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The astonishing country of England

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                  The astonishing country of England

                             By: Arielle Lvovsky

Look What Came From England

            Look What Came From England

By: Arielle Lvovsky



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        England is a big and wonderful country that is very unique. Divided in central and north by a mountain range called Pennines, it the whole country is on water. Northwest of the corner country a mountain Scafell Pike is 3,210 feet tall. The country’s balance is a series of rolling hills interrupting a space of flat land because the landform is wavy. The central east part of Finland's horizontal area is flat land.  Bodies of water that surround England are the Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean & Arctic Ocean. Because of England's location there is a transport system which brings goods in and out of the country. Since England has 50,356 square miles, the population is just under 60 million people.

      The Big Ben &

    London Eye

      Now, England is a melting pot of all different religions: Christianty, Muslim, Judaism and Hindu. As being a part of the UK, many more people come to England every year because of the beautiful sites and the history of this land. There are many attraction sites that are visited every day by tourists from all over the world.Some of the sites are the Tower of London, the London Eye, the Big Ben, the Stonehenge and many more historic places. Let's enter to find out more interesting details on history, native fashion, food, holidays, music, inventions, arts and crafts, toys and games, sports and influential people of England.

Excellent England

      The main religion in England is christianity. Christianity started when England was ruled by the Roman British Empire in the year of 200 A.D.. Romans did not appreciate the religion of christianity because they made their own religion called Roman Catholicism. In 313 Emperor Constantine accepted the religion of Christianity and let the Christians worship their religion. By the 4th century christianity was widely spread in England.   


Scaffle Pike     

Illustration of England

Arthur Wellesley

       In England, there are many different kinds of authentic and exquisite foods. Three foods that english people eat are beef wellington, bangers & mash, and kidney pie & steak.

      Beef wellington is a preparation of delicious filet steak and beef. To make the beef and steak stay in one place, you would have to wrap and cover it in a puff pastry, to bake it later on. When it is traditionally served it is coated with crepes. The dish was originally named for Arthur Wellesley, the first duke of Wellington. As an important dish in the 1960’s it was dramatic, rich, expensive, looked very challenging and took a lot of time to prepare.


Beef Wellington Dish

Kidney Pie & Steak

       Bangers and mash is a classic British Isles dish consisting of mashed potatoes and pork or beef sausages. Occasionally it can be provided with onion gravy, fried onions and baked with beans or peas. It is relatively quick and easy to make. The term “bangers” has its motive in World War ll. “Bangers” is a tribute to the fact that sausages, mostly the kind during World War ll under rationing, were made with water so they were more likely to explode under high heat it isn’t cooked carefully. 


        Kidney pie and steak is an appetizing pie that is filled with a blend of diced beef, diced kidney, fried onion and brown gravy. Once you are finished with the mixture you put on one of the many crusts. Hot water crusts, and short pastry crusts are only some of the forms of crusts you would use for bangers and mash. The pies are very typical to the British cuisine and include different sizes from hand held pies to larger dish sized pies. 


Bangers & Mash

        The Beefeater costume is worn by the royal guards named the Yeomen Warriors. The costume contains of the colors red and gold, they were also included with designs. An extremely memorable part of the costume are the hats with feathers all over. The word beefeater comes from the french word buffetier which were the guards that protected the Palace of French Kings. Beefeater is likely to have originated from the time when Yeomen Warders guarded the city of London and were paid part of their salary with chunks of beef.

Beefeater Costume front view


       In England there are many diverse uniforms, history ideas & designers for fashion compared to other countries. Some of the world's known fashion ideas come from England. Fashion designers each brought different perspectives to England and other countries.

Beefeater Costume

back view

Queen Elizabeth

while in mourning

Flapper Girls

     Vivienne Westwood brang modern punk clothing to England. She became famous in the late 1970’s because her outfits shaped the early punk rock movement. Paul Smith made a classic twist with time-honored styling. One thing that people admire him for is his simplicity in men's clothing. Victoria Beckham is the wife of football (soccer) star David Beckham. Known for wearing enjoyable  clothing she designs confident clothing with a clarity and pop of color.  Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of british rock star Ozzy Osbourne. Producing a fashion line she calls Calle Stiletto Killers inspired by rock, she designs tees, hats, hoodies and sweatpants.



