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Carbohydrate - The primary source of energy. Carbohydrates help the body by controlling your metabolism. Processed carbs can spike blood sugar. At most, we should have 50% of our food to be carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can help you poop

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Fats - Fats are a condensed form of energy from food. once the carbohydrates are used up, the fat will take over as an emergency energy source. Trans fat will make you have higher chances for heart problems and strokes. Only about 15% of your diet should include Saturated fat

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Proteins - Proteins make up most of our body material. Proteins are used if no other carbohydrates and/or fats are present as energy. If you eat an extreme amount of protein, it can harm the body and make you fat. your diet should consist of 15% of protein. many people donĀ“t know that you can be harmed by eating too much protein.

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Vitamins - Vitamins are something our bodies cannot create on its own. Vitamins allow the body to turn carbohydrates and fat into energy. having too much of a vitamin will lead to toxic and poisonous levels. only take vitamin pills to fill in the times you miss getting the vitamin. Vitamins can come from non-food items, for example, the sun.

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Minerals - Minerals are provided by the food chain. minerals allow bone development, hormone production, and metabolism. minerals cannot be created by the human body therefore, it can only be obtained by the food we eat. you must always have minerals with the food you eat. minerals are used by almost every living thing to survive. 

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Water - water is a liquid needed for basic human survival. our bodies are made of 80% water. not drinking water for 5 or more days will kill you. you should drink water whenever you can. most of our world is made out of water and only 1/3 of the oceans have been explored.

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