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Derek Gossman English 10 2nd


pg.3.Found Poem From Songs

pg.4.Blackout poem

pg.5.Abc Poem

pg.6.Cinquain Poem

pg.7.Haiku Poem

pg.8.Bio Poem

pg.9.Shape Poem

pg.10.Acrostic Poem

pg.11.Elegy Poem

pg.12.Tanka Poem

pg.13.List Poem

pg.14.Limerick Poem

pg.15.Senryu Poem

pg.16.Epitaph Poem

pg.17.Diamante poem

pg.18. Author Bio

Found Poems From Songs.

Blackout poem


 What it says.

This I knew was the extent of his strength it took only once I cast his finger I never checked if his inner eye contained the energy to restore strength to his castle.

Abc Poem

A rat was hit with a

Bat to protect the

Cat that was

Done with its hat.

Cinquain Poem


sharp , spiny,

Growing, sharpening, dying

beautiful  but dangerous


Haiku Poem


Bio Poem


Shape Poem


Acrostic Poem


Elegy Poem

Tanka Poem


List Poem


Limerick Poem


Senryu Poem


Epitaph Poem

“Here I lie After I die This is my final goodbye.”---Derek Gossman


Diamante poem


Fun, quiet,

Eat, sleep, work,

Home sweet home, education is best,

Work, learn, discover,

Cool, loud,


Author. DerekGossman