     There are a various amount of historic things that inspired new fashion for the world. One of them where the Flapper Girls. They started the fashion of daring outfits that reflected new freedoms that the women were gaining. Another important perception was started by Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria introduced wearing black while in mourning. She was sad after the death of her husband, Prince Albert so she dressed the whole court in black. While she  was queen women in mourning weren’t allowed to leave the house without wearing full black attire and a weeping veil.

Paul Smith

Victoria Beckham

Kelly Osbourne

      Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day is when you get to pig out a couple of days after christmas but before the 40 day fast called Lent. You celebrate Pancake Day the day before Lent because you have to eat a whole lot of food before the long fast. Households would traditionally use up the their eggs, milk and sugar by making dozens of appetizing pancakes. They would also hold pancake races where contestants toss pancakes in a frying pan while running to the finish line hoping that they’ll win the pancake race. Shrove Tuesday started long ago in the 12 century but the practice almost died in the 1835 when the Highways Act was started and banned playing games or any activities at all on the streets.

       In England there are an abounding amount of holidays and festivals that are celebrated. These holidays and festivals are enjoyable for everybody! When they’re over you can’t wait until the next one! Here are three important and fun filled holidays and festivals.

Holidays & Festivals

The women racing while baking pancakes

        The summer solstice is a celebration of the longest day and the longest night of the whole entire year. In Wiltshire, England an ancient monument of Stonehenge stands as a famous and amazing structure. People all over England come to the Stonehenge to see the beautiful view of the summer mornings sunrise that marks the beginning of the solstice because the monument faces the northeast, which is the way that the sun rises.

St.George killing the dragon

        St.George's Day is an crucial day to the people of England because it celebrates the history and folk tales of a roman solider. The roman soldier named St.George is a hero to England because he saved a princess by killing a dragon. St.George is the patron of England because of he is the savior of the princess and he represents honosty, bravery and gallantly, courageous behavior. You could see St.George's cross in events that include folk dancing. St.George's day isn’t a bank holiday even though it is a national holiday.  


Stonehenge Monument

        Multiple genres of music come from England. Some of the most popular & favorite musicians were started in England. These genres, bands and singers all helped shape the world’s view of music.

       Folk music existed since the medieval time period but grew famous in the 18th century. People say that folk music is in a way like classical but folk music almost always has lyrics and is less complex than classical music. There are also different genres of folk music such as shanties, which are songs with transitioning solo and vocal chorus, jigs which are dances with leaping movements, hornpipes which are dances that include sailors, and just regular dance music.  Children folk is a famous world known collection of british nursery rhymes.


The hornpipe dance

       An extremely beloved band that is known to millions of people around the world are the Beatles. The Beatles started their band in the year of 1957. George Harold Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stuart Sutcliffe & Ringo Starr all grew up in Liverpool, England. Sadly the bass player for the band Stuart Sutcliffe died in 1967 because of a brain issue. George Harold Harrison played the lead guitar, while John Winston played the rhythm guitar. James “Paul” McCartney played the bass with Stuart Sutcliffe and Ringo Starr played the drums.

Ed Sheeran

     The teenager favorite pop star Ed Sheeran came from England. He was born in Halifax, England in the year of 1991. Ed Sheeran began playing the guitar at a young age. Soon after he started playing the guitar he began writing music. At 24 years old Ed has sold millions of records and has songs been placed on the Billboard Top 10 chart. Most people know his songs because he performs well. To achieve all of his popularity he dropped out of school at 16 years old, and moved to London, England.

The Beatles

        The lawnmower was built in the year of 1827, by Edwin Beard Budding. Edwin grew up in Stroud, England and became an engineer. He got inspired to create the lawn mower after he went to the local cloth mill and saw a machine which used a cutting cylinder to trim the lopsided tug from the woolen cloth to give a soft & straight looking image. His lawn mower was made to only cut and trim the lawn on important fields and expensive homes. Since he first created the lawn mower sports that are played on fields were given an enormous boost. Machines that were built for the use of cutting or trimming grass were actually based off of Edwin's lawn mower and revised on.


An illustration of the lawnmower that Edwin made

      Many unusual and unique things were first invented in England. Some of the most compelling are the lawnmower, chocolate bar and the toothbrush. Have you ever wondered why these three things were invented? Well here is the answer to that question and many more.

