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2020 TISC Prospectus

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EXHIBITOR SPONSOR GUIDE Join us for the largest trauma informed school conference in the U S with educators from around the world Superintendents Principals Instructional Coaches Teachers Higher Education Faculty St Charles Missouri June 30 July 1 2020 Denver Colorado November 9 10 2020 hosted by Beyond Consequences Institute TheTraumaInformedConference com

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UNDERSTANDING A TRAUMA INFORMED APPROACH We invite you to participate in the 2020 Trauma Informed School Conference in St Charles Missouri June 30 July 1st and in Denver Colorado November 9 10 2020 This conference is the premier educational event for schools looking to join a growing national movement to create trauma informed schools Each conference will draw between 1 100 and 1 500 conference participants who are passionate about this movement making this event an unparalleled opportunity for you to make connections and build relationships through person to person communications and marketing We are here to make this a successful and impactful experience for you WHAT DOES TRAUMA INFORMED MEAN Trauma informed practices help educators recognize the prevalence of trauma and adversity in their student population It focuses on helping students feel safe and teaches them how to self regulate during times of stress and overwhelm Students who have been impacted by trauma operate at a continual high level of stress Their brains are wired for fear which makes for a challenging dynamic in a school setting These students struggle with many of the following behavioral issues Impulsive Unable to focus or sit still Lack of ability to Concentrate Low frustration tolerance Resistant to directives Anxious Argumentative Defiant Withdrawn Unable to process multiple directives Forgetful Fidgety Unable to organize Challenged to complete tasks Interrupts or speaks out inappropriately Unable to make or keep friends A trauma informed approach recognizes that the brain drives behavior and thus interventions must focus on helping students calm their brains Self regulating strategies and products are essential to the success of creating a trauma informed school

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CONNECT WITH LEADERS WHO NEED TRAUMA INFORMED SOLUTIONS Every student reacts differently to adversity and traumatic events Hence the interventions to address these students needs covers a wide span Participants at this conference are looking for cutting edge solutions to help their students develop stronger skills in the following areas Critical Thinking Problem Solving Thinking and Reasoning Listening Auditory Processing Visual Perception Sequencing Information Processing Attention Memory Students impacted by trauma are also typically behind academically Conference participants will be looking for innovative ways to help their students in these areas Reading Comprehension Writing and Handwriting Math and Numbers Additionally students impacted by trauma struggle significantly in these other areas Emotional Regulatory Skills Self Regulatory and Self Calming Skills Emotional Intelligence Sensory Processing Social Interaction Skills Life Skills Social Intelligence Transitional Issues Time Management Skills Impulse Control If any of your resources or products address these deficits listed above then this is the conference for you Our conference participants are hungry for cutting edge resources to help their students They are ready to hear about the solutions you have to offer them and our conference schedule offers plenty of dedicated time for them to visit your exhibit

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CONCENTRATED ACCESS TO SCHOOL LEADERS You will have exposure to conference participants from around the United States Canada and the world many of whom have made this Trauma Informed School Conference their number one choice of conferences to attend for the year Conference participants are leaders of their schools who have been charged with successfully implementing a trauma informed platform Our conference participants are trail blazers in their fields and have a passion for finding real solutions to helping their students They have a willingness to think outside the box in order to find cutting edge products and services ATTENDEE PROFILE This conference attracts participants from all aspects of education allowing you to connect with administrators classroom teachers and mental health professionals all from one location The following are the analytics of conference participants from our previous conference and our expectation for this conference are in line with these stats 32 school administrators superintendents principals school board members 23 teachers 19 mental health professionals school counselors social workers psychologists 19 support personnel other 8 special education behavior specialists Administrators 32 Teachers 23 Mental Health Professionals 19 Support Personnel Other 19 Special Education Behavior Specialists 8 IMPORTANT FACT 100 of the attendees are looking for resources to help them successfully implement trauma informed practices for their most challenging students

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ST CHARLES MISSOURI DATE AND LOCATION June 30 July 1 2020 St Charles Convention Center 1 Convention Center Plaza St Charles Missouri 63303 7 miles from St Louis Lambert International Airport STL Exhibit halls first floor convention center Second floor exhibit space will also be available The exhibit tables are located in the main entrance to the grand ballroom and at the entrance to the break out sessions giving exhibitors a maximum amount of exposure to conference participants Setup on June 29 2020

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DENVER COLORADO DATE AND LOCATION November 9 10 2020 The Westin Hotel 10600 Westminster Boulevard Westminster Colorado 80020 30 miles from the Denver International Airport DEN Exhibit halls first floor of the westin convention center The exhibit tables are located in the main entrance to both grand ballrooms and along the hall to the breakout sessions giving exhibitors a maximum amount of exposure to conference participants Setup on November 8 2020

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SPONSORSHIP TIER Choose the level of sponsorship that matches your goals and desired visibility Capturing Leads is Easy with Our Award Winning Lead Retrieval App I must say the lead gen app is one of the best ones that we ve used Grabbing tags was easy and it was very very fast Michael TiffinTalk

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LA CARTE SPONSORSHIPS ALL SPONSORSHIPS INCLUDE Exhibit table one 8 x30 table at TISC Summer or one 6 x30 table with table cloth at TISC Fall Recognition of sponsorship on conference website with live link to your website Recognition of sponsorship within the official conference app Lead retrieval app to scan participant s badges to keep track of your conference leads PowerPoint slide advertisement during the gathering of the general sessions Logo placement in all post registration emails sent to each conference participant average is six emails Sponsor ribbons for your staff WELCOME RECEPTION 38 500 Kick off the conference and be the first sponsorship to be recognized with our welcome reception in the exhibit area First impressions are always the most lasting Your logo will be printed on all drink napkins as part of this sponsorship PLATED LUNCH 50 500 PER DAY Food is one of the best ways to connect with people especially hungry conference participants Sponsor a hot plated lunch for participants and you ll also be given ten minutes at the podium to speak to all the attendees about your product or services while they are enjoying a good meal there s no better way to create a captive audience ATTENDEE INTERNET ACCESS 18 500 Get everyone connected throughout the convention center as the official Wi Fi sponsor Design a splash or redirect page that will be seen on every attendee s login page AFTERNOON COFFEE BEVERAGE BREAK 15 500 PER BREAK Sponsor the afternoon coffee beverage breaks between educational sessions Your logo will be placed on signage prominently displaced on all beverage tables for each participant to see

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GENERAL EXHIBIT TABLE GENERAL EXHIBIT TABLE 700 This exhibit table includes the following One 8 x30 table with table cloth TISC Summer or One 6 x30 table with table cloth TISC Fall Two chairs Listing in the official conference app under the exhibitor s section with a live link to your website Ability to purchase lead retrieval app Lunch along with refreshments during conference coffee refreshment breaks up to two people Exhibitor ribbons for your staff manning the table up to two people Please note Conference registration is NOT included

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We look forward to having you a part of this MUST ATTEND national event TISC Summer TISC Fall June 30 July 1 2020 November 9 10 2020 St Charles Convention Center 1 Convention Center Plaza St Charles Missouri 63303 The Westin Hotel 10600 Westminster Boulevard Westminster Colorado 80020 7 miles from St Louis Lambert International Airport STL 30 miles from Denver International Airport DEN Contact Derra Muzaca 720 520 4885 derra tisc summer com Contact Florence Connally 720 697 8322 florence tisc fall com www TheTraumaInformedConference com hosted by Beyond Consequences Institute