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EP2 - MTH Songs

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THEME SONG MUMMIES IN THE MORNING Mummies in the morning sleeping in your coffins Mummies in the morning you re quiet you don t talk Mummies in the morning you re not so beautiful Mummies in the morning please don t sleepwalk Mummies in the morning sleeping in your coffins Mummies in the morning you re quiet you don t talk Mummies in the morning you re not so beautiful Mummies in the morning please don t sleepwalk 9

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CHAPTER 1 SONG THE PYRAMID CAT The next adventure is to the pyramids Jack studied the Egypt book a bit He pointed to the picture I wish we could go here And outside the window a cat did appear He was a big black cat sleek and lean The strangest cat Jack had ever seen With bright yellow eyes he was staring And a wide gold collar he was wearing 10

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CHAPTER 2 SONG MIRAGE Outside in the sandy desert It s an ancient Egyptian funeral Oxen pull a coffin on a sled Followed by a parade of people The closer they get The closer they get to the funeral parade The harder it is to see it Then suddenly right in front of them Everything has vanished Everything has vanished mirage Everything has vanished 14

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CHAPTER 3 SONG OH MUMMY Pyramids of solid stone Houses of the dead Deep inside are burial chambers To where the slanted floors led Pyramids of solid stone Houses of the dead Inside you will find mummies Lying in their beds Lying in their beds Lying in their beds 18

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CHAPTER 4 SONG WHO IS SHE Who just dropped a gold scepter With a dog s head carved on one end Was it a mummy or a tomb robber Stealing treasures from the dead It was a beautiful Egyptian lady With flowers in her black hair Long white dress and jewelry She is made of air She is made of air 22

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CHAPTER 5 SONG THE GHOST QUEEN I am Hutepi Queen of the Nile I have waited for such a long while Please help me find the Book of the Dead So I can go to the next life ahead My brother has left a message of hieroglyphs Telling me how to find it I am Hutepi Queen of the Nile I have waited for such a long while 26

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CHAPTER 6 SONG THE WRITING ON THE WALL Writing on the wall What does the message mean Written many years ago Hieroglyphics can be seen Symbols that look like stairs A boat and a jug too A pole that droops or curves But it s a folded cloth it s true 30

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CHAPTER 7 SONG BOOK OF THE DEAD Deep inside the pyramid there is a drafty room And inside the drafty room there is a small wooden boat And inside the small wooden boat there is a clay jug And inside the clay jug there is a folded cloth And inside the folded cloth there is an ancient scroll And inside the ancient scroll there is the Book of the Dead 34

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CHAPTER 8 SONG THE MUMMY The mummy is made do you know how First brains and the organs are taken out Only the heart is left inside Then with salt the body is dried Then the mummy is covered with oil Wrapped up in bandages so it doesn t spoil Decorated with a sacred necklace Put in a box called a sarcophagus 38

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CHAPTER 9 SONG PITCH DARK Pitch dark in the hallway The door wouldn t budge Hard to breathe and stay calm There s nowhere they can run Impossible to see anything Move their hands against the wall They find another wooden door But it too wouldn t budge Trapped inside a pitch dark hallway What do they do now And then suddenly from a distance They hear a big loud Meowwwww 42

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CHAPTER 10 SONG ANOTHER CLUE It s time to clean up the tree house books Put them in an alphabetical pile C for castle D for dinosaur And E for Egypt by the Nile And under the books on the wooden floor It was a shining letter M Jack knew this is who the tree house belonged to He must return the medallion He must return the medallion 46

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CHAPTER 1 SONG TOO LATE On a rainy day in the tree house Looking through books while they sat Remembering whom they had met A Pteranodon knight and a cat Then Annie picks up an open book With a picture of a sunny beach A big green parrot sits in a palm tree And a ship sails on the blue sea Annie points and makes a wish I want to be there not here And suddenly outside on a branch The same parrot did appear Annie names it Polly the Parrot Polly is a talking bird It squawks Too Late they don t know why It really seems absurd It really seems absurd 10

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CHAPTER 2 SONG THE BRIGHT BLUE SEA Floating on the bright blue sea Is a tall ship sailing closely There s a black flag blowing in the wind With a skull and crossbones painted on it Ahoy Mateys here they come You better be a fleein Arrrrrrrrrr Arrrrrrrrr Here they come Pirates of the Caribbean 14

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CHAPTER 3 SONG THREE MEN IN A BOAT Three pirates are leaving the ship They re getting into a rowboat Here they come closer to shore On the waves they are afloat Run run as fast as you can The pirates are coming to land Run run as fast as you can They re already on the sand 18

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CHAPTER 4 SONG THE PIRATES The pirates are dirty and ragged With breath that will make you die Huge strong arms a shaggy black beard And a patch covering one eye Their laugh is ugly and loud They like to roar and yell And be a big mean bully And treat us not so well 22

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CHAPTER 5 SONG THE KID S TREASURE The greedy pirates want the treasure With lots of gold and jewels They have a map to locate it Can t read it and feel like fools But why is it so harrrrrd For the pirates to read Because they didn t go to school And spent many years on C sea 26

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CHAPTER 6 SONG THE WHALE S EYE Rowing pass the sharks in the water Out to the pirates ship On board there are men dancing and drinking And fighting with swords and fists And out through the window of the ship cabin Where the pirates put Annie and Jack They see the island shaped like a whale Its eye its spout and back 30

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CHAPTER 7 SONG GALE S A BLOWIN Gales blowing they are rowing To the island shore Gales blowing they are rowing To the island once more Jack and Annie they know Where the treasure is they ll show Buried under the black rock To the tip of the island they must walk buried 34

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CHAPTER 8 SONG DIG DOGS DIG Pinky and Stinky move the big rock And start to dig in the sand Captain Bones yells Dig you dogs But he doesn t give them a hand A storm is coming Polly warns them Pinky Stinky run to the boat Captain Bones yells Wait you dogs And soon the three pirates are afloat The storm washes away the sand in the hole A treasure chest the kids can see Jack wants to take a closer look But they must hurry to safety 38

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CHAPTER 9 SONG THE MYSTERIOUS M In a great swirl of colors In a blur of feathers and light In a flapping and screeching Oh what an amazing sight An old woman with long white hair and piercing eyes Wearing a green feathered cape Polly Parrot was her disguise 42

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CHAPTER 10 SONG TREASURE AGAIN She s King Arthur s sister from Camelot An enchantress and librarian She s the cat the parrot the knight and Pteranodon And yes the Mysterious M Morgan le Fay traveled in the tree house To find many wonderful books From different time periods long ago And now she returns to the woods 46