The brand logo that made the very first chocalte bar

The toothbrush was invented in the year of 1770 by William Addis. Handles of the toothbrushes were carved out of cattle bone and the brush portion was made out of swine bristles like the version of the Babylonians made in Egypt but the design was more modern than the ancient times. William Addis was imprisoned for causing a riot. When he was in prison he decided compose a method to prevent his teeth from rotting. He crushed shell, saved his bone from dinner, drilled holes into it and glued some bristles that he got from a prison guard to make the toothbrush. When he was released from jail he made a business that produced toothbrushes that he had built to the world. After making toothbrushes he became a rich man and left his business to his eldest son.  


      The chocolate bar was created in the year of 1847 by Joseph Fry. Joseph Fry’s great-grandson found a way to mix cocoa butter into cocoa powder with sugar to produce a paste that could be molded & shaped. People fell in love with the idea of chocolate in a hard molded shape. In the year of 1893 the Columbian Exposition, World's Fair held in Chicago, Illinois presented the chocolate bars that people in other countries had just began to hear of. The bars of chocolate were noticed by Milton S. Hershey, who made caramel saw the love for chocolate in a bar. Milton S. Hershey, who later on created the hershey factory brand that almost all kids know and love was introduced to chocolate by the germans who started producing chocolate bars after learning how to make them by the people of England. Before the chocolate bar was created people all over the world consumed chocolate as a drink.

William Addis toothbrush

The design of William Morris

      There are many arts in the world such as acting, singing, dancing and arts such as sculpturing and paintings, along with crafts that families make. The word craft originated in England and meant strength and skill.   Art is very important to people in England because they want to remember people who have made a big change, by using new art skills.

      Arts & Crafts

     In the 1900’s there was an Arts & Crafts Movement. The arts and crafts movement was placed in England to start making traditional craftwork more romantic and exclusive. Products that were produced would be made by smaller companies instead of larger corperations. Many essentials such as jewelry, weaving, books, enamelling, metal work & ceramics, floral fabric and ornamental objects were influenced by the work of William Morris, who believed in simplicity, good design and craft work.

  The arts and crafts exhibitation ticket

The teacup candle

    The body of visual arts was introduced by the English people, in England. In the Neolithic period English men started producing paintings that were landscaped. Medieval paintings that the British made were all very religious. Their paintings had a powerful effect on the other countries in Europe.  Paintings that they made were landscape and consisted of nature and  portraits of well recognized & remembered people.

      Little children have been making and playing with crafts since over a century in England. These crafts are named chachkas from the yiddish word meaning knicknacks. An interesting craft that families in England made were teacup candles. Teacup candles are teacups with dried and melted candle wax inside them. Families thought it was cute because people in England love tea and candles.   

A landscape painting that Themistolkes von Eckenbrecher

    There are many pleasing animals that live all around the world. Some of the fascinating animals live in England. Consisting of various sizes, England’s animals are small and large.

A hedgehog



        Hedgehogs are very beloved animals in England because they are found in common places that people go everyday. These places are gardens, parks and woodland fields. With a very amusing body shape the hedgehogs have many spines that run all over the body to help protect them when they roll into balls. They are prey to birds of prey and they are predators to insects such as worms and snails. With a long brown pointed face and a tiny black nose they fool their prey into thinking they aren’t dangerous.


    Red foxes are thought to be beautiful but dangerous mammals. Surprisingly, red foxes are very shy mammals that are assumed to look like dogs but behave much differently. They are seen all over England's farmlands, moors, woodlands and in cities and towns. The red foxes have a gorgeous reddish brown fur and a stunning long and bushy reddish-brown tail with a white tip. Predators of the red fox are wolves and coyotes, but so are humans because they hunt their fur and kill them in large numbers because they think of them as annoying creatures. Prey of the red fox are rabbits, birds, mice and insects, but they also eat berries, and other fruits.

A Pygmy Shrew

Red Foxes

      Pygmy Shrews are one of the cutest animals in England because of their size and weight. They are 2.4-6.1 grams, but in pounds they are about 0.005. Also, they are 5 centimeters long and their tales are 1 centimeter long. The pygmies are one of the smallest animals in England. Found in woodlands, meadows, moors and on sidewalks they are rarely seen. With dark red fur on the top of their backs and grey white fur on the bottom of their bodies they are often confused with Common Shrews.  

     Kewpie Dolls are dolls that represent a baby cupid. The dolls were made to bring love to the people that received them. They have huge eyes, chubby cheeks, and a curl on the top of their heads which bring the cuteness and love to all. Dressed with dresses and adorable little shoes the dolls come nude to. Kewpie was a cartoon made by Rose O’neill before it was a doll.  By being a comic strip the dolls became very popular when they were first introduced in 1912.

     In England there are many toys and games that children play with. A few of the toys that are played with are Fuzzy Felt and Kewpie Dolls, and a game that children play with are French Elastic or French Skipping.

Dressed Kewpie Dolls

      Toys and Games

Nude Kewpie Dolls

     Fuzzy felt is a toy that children of all ages over 3 enjoy playing with. It’s an uncomplicated game that is was created by Lois Allen in World War ll. Lois Allen wanted to create a toy that children would love to play with during the hard times. With felt shapes that are made in many different sizes children have the enjoyment of playing for a long while. Included with many sets, kids have a countless amount of  settings to choose from.

Children playing French Elastic

French elastic is a game that includes a long piece of elastic, and at least more than 3 children. First you need to get that long piece of elastic and tie the ends of it to make a loop. When you’re done with that 2 children need to be standing inside the loop, so that they are stretching the loop around their ankles, to the thighs and the waist. Then the third person does many jumps saying rhymes. A rhyme that is children chant are:

“Chocolate cake, when you bake,

How many minutes will you take?

One, two, three, four.”

On one you have to jump up into the air and get your left foot on the outside of the elastic and your right foot on the inside of the elastic. On two you have to jump up into the air and get onto the ground with both of your feet in the inner of the loop. On three you have to jump into the air and get both your feet on the outer side of the loop. On four you have to jump into the air and land sideways to the elastic with your left foot on top of the back elastic in front of the front elastic.  

A pack of Fuzzy Felt

A game of football

     England introduced some sports to the world such as modern soccer, polo and rugby. Families in England enjoy playing these sports so much.  



     Football is an extremely popular sport in England because people get to interact with one another by competing against each other. Thousands of families and friends play football in parks, and playgrounds just for the joy that they get from it. The best part of playing football for the leagues and teams is the Football Association cup final every May which concludes with announcing the winner of the games that they play against each other.  England made the code for modern day football that was started in London, 1963. Uniforms of England's many teams include the last names of the players, their numbers, and at least 2 bold colors highlighting the team's uniforms.

England Football Team

     Rugby is a somewhat related to the sport football in England but rugby is played with and oval ball. Players have to carry the ball and tackle the opposing players. For years rugby was played by the rich upper class because the game was started by northern England that had clubs. People in southern England wanted to compete with them so they needed middle and upper class people of England with money to make clubs so that they would beat the northern England. Since the north and south of England were competing with each other, they ended up making two different types of rugby, Rugby League played by north of England and Rugby Union played by the south of England and Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  

Teams playing polo

Polo is the fastest world sport played with a ball because people ride on horses which gives them a great amount of speed. The sport is multicultural because it was brought from India to Britain & England in the 19th century by  the army officers at that time. It is played on a field sized at 300 yards long and 160 yards wide. A purpose of the game is to hit the ball with a stick toward the opposing team's goal. One game consists of having 4 to 6 periods or chukkas which are seven minutes long. To play the sport helmets are needed for safety of the players.


Teams playing rugby

The Muppets

     People that speak the english language think of the puppets that make little kids smile and that have a television show for entertainment. Surprisingly, the word actually means stupid people! Now when you hear children say muppets you know what they were thinking but not what they really meant to say.


    There are millions of words in the world. Each word comes from an origin and has a special meaning. Many people don’t know where most of the words that they use come from. This is an insight to some of the words that people commonly use but don’t realise come from England and have  different meanings worldwide.

     Holiday in british and american english does not differ as much as other words but has one big difference. In England holiday means a period of break taken from work or school for family time, rest and travel. The word holiday in english means a break for school or work for a time of celebration.      


    Some people know that the word cheers actually came from England, but others don’t. In England cheers means a multiple amount of things such as goodbye, thanks and what people do after they say a speech at the dinner table when their last word is cheers before they take a sip of their drink. In the english language the word cheers means one thing, drinking toast.

Drinking toast

Neighbors arguing


    The word row also comes from England. In english row means a numerous amount of things such as steering a boat, a straight line that goes horizontal and an act. Row in England means a noisy or violent argument that people have with each other. How does one meaning of a word in one language change significantly in another language?

   Famous People That Made a Difference

There are several royal members that made a difference to England in many ways. But there are also people that started off basic lives the turn into spectacular ones. Some people that made a difference in England's history are Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare and Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born in Greenwich, England on the 7th of September in the year of 1533. She was growing up as a royal princess until she turned 25 years old and became queen. Virgin Queen was her nickname because she chose not to marry. Queen Elizabeth called for the Act of Supremacy which re-established the Church of England during the war against France. She took a modest approach to the disagreement in religion in England because the Roman Catholicism religion was starting to take over England & Wales. Being queen for 44 years, Elizabeth went to heaven on March 24, 1603. 


William Shakespeare

Victoria was born on May 24, 1819 in London, England. She was crowned at the age of 18 in June of 1837 because her older sister died. Queen Victoria supported the British involvement in the Boer War which was a war between Britain and South Africa. As a queen she wanted to find her love which was Prince Albert and married him in 1840. Giving birth to 9 children it was hard for her children and herself to accept that Albert was dead. In 1877 Victoria was made Empress of India because England and India getting a closer relationship, and India needed a ruler. Becoming a friend of the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne she relied on his political advice. Queen Victoria passed away on January 22nd, 1901.

William Shakespeare was born in the year of 1564 on April 23 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Workshire. In 1592 he was working in London as an actor and dramatist. The years of 1592-1613 were working years because in those years he wrote at least 37 plays. His first play was Henry Vl and his last plays were Henry Vll and Two Noble Kinsmen. Shakespeare plays were three main genres, comedies, histories and tragedies. He made 17 comedies, 10 histories and 10 tragedies. Sadley William died on his birthday April 23 in 1616.

Young Queen Victoria

     Banoffee Pie is a sweet pie that makes your tongue feel delighted. Historic recipes involve boiling unopened cans of condensed milk.  Since unopened cans of condensed milk may cause baking explosions, this recipe doesn’t include it.

Active Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 3 ½ hours


  • 2 cups canned sweetened condensed milk (21 ounces)

  • 1 (9-inch) round of refrigerated pie dough (from 15-ounce package)

  • 3 large bananas

  • 1 1/2 cups chilled heavy cream

  • 1 tablespoon packed light brown sugar

  • **Special equipment: a 9-inch pie plate (preferably deep dish)**

            Recipe for Banoffee Pie


Place oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit.

Pour condensed milk into pie plate or serving platter and stir in a perfect pinch of salt. Cover pie plate with foil and fold the foil tightly around rim. Put in a roasting pan, then add a suitable amount of  boiling-hot water to reach halfway up side of pie plate, making sure that foil is over water. Bake, refilling pan to halfway with water around every 40 minutes, until milk is thick and a deep golden caramel color, about 2 hours. Abolish pie plate from water bath and transfer toffee to a bowl, then chill toffee, uncovered, until it is cold, about 1 hour.

While toffee is chilling & cooling, clean pie plate and bake piecrust in it according to your package instructions. Cool the pie crust completely in the pan on a rack, for about 20 minutes.

Spread the toffee evenly in the crust, and chill while the pie is uncovered for 15 minutes.

Cut the bananas into 1/4-inch-thick slices and place over the toffee.

Beat the cream with brown sugar in a clean bowl with an electric mixer until it just holds soft peaks, then raise the cream over top of pie, so that is looks and smells delicious.

Extra Notes

  • the toffee can be chilled for up to two days and then varnish after an hour

  • the toffee filled crust may chill for up to three hours


***Recipe from epicurious***


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 widespread: occuring in many places anoung many people

 authentic: not false or copied

 motive: causing or tending to cause motion

 rationing: a fixed allowence of food for soilders or sailors

 clarity: understanding

 perception: intuition

 mourning: the act of a person in sorrow

 crucial: important

 bank holiday: a day when banks are closed

 compelling: overpowering

 ornamental: decorative 

 abolish: put an end to  









English Muffins

Look What Didn't Come From England

     Folks may think that english muffins come from England, but they don’t. English muffins were actually first made by a man that came from England, but he immigrated to New York City, New York, so the english muffins come from america. Tea is english people's favorite drink, even though it wasn’t first created in England. China is the first known country to have tea around, from all the way back in the third millennium A.D.

    People assume that objects with the name of a group of people or a country automatically means that the object comes from that certain country. Sometimes that may be true, but other times that is likely not to be accurate.