers, the ability when he touches a type of rock called vanadium which he had found in the chemical dispenser gives him the ability to turn into anything. (Shape Shifter)

But the more he searched with his powers turn into telescopes, satellite, he found no one trying to conquer the galaxy or planet earth.  He couldn’t even find some villain planning to steal the moon or Eiffel Tower.Everyone just had normal problems So Beemo spent his days bored, turning random things when he played hide and seek in school,was the most fun he had. In search of missions impossible that were deserving of a superhero of his powers.





Finally, his moment of glory arrived, when the Swedish government decide to use him in there military army. But Beemo did not know how to turn into certain shapes. He was only 13 and did not have full control of his powers. He took 15 min to turn into an object so he was not the best for war.

But since the whole world knew about Beemo’s powers, he had to use them somehow besides using them in wars. Beemo later united with a Scientist, which was the one that dropped the elements on his head. The scientist would use the NAVSTAR satellite in order to find crimes around the world.(NAVSTAR Global Positioning System(Gps))  Beemo then would turn into the light poles and travel as fast a light through them all over Europe. Once he got where the crimes where he would turn into touch the rock (vanadium) and turn melt down and trap the bad guy right in their tracks until police came to arrest them.


After a 5 long years of stopping bad guys, he was able to transform in only 3 min! The Swedish Military tried to convince him to go back and help them but he loved stopping bad guys so much he said no. After Beemo learned how to control his powers, Europe crime rates went almost to 0 a week. Thanks to Beemo and his friend the scientist Europe was better than ever.