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This 9 day road trip is the epitome of all road trips through the southern Midwest and west coast regions of America.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Made By: J. Michael Torres

 This road trip is a 9 day road trip with the main destination being Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The trip will be with me, and three close friends of mine in my truck. The road trip spans aproximately 3235 miles, startining at Richardson High School and stops in El Paso where we'll camp in the Franklin Mountains State Park for night 1. Then drive to Los Angel and spend a day there for nights 2 and 3. After a day in California we'll drive to Bryce Canyon National Parkl and camp there for two days for nights 4, 5, and 6. Following Bryce Canyon we'll drive to Albuquerque, spend  night 7 there, then spend night 8 at Palo Duro Canyon National Parkl in Texas for a night before returning home to Richardson on day 9. There is aproximately 49 hours of driving and the trip will cost aproximately $450 for gas. 

 We'll be camping in the Sunset Campground in site number 241 (the picture is not site 241 but a campsite from the camp). We're planning on bringing a camp stove to cook on and an ice cooler to store our perishable foods. Were planning a meal of Eggs and sausage for breakfast. PB&J's for a light lunch, and hamburgers for dinner. Durring July the average tempurture is between 53°F-80°F, usually has mild weather but durring mid to late summer faces daily afternoon thunderstorms. Some Iconic wildlife in Bryce Canyon would be seeing proghorn antelope, vultures, turkeys, prarie dogs, and rattle snakes.

Bryce Canyon has alot of fun activities to offer. There are alot of hiking trails, watch the sunset/starts over the canyon. There are activities and tours with rangers and also guided full moon hikes. Named after Mormon Pioneer Ebenezer Bryce, Bryce Canyon became a national park in 1928. The land is very hilly as it's in the rocky mountains and has a large canyon (Bryce Canyon) but there is also alot of foilage and natural rivers dude to the snow caps and summer rains. Bryce Canyon itself is a forest biome bordering a destert biome. Every year aproximately 1.5 million people visit Bryce Canyon. It costs $30 per personal vechical to enter the camp, and also $20 per site per night. 

The iconic rock spires of Bryce Canyons are caused by the erosion of platues and are called "Hoodoos". The park is clasified as a canyon while it is also not a canyon. It's has many small canyons which crate amphitheaters. The native prarie dogs of bryce canyon are endangered, and the park provides a natural habitat for them and must be protected, and ares for the prarie dogs must be preserved for their survival. If I was intrested in seeking a career in Bryce Canyon I would aspire to become a park ranger and live/work on the park full time in nature.